Best Ways to Mix Textures in Your New Utah Home

There are a lot of options available when it comes to mixing textures and styling your new Utah home. From paint colors and carpeting to furniture and décor, the combinations are virtually endless. It’s easy to get carried away with color and design, and before you know it, your house looks like something out of a Dr. Sues story. To keep things simple, elegant, and tasteful, review our tips on the best ways to mix textures and patterns in your new Utah home.

Texture Patterned Rug

A creative patterned rug can act as the perfect focal point for any room in your home. Firstly, choose a rug that coexists with the dominate colors in the room of choice. It’s best to choose a rug that contains at least one or two of these room colors, so they will harmonize more easily. If your room has a lot of boldness already, like a vibrant paint color, you can still bring some new texture to the room with a rug, without making it compete for color. Try finding a neutral colored rug with a large graphic displayed, to tie a whole room together with ease and style. great room in new utah home with textured rug

Unique Elements of Architecture

If you’re designing your new Utah home from scratch, you’ll be able to choose what kind of architecture will go into your home. Unique and eye catching architectural elements can add more texture to your living space in a subtle way. A defined entryway with textured trim can add visual appeal and a beautiful entrance to any room. You can also get creative with your walls and design decorative molding. Design the molding to look similar to picture frames on the wall, where you can highlight artwork, photos, or molding itself. unique architecture in your new utah home

Window Dressings

Your windows can do more than just let the breeze in. Thoughtfully chosen drapes or curtains can add great style to your home. If you want to add some subtle dimension to a room, a small and more neutral print like tiny dots or symbols works great. For a louder statement, particularly if the rest of the room is more on the neutral side, a brightly colored curtain or a large graphic print could be the visually stunning focal point you’re looking for. If the room has any patterns on the bedding or furniture, consider sticking with a solid colored window dressing, so as not to cause any color or pattern clashes.

Moderation is Key

Erica Islas, owner of EMI Interior Design in Los Angeles, gave the Chicago Tribune a few tricks to decorating a home with texture. The one point she emphasized over and over again? Avoid mixing too much texture with too much pattern. You may feel the urge to go wild and include every print and color you’ve fallen in love with, but be sure to keep a strong editing eye when selecting your textures and patterns. A few carefully chosen patterns mixed in with a mostly neutral room will add eye catching dimension and will give your home a finished look. Just make sure the room’s patterns aren’t competing with each other. new utah home mixing textures and patterns


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