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Allie Ackerman
Allie Ackerman
Sales Representative
Amber Larsen
Amber Larsen
Sales Representative
Isaac Hanson
Isaac Hanson
Sales Representative
Jaime Davis
Jaime Davis
Sales Representative
Jordan Person
Jordan Person
Sales Representative
Kadie Perez
Kadie Perez
Sales Representative
Nate Kingdon
Nate Kingdon
Sales Manager/Principal Broker
Yosh Ryujin
Yosh Ryujin
Sales Representative
Lisa Spencer
Lisa Spencer
Sales Assistant

Great Experience

We have had a great experience! We looked around for almost a year before we decided who to build with, we had a good feeling about Hamlet Homes especially about our agent Amber so we decided to go with them and we couldn't have chose a better company to work with!… Read more →

Walter & Mindy Herrera, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

Hamlet Homes has gone above and beyond in taking care of us during our home buying experience! This was our first home purchase, which can be overwhelming and terrifying... They eased this experience for us. From touring the open house and our new home, to even after we moved in, they… Read more →

Josh & Miranda Oliver, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

If the quality and craftsmanship of Hamlet Homes doesn’t sell you, then the staff and people involved in your home buying process will do it with their kindness and friendship. We love our new home! We have been here for about 6 months and it was been great! With any brand-new… Read more →

Blake & Morgan Eyring, Cardon Square Homeowners

I've got a 10 yr old Hamlet home. Overall it's been great, no major issues. I had some concerns and Hamlet came out and looked into them with me. These turned out to be minor issues but they helped me anyway and came through when most builders would have written me… Read more →

Corbin Hoenes, Daybreak Homeowner

My wife and I had a great experience with Hamlet Homes. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jordan & Makenzie Eyre, Cardon Square Homeowners

Thanks again for your kindness and concern, and for making this building process a very positive experience! There is no doubt we would always recommend Hamlet to anyone we know. You guys have knocked it out of the park in every respect!

Don & Sue Mantyla, Cardon Square Homeowners

From beginning to end this was a positive experience. Everything they said they would do and the time frames given were right on! Knowing home buying can be stressful this was they best anyone could ask for. Thank you Amber, Reggie and the rest of the group for making it easy! Read more →

Cory & Liliana Brown, Balintore Homeowners

Our experience building a home with Hamlet Homes has been extremely positive. I heard stories from friends using other builders about mistakes, long delays, missed deadlines, and sites that were not well cared for, but our experience was the complete opposite. Our site was always clean and properly cared for, and… Read more →

Chris & Allie Blackham, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

I'm a subcontractor that does work for Hamlet on the development side. In the last recession when so many developers and home builders were going out of business and not paying for work that we had completed. Hamlet was also being squeezed by the recession (as all builders were). The owner… Read more →

Tyler Barton with BTS (Subcontractor for Hamlet Homes)

Hamlet Homes really cares about your home buying experience. They make sure it goes as easy as possible and help you along the way. They even follow up with you after you have purchased your home to make sure everything is working properly. If you are looking for someone to build… Read more →

Adam & Lacy Nelson, Cardon Square Homeowners

We have had a very pleasant experience purchasing a home from Hamlet Homes. We have purchased several new homes during the course of our lives, but none have been as pleasant as from Hamlet Homes. There have been more "walk-throughs" and concerns for doing things "right" than any other purchase! Thank… Read more →

Larry & Evy Lofthouse, Cardon Square Homeowners

Great people. Great homes!! Great finishes and upgrades. We went through many builders throughout the valley before we decided to move forward with Hamlet. Their people are with you every step of the way. You get the best bang for your buck. Their upgrades really are an upgrade. The price per… Read more →

Kyle Sperry, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowner

Our home buying experience with Hamlet Homes was wonderful! This was our first purchase and we feel like we were very informed on what we were getting for our money. The home itself is very intuitive, wired for solar, extra outlets, usb ports, and much more. We quick purchased this home,… Read more →

Kasi Henderson, Glenmore Village Homeowner

The entire process was wonderful. Isaac (our sales representative) was very friendly and helpful. He kept us informed and made a potentially stressful process much easier. The entire Hamlet Homes team was very friendly, responsive to questions and proactive. Our home is everything we hoped it would be. It has been… Read more →

Chris & Katie Gardner, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

I purchased an already-built home from Hamlet Homes that was everything I wanted! Even though I didn’t build with them, everyone at Hamlet was super nice and helpful. They were very concerned with my happiness and continue to follow up to see how things are going. My realtor was repeatedly impressed;… Read more →

Ally King, Cardon Square Homeowner

I'm a 26 yr. old home buyer and this company is absolutely amazing. I couldn't have been more happier. I was potentially going to rent a home for more than my mortgage payment that was smaller and farther away. The entire Hamlet team from the president to the selling agent and… Read more →

Nick Stroman, Cardon Square Homeowner

When buying a home, what everyone wants is an experienced builder who understands quality control, customer communication, and who sticks by their commitment of professional workmanship and excellent product - there is no one that does this better than Hamlet Homes.

Robert A. Sacks, Fiddich Glen Homeowner

Amber, our sales rep, was so great to work with. We really appreciate all she did to help us move in after our mortgage company failed to get the paperwork correct. David, our superintendent, has been so great to follow up and address any concerns. He is so kind and professional. Read more →

Susan Juhasz, Elgin Place Homeowner

I just hit my 1-year Hamlet Homeowner Anniversary and I am still very grateful every morning when I wake up to be here.

Kristin Lucido, Fiddich Glen Homeowner

The whole home buying process was very easy, from the initial viewing to the aftercare! All the staff we dealt with seemed to genuinely care about us and made sure that the process was thoroughly explained and easy. The quality of the home itself is excellent, and we have had no… Read more →

James & Megan Brunt, Muirhouse Homeowner

The purchase process from start to finish was very smooth and timely. The design process was also very interactive and easy to follow. The craftsmanship of the home exceeded the price and quality of the home, and any minor issues that were identified during the inspections were readily repaired and addressed. Read more →

James & Katie Baek, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

We recently moved into a brand new townhouse and couldn’t be happier! They provided impeccable service throughout the home buying process, and genuinely care about their customers!

Nathaniel & Ashley Janove, Muirhouse Homeowners

We have had a great experience! We looked around for almost a year before we decided who to build with, we had a good feeling about Hamlet Homes especially about our agent Amber so we decided to go with them and we couldn't have chose a better company to work with!… Read more →

Walter & Mindy Herrera, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

I just moved into my new place three weeks ago and it is absolutely the nicest place I have ever lived. The builders are top-notch and really take the extra effort to make sure everything is taken care of perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Tim Johns, Granton Square Homeowner

Sales team and building supervisors were fantastic and we can􀂶t thank them enough for their cooperation, as well as support through
the build process and even post sales.

The Bakers, Edelweiss Homeowner

Kadie, Jon S and Scott Maxwell are really some of the best at their individual roles. Very happy with my decision.

Aaron Sutherland, Granton Square Homeowner

Sales & Superintendent are of the highest quality!

Edelweiss Homeowner

“I love this home and this community, and have no complaints about the process. Everyone from Hamlet I have interacted with has been very professional, friendly and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to refer a friend or family member. Some friends of mine after seeing my new home bought a… Read more →

Muirhouse Homeowner

Great experience. Love the location and the home.

Mitchell Johnson, Granton Square Homeowner

I'm in love with my new Hamlet Home!! What a great team I was able to work with!! Jeremy and Jaime rock!!

Jaime Davis, Granton Square Homeowner

Excellent work done by everyone involved1

Jeffrey Larson, Granton Square Homeowner

Very much appreciate the home design and build quality. Architecture is attractive in exterior and functional in the interior. Closet space is excellent, placement of windows and layout is excellent. Also really appreciate Hamlet continuing to upgrade their basic home amenity allocations. We bought mid-build and appreciated the slider transom window,… Read more →

Geoff Eich, Canyon View Homeowner

Amber did a wonderful job answering all our questions and she even adjusted her busy schedule to fit our needs. Amber also returned phone calls and text messages in a timely manner. Guy Cordon was the best person we worked with. I loved his can do attitude and he was very… Read more →

Richard Vigil, Boulder Ranch Homeowner

"Great floorplans, high quality options come "stock". Helpful, friendly, but non pushy sales."

Edelweiss Homeowner

I love my new home! The whole process was pretty easy and everyone involved was very kind and helpful.

Brookside Homeowner

I love the layout and feel of the community. Finishes are great and high quality!

Klint Burningham, Granton Square Homeowner

Our Sales Guy, Isaac and the Warranty Rep, Guy, are amazing, excellent communicators and are pros at following up.

Muirhouse Homeowner

The best experience! If I ever decided to purchase another home will definitely be with Hamlet Homes!

Sergio Vargas, Calder Field Homeowner

Hamlet Homes is very customer oriented and friendly. The team with whom we worked paid attention to detail and never left us wondering about scheduling. We felt that Hamlet took personal interest in us and the home they built for us.

Canyon View Homeowner

What was nice about their Townhomes is that they feel well done. Some of the things they could have done cheaply they didn't do cheaply. The insulation and the cabinets for example. It's rare with other home builders.

Stacey Overholt, Muirhouse Homeowner

Isaac is very knowledgeable, kept me in the loop and was pleasant to work with. Even the CEO reached out to me and took the time to meet us. The home was overall a good value.

John Thronburg, Brookside Homeowner

Friendly approachable staff. They toured and explained lots of useful things about the home and all of their extra touches. Overall a good company.

Muirhouse Homeowner

I really like how clean and simple the customer options are and the balance of having options - they made that process simple.

Bradley Johnson, Edelweiss Homeowner

Quality homes and great company to work with!

Gina Stockdale, Muirhouse Homeowner

Amber was attentive and on top of everything we needed. She would answer any questions we had regarding the process and was always available if we wanted to come check on the progress of the home. She was an amazing contact to have during the process of building our townhouse and… Read more →

Brandon Platt, Muirhouse Homeowner

You guys did a good job. As a Realtor, I deal with all kinds of builders and Hamlet is top notch.

Michael Foley, Granton Square Homeowner

"Isaac was absolute amazing to work with and I would recommend him to anyone's who is interested in buying a home. Isaac displayed nothing but genuine interest in our goals and ensured we new every detail of the process. He's professionality was top grade and always was sure to be very… Read more →

Ruben Casillas, Brookside Homeowner

Hamlet Homes has a very upfront way of dealing with home buyers that many other builders do not. we really appreciate how well thought out their practices are.

Mathew Gusta, Calder Field Homeowner

Mission Statement

Our Mission

To provide extraordinary experiences by creating thoughtfully designed homes and neighborhoods.

1076 E. Tucker Lane


1,146 sq ft from $531,971

Alec Floorplan


1,061 sq ft in Heber City from $539,990

Dornie Floorplan


1,335 sq ft in Heber City from $569,990

Halkirk Floorplan


1,759 sq ft in Heber City from $594,990

Maxwell Floorplan


2,824 sq ft in Draper from $630,990

Skibo Floorplan


3,556 sq ft in Draper from $677,990

Scotty Floorplan


3,556 sq ft in Draper from $679,990

Adelaide Floorplan


2,861 sq ft in Draper from $711,500

Glen 1A Floorplan


4,668 sq ft in Draper from $721,990

Cameron Floorplan

Brookside 2

3,330 sq ft in Heber City from $723,990

Scotty Floorplan

Brookside 2

3,553 sq ft in Heber City from $723,990

Montgomery Floorplan

Brookside 2

3,317 sq ft in Heber City from $733,990

Brodie Floorplan

Brookside 2

4,537 sq ft in Heber City from $769,990

Campbell 1 Floorplan

Brookside 2

4,924 sq ft in Heber City from $779,990

Montgomery Floorplan


3,317 sq ft in Draper from $809,990

Campbell 3 Floorplan

Brookside 2

5,593 sq ft in Heber City from $820,990

1401 S. 1040 E.


3,553 sq ft in Heber City from $865,873

Ava Floorplan

Silver Creek

2,254 sq ft in Park City from $879,990

1383 Gambel Oak Way


2,254 sq ft in Park City from $881,424

1398 Gambel Oak Way

Silver CreekMove-in ready in less than 60 days

2,254 sq ft in Park City from $929,052

1379 Gambel Oak Way

Silver CreekMove-in ready in less than 60 days

2,254 sq ft in Park City from $951,946

1387 Gambel Oak Way

Silver CreekMove-in ready in less than 60 days

2,254 sq ft in Park City from $956,348

1401 Gambel Oak Drive

Silver CreekMove-in ready in less than 60 days

2,254 sq ft in Park City from $981,081

1453 S. 1040 E.

Brookside 2Move-in ready in less than 60 days

4,537 sq ft in Park City from $1,001,832

1017 E. Tucker Lane

Brookside 2Move-in ready today!

4,537 sq ft in Park City from $1,002,816

1061 E. Tucker Lane


5,593 sq ft in Park City from $1,182,634


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