Why Insulation Is Important

When building a new home, insulation is one of the primary concerns. Not only is it one of the first processes undertaken by builders as they lay the structural groundwork for your home, it’s also one of the most important processes for several other reasons.

At Hamlet Homes, we take pride in the quality and professionalism of our home-building projects – and insulation is a part of this. Here are a few reasons why making sure insulation is installed properly in your home is a big deal.

Year-Round Thermal Comfort

The primary goal of insulation is to keep heat in your home during the winter and out during the summer months. Heaters and air conditioners can assist with this process, but they also add cost and convenience issues – the first line of defense here is your home’s insulation.

Types of insulation may vary depending on a few factors, particularly the climate you live in. Since all Hamlet Homes properties are located in Utah, with its cold winters and hot summers, insulation is an especially important concern for us when building homes for our clients.

Saved Costs

A proper insulation system in the home can cut the cost of heating and cooling by up to 40 percent, mostly because it does the same job as other appliances in a more organic way. Heaters and AC units don’t have to run as long to properly heat or cool the house, meaning your bill is less each month.

Environmental Benefits

Down similar lines, good insulation in the home helps decrease consumption of fossil fuels used to help warm or cool spaces. At Hamlet Homes, we’re committed to using green materials and helping the environment wherever possible.

Condensation Control

In some climates, condensation can occur on the inside of a roof or ceiling of a home. In these cases, proper insulation can raise the temperature of these surfaces over what’s called the “dew-point temperature,” or the temperature at which condensation begins.

Need advice on insulation, or any other part of the home building or home buying process? Contact Hamlet Homes today to speak with one of our friendly, professional staff members.

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