4 Innovative Ways to Make Your Utah Home More ‘Green’

rain water watcher in your new utah homeNew homes with ‘green’ features are all the rage these days. Whether it be a solar panel installation or composting in your backyard, many home owners are going eco-friendly to save money and the environment. You’ve probably heard of the most common ways to green-up your new Utah home, but innovation continues to allow for new and exciting ways to help the environment right from your home. These are four innovative ways to make your Utah home eco-friendlier.

Use Rainwater for Outdoor Watering

Garden Gate magazine has proclaimed ‘there’s money falling from the skies!’, and we have to agree. Harnessing the power of rainwater is a great way to go green. You can use this otherwise unused water to irrigate and water your garden. You’ll be saving water, money, and preparing for a possible drought situation. Go you!

Install Smart Surfaces

As noted in the Bob Vila blog, smart surfaces look just like the real thing, but made with eco-friendly products. Surfaces like Paperstone, Sqauk Mountain Stone, Richelite countertops are made with materials from post-consumer recycled materials, and never emit high levels of volatile organic compounds. Don’t just stop at your countertops though. Eco-friendly butcher blocks, carpets, and wood floors are gaining popularity too, all made from recycled products.

Use Draft Stoppers to Keep Heat or Cool Air Indoors

Don’t let your expensive heating and air drift outside; you work hard to pay those utility bills! An inexpensive solution to recycle in your innovative utah homethis problem is draft stoppers. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles, and work hard at keeping your climate control in check. Not only will you be saving energy, but the money saved on utility bills can go towards that new Utah home project you’ve been putting off.

Innovative Smart Insulation

There are new and exciting ‘green’ insulation options for every budget and home. These insulation materials are made from recycled materials, and are usually very flame retardant. This new wave eco-friendly insulation offers supreme moisture and heat resistance, great acoustics, and protection against mold and pests. When designing your new Utah home, see if you can utilize more green building materials to save energy, and money in the long run. Photo use by Nicolas Raymond and Aqua Mechanical


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