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Hear From Our Buyers

Hear From Our Buyers


Hamlet Homes success in achieving customer satisfaction is measured by its 94% average approval rating in ongoing surveys conducted by independent consultants. This kind of response tells you that at Hamlet Homes we understand what it takes to assist you in making your house a home. Hamlet is committed to building homes that make their owners proud.


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Don & Sue Mantyla

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Great experience building with Hamlet Homes! Very accommodating and incredibly punctual--even finished the home two weeks earlier than projected! Very friendly and concerned people from top management down. First class experience in every way! Thanks, again, for your kindness and concern, and for making this building process a very positive experience! There is no doubt that we would always recommend Hamlet to anyone we know. You guys have knocked it out of the park in every respect!!

- Don & Sue Mantyla, Cardon Square Homeowner

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Larisa Anderson

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We built our first home with Hamlet Homes and they were amazing throughout the whole process. We are so glad we chose Hamlet Homes because everyone you meet and come in contact with is very nice, kind, and professional. Thank you Hamlet Homes for building our first home, and making it perfect!

- Larisa Anderson, Cardon Square Homeowner

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Harold C. Brown

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I am a current Homeowner in Tobermory and recently had an excellent experience with your warranty team. I know that this kind of customer care and service starts at the top. Hamlet has been superb from my point of view—from Amber Larsen’s kind, patient, and caring sales experience to the closing, follow through and constant customer service; Phil Mosher’s attention and help; and I know that Curtis, your Warranty Service Manager, could have avoided helping me because the year’s warranty was past, but he was kind and courteous enough to help me out. I am considering purchasing another property and I can assure you that if I do, it will be a Hamlet home.

- Harold C. Brown, Tobermory Homeowner

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Kristen Sullivan

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I have loved my new Hamlet Home! Jeff and Nate have been so Helpful with everything I have needed. I would recommend Hamlet Homes to anyone looking to build a new home.

- Kristen Sullivan, Cardon Square Homeowner

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Kathy Prettyman

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We have only been in our house a week and we are getting settled in. The house appears to be solidly built with lots of storage room. We are excited about everything being new and clean. Everyone with Hamlet has been great to seal with, especially Reggie who has received many questions and phone calls from me and is unfailingly responsive. I can hardly wait to get everything put away in our new home.

- Kathy Prettyman, Glenmore Village Homeowner

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Kristin Lucido

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I am excited to own a Hamlet Home. Their staff and team were very helpful and responsive throughout my buying and move in processes. They even check in with me now after the fact. I look forward to a long relationship with them.

- Kristin Lucido, Fiddich Glen Homeowner

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Corbin Hoenes

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I've got a 10 yr old Hamlet home. Overall it's been great, no major issues. I had some concerns and Hamlet came out and looked into them with me. These turned out to be minor issues but they helped me anyway and came through when most builders would have written me off. I really appreciate the level of service they offered and we still love our home.

- Corbin Hoenes, Daybreak Homeowner

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Susan Juhasz

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Amber, our sales rep, was so great to work with. We really appreciate all she did to help us move in after our mortgage company failed to get the paperwork correct. David, our superintendent, has been so great to follow up and address any concerns. He is so kind and professional.

- Susan Juhasz, Elgin Place Homeowner

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Robert A. Sacks

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When buying a home, what everyone wants is an experienced builder who understands quality control, customer communication, and who sticks by their commitment of professional workmanship and excellent product - there is no one that does this better than Hamlet Homes.

- Robert A. Sacks, Proud Fiddich Glen Homeowner

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The Judd Family

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Hamlet Homes, what can I say, I hadn't heard of you before we fell in love with our new home and I am truly impressed by the product you deliver. Your team also works very well to assure a consistent tried and true process built around satisfying your customer - "us" and we felt that! Thank you all so very much for delivering this experience to us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

- Christopher and Kimberly Judd

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The Tam Family

The Tam Family copy

This is my third house. Comparing to my previous two houses, I like Hamlet Homes the most. I love Hamlet Homes' design and good quality houses. My family and I really love our new home.
 I don't have friends who want to buy a house right now, but when they are ready, I will highly recommend Hamlet Homes to them!!  Thank you so much Hamlet Homes!!!

- The Tam Family

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Dr. Marshall Ding

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Hamlet Homes has many, many fans among its homebuyers, but homeowner Dr. Marshall Ding has taken his love of Hamlet Homes to a whole new level!

A Chinese Acupuncturist with clinical practices in East Millcreek and Park City, Dr. Ding moved into his third Hamlet Home in early September 2015: a single family home at Colins Creek, near his clinic in East Millcreek.

He has previously purchased townhomes at Carlisle Place, which he now rents, and Tobermory Ridge where his relatives happily live.

“I trust Hamlet Homes,” said Dr. Ding. “They build good, quality homes that are a great value. They are also a very reliable company and are always willing to work with you in providing what you need for your new home. A good example is when they provided outside venting for the kitchen hood of my Colins Creek home. I greatly appreciate their flexibility and desire to have satisfied customers.”

Dr. Ding also likes Hamlet’s home designs and floor plans.

“They don’t waste time or money on what to me are meaningless items like chandeliers and marble floors. They match modern day needs with high-quality materials that are also very practical and wear well. This keeps the home price reasonable and brings real value to the homebuyer.”

Dr. Ding believes that the fact he has purchased three homes from the same company is a strong tribute to Hamlet Homes, especially their commitment to building high-quality homes and meeting, and even exceeding their customer’s expectations.

“There is a saying I like,” said Dr. Ding. “’Buying a Mercedes shows how rich you are. Buying a Honda shows how smart you are.’ I believe I am a very smart home buyer for purchasing not one, but three Hamlet Homes!”

- Dr. Marshall Ding

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The Abuchaibe Family

The Abuchaibe Family


Katherine and Farid Abuchaibe were renting a place in Murray when they began looking for a home. They saw an ad for Hamlet's Aberdeen community. Since the Abuchaibes were first-time homebuyers, Katherine was really appreciative of the assistance they received from the sales representative. They explained everything and walked us through the process step-by-step. Both Farid and Katherine work, so the convenience and low maintenance of townhome living suits their lifestyle. With other families in the community at a similar stage in life, the Abuchaibes really enjoy the interaction they have with their neighbors.

-The Abuchaibe Family

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The Schultz Family

The Schultz Family


It was “love at first sight” when William Schultz found himself driving past the future site of Inverness Square, Hamlet’s newest community in Murray. Schultz had been in the market for a new home for nearly three years, but nothing was quite what he wanted. After spotting Hamlet’s billboard, it took only one visit to the Inverness sales office before Schultz knew he had found the perfect home for him and his 13-year-old daughter, Liesl.

Schultz, a first-time homebuyer, thanks Hamlet for his family’s smooth transition. “I recommend Hamlet Homes to all future homebuyers. They offer a great value of work and superior customer service, which is difficult to find these days,” he says. “Purchasing a home with Hamlet was a great investment for our family.”

-The Schultz Family

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The Sheneman Family

The Sheneman Family


Brent and Marisa Sheneman didn’t have far to move when they purchased their second home at Eastlake Village, located in the master-planned, mixed-use community of Daybreak. Their first home was also located in Daybreak at the Founders Park Village.

The Sheneman's originally moved to Daybreak a few years ago because it reminded them of Sugar House and the Avenues areas of Salt Lake City. They had searched for a home in these areas but couldn’t find one they were attached to and that fit their price range. Additionally, the homes they looked at were not large enough to appeal to their growing family, and with their soon-to-be-born first child in 2005, they needed more room.

“We weren’t planning on building a new home, but the Daybreak area was perfect for our family,” Marisa said. “With a number of nearby parks and several young families like our own, we decided to move into Daybreak’s first village.”

In 2006, after learning they were expecting their second child, the Sheneman's chose to move into a larger home that would accommodate the new addition to their family and be a place where they could spend their future years together. They focused on choosing a builder in the new Eastlake Village because they wished to remain at Daybreak. Having heard positive remarks about Hamlet Homes from acquaintances and friends, they visited Hamlet’s models and eventually chose this leading Utah homebuilder over four other builders. Around Halloween of 2006, the Sheneman's moved into their new Hamlet home.

“We loved our experience with Hamlet!” Marisa said. “It was unlike our experience with our first homebuilder where we felt they were dishonest in how they treated us. Hamlet’s sales representatives, Jamie and John, were always upfront, honest and accommodating to our needs.”

The Sheneman's purchased the Westhaven model and chose the optional den attached to the living room. They love that the bedrooms are all located upstairs, and one of their most-used and favorite rooms is the kitchen, which they upgraded to a gourmet kitchen. “We enjoyed designing this area, especially because Amy at the Design Center made it fun for us,” said Marisa. “She was extremely helpful and patient, and she really listened to what we needed and wanted.”

Marisa continued, “Hamlet Homes truly makes buying a home a great and pleasant experience because of the effort they put forth. We have taken many friends to visit Hamlet’s models at Eastlake Village, and we recommend Hamlet to everyone we know.”

Both Marisa, 27, and Brent, 25, moved to Salt Lake City about five years ago from different areas of the country. Marisa came east from Santa Barbara, Calif. and Brent moved west from Grand Junction, Colo. Brent has worked for the ground crew at SkyWest Airlines for almost three years and Marisa stays home with their two-year-old daughter, Sofia, who is excited to soon meet the new addition to their family, a baby brother.

-Brent and Marisa Sheneman
Eastlake Village II, Daybreak



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The Smith Family

The Smith Family


Beautiful views surrounding the Stoneleigh Heights neighborhood drew the attention of empty nesters Greg and Celia Smith during the summer of 2005 as they drove through the SunCrest master-planned community located on Draper’s east bench. The Smiths had been casually looking for a new, smaller home for about two years after the last of their three children moved out, but they hadn’t found anything they were interested in buying until they saw Stoneleigh Heights.

“The views on top of the mountain at SunCrest are really spectacular, and we love being able to see everything in the valley,” Greg said. “We also love the layout and design of the Stoneleigh Heights community and the townhome floor plans and were happy to find out the prices were so affordable.”

The Smiths never envisioned moving into a townhome from their 4,000-square-foot home in Sandy but knew they wanted a smaller residence that required less cleaning and maintenance. In fact, Celia initially was hesitant to even look at townhomes until they drove around the Stoneleigh Heights neighborhood. Both of them immediately fell in love with the view and the surrounding area.

Before the Stoneleigh Heights phase was completed, the Smiths purchased their townhome in September of 2005 and were able to move into their new home by June 2006. This was the Smiths first time purchasing a brand new home, and they were extremely pleased with the experience. “Our Hamlet Homes sales agent, Kristie Paraspolo, was friendly and knowledgeable,” Greg said. “She made the process extremely easy and enjoyable.”

The Smiths customized their townhome with an optional upstairs loft that they use as a home office. In addition, they utilized Hamlet Homes Design Center to choose carpeting and tiling. Greg adds, “Hamlet was very accommodating throughout the entire process, and we have been recommending them to everyone we know.”

Originally from Salt Lake City, Greg has worked for Frank Granato Importing Co. for 19 years. His wife, Celia, a former school teacher, currently works for Scholastic’s educational reading software division. The Smiths have three children: Lyndsey, Jennifer and Keith.

-Greg and Celia Smith
Stoneleigh Heights


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The Spencer Family

The Spencer Family


The older homes that fit into our price range required so much to fix up that we didn't want to deal with it, so we decided to look at the option of purchasing a new home. The location is good because we are close to family and Clinton's work - just fifteen minutes from both. We like the rural feel of the Loch Lomond location. The area is new and removed from the hustle and the bustle of city life. At the same time, it is convenient to city amenities, so we can be to the store in five minutes. We also enjoy that other families in the community are in a similar stage of life.

-The Spencer Family

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The Pepper Family

The Pepper Family


I love this place! I can't stop telling all of my friends and family how Hamlet Homes is helping Salt Lake grow up by building and promoting urban living like all the great cities in the US. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

-Alee Pepper

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