Key Design Elements for Every Style of Home

Every home has its own unique feel to it, and the variety of home designs available today means the sky’s the limit for potential home-buyers. Whether you’re looking for rustic, contemporary, traditional, or ultra-modern, there’s a home out there just for you. If you’re choosing the design elements for your new home, you have some big decisions to make. Once you know the style of design you want to model your home after, you can stick to a specific list of elements that will turn your home design vision into a reality.

Contemporary Elements

Contemporary homes can be described as a balanced mixture of comfort and sophistication, through select décor, colors, lighting, and textures. You’ll want to stick with neutral wall colors paired with pops of accent colors throughout the rest of the home. You can implement these accents through paintings, furniture colors, decorative pillows or rugs, and other décor items. Be sure to choose these accessories sparingly, as contemporary design focuses on simplicity. You can add texture through metal accents like stainless steel or chrome, which offers the sleek sophistication that contemporary design is known for. To keep your home comfortable and cozy, use lush fabrics like wool, linens, or even silk on accessories like window treatments, pillows, rugs, and so forth. Lighting is another key aspect of any contemporary home. Your lighting will show off your creative design aesthetic around your house, so choose something equally as contemporary, like track lighting, floor lamps, or unique hanging pendant lights.   contemporary home design elements

Rustic Elements

Utah homes are known for their rustic touches, because of the many mountain ranges across our fair state. The warmth and embracing charm of a rustic space can be incorporated into your own new home with the inclusion of a few design elements. Raw and natural elements are the cornerstones of today’s rustic homes. Exposed beams and stone walls can act as dramatic focal points that feel warm and comforting. You can use reclaimed wood or stone when designing your new home, and don’t forget about the signature A-frame ceiling to tie it all together. Simple and natural looking fabrics mesh well with all of the raw elements in rustic homes, and don’t think you have to put cowhides on every couch. Stay with neutral colors and linen fabrics to keep your comfort and design level high.

Traditional  Elements

When you hear the word traditional, you may see images of heavy fabrics and matchy-matchy furnishings. Today’s version of traditional home design takes all of the great elements of tradition and combines them with the comforts of today’s world. ‘New traditional’ consists of formal furnishings with touches of your own personality. Spread out any matching chairs and lamps into several rooms, and think about mixing pieces from different periods to make each room in your new home truly modern-traditional. Your paint colors should be pale hues. Instead of rich burgundies and dark greens, try for sky blues and light sage greens on the walls. Your furnishings can be boldly colored. Include monochromatic rugs and decorative pieces with different finishes like dark wood stains and metals. traditional home design elements Photo Use By TNS Sofres

Modern Elements

Modern home design is all about architectural angles and dramatic windows. Much of modern design centers on simplicity and is stripped down to the bare bones of the architecture to showcase the space itself. Natural materials are put on display and structural elements are typically the main focal points. Modern design loves lines, so you can highlight bold vertical and horizontal lines through your beams, windows, staircases, rooflines, staircases, and any other structural components of your new home. The windows themselves act as another design focal point, with many floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors, which allows as much light and nature in as possible. Modern homes also allow for the most creative of floor plans, so you’ll have more liberties in designing rooms with open concepts and lots of natural light.


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