5 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal for Your Salt City Home

appealSpring has just about sprung in Utah, and the days of letting the snow take over our front yards are over. Any Salt Lake City home can have a great sense of curb appeal with just a few tweaks and projects. These five simple tips will have your home’s exterior looking more welcoming, intriguing, and attractive in no time.

Dress Up the Front Door

Your front door is the first greeting for any guest or passerby. If properly utilized, it can act as the main focal point for your curb appeal project. Easy tasks like cleaning dirty spots off the door and the fixtures can add visible brightness to your home’s exterior look. Get even more appeal with a fresh coat of paint, beautiful plants, and a clean swept front entryway.

Replace Old Hardware

Take a day and inspect the hardware around your home. How do your address numbers look? Is your front porch light in need of replacing or cleaning? Are your door fixtures out of date, or just not matching the rest of your home’s style? Make sure all of your pieces match in a collective kind of fashion (not too matchy-matchy though). If your home is more traditional, try using bronze finished fixtures. If your home is more on the contemporary or modern side, nickel fixtures work well.

Outdoor Lighting Appeal

The cold nights of the Utah winter are coming to an end, and soon everyone will be able to enjoy the outdoors again. Installing new outdoor lighting can up the curb appeal of any Salt Lake City home. You can arrange your lighting to follow a pathway so your visitors can walk safely at night, and you can do so in a fashionable and appealing way. Certain fixtures can add a remarkable accent to your home’s appeal while lighting surrounding trees and paths. If you don’t wantsymmetry in your salt lake city home the hassle of wiring, pick up some solar powered lights and let the sun take care of the rest.

Makeover Your Mailbox

Your mailbox doesn’t have to just be your mail receptacle. It can express your home’s aesthetic too. If you’re feeling creative, you can give your mailbox and fresh coat of paint and some new house numbers. Or, you can buy a brand new one at your local hardware store. You can also freshen up your mail area by planting fresh flowers or a planter around it, to give it that something extra.

Perfect Symmetry

The human eye is drawn to symmetry; it’s just the way our brains work. You can create symmetry with light fixtures, potted plants, a door mat, a hanging decoration on the door, and even with your front door’s design. Take it a step further with a symmetrical walkway leading up to your home, symmetrical flower beds, fences, hedges, or any other feature you’d like to highlight.  


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