7 Space Saving Organizational Ideas

We all organize and accumulate clutter. From the moment you move into a new home, new items will start to gather in every corner and flat surface of your home, until one day you scratch you head and wonder when all this stuff arrived. Though sometimes clutter needs to be thrown out, most of the time these items aren’t actually clutter; they’re things we use daily or monthly, but just don’t have a great space to put them. Well thought organizational ideas throughout your home will keep your living space looking cleaner and fresher, and will often make finding specific various items much easier.

Peg board for hanging supplies

Peg boards work great for any kind of arts and craft supplies, scrapbooking accessories, garage tools, and the like. You can use pegboards, available at most local hardware stores, to hang up jars, cans, or buckets of items that need a new place to live. You can also easily install small shelves on the peg board for additional storage surface area. peg board organization (Image by Flickr)

Entry way shelving

The entryway is the first reflection of any home, so if you can make yours beautiful and useful at the same time, it’s a win-win. A floating shelf in your entryway will allow coats to be hung, keys to be dropped, mail to be piled, and other knick-knacks a place to stay. Because this kind of shelving won’t take up any floor space, the entryway will look clean and organized to anyone who walks into your home. entryway space organization (Image by Flickr)

Storage under seats

Taking advantage of organizing the space beneath your seats is the perfect way to maximize spaces in homes. If you have a mudroom or a space right off of your garage where a lot of foot traffic flows, try including a small bench with some under-seat storage. This will be perfect for storing shoes, rain boots, mittens, hats, and the like, all in a convenient and effective location.   under seat bench organization (Image by Flickr)

Floating shelves

Floating shelves add life and interest to empty walls, and they’re major space savers too. You can display coffee table books, photos, vases, figurines, you name it! These kind of shelves are often easy to install and inexpensive to purchase, and they leave your countertops and flat surfaces looking uncluttered and clean. floating shelf organizational ideas (Image by Flickr)

Hanging kitchenware

The kitchen is often the most cluttered space in a home because we typically spend the most time here daily. To save precious counter and cupboard space, try hanging kitchenware like utensils and pots and pans from a hanging fixture. This will add visual interest to your kitchen, and free up storage space throughout the rest of your kitchen area. hanging kitchenware organizational idea (Image by Flickr)

Spice up your spice rack

Some spice cabinets look like a bomb went off inside. It can be hard to see every spice you have, which could mean buying duplicate spices, and a vicious cycle of spice clutter begins. If you have a spare drawer with some depth, try and display them in a staircase fashion, so they can lay on top of one another, and so you can see every spice at once. There are also great wall racks and even refrigerator magnet spice containers available to organize your spices further. spice rack organizational idea (Image by Flickr)

Organize in vertical spaces

Any space that’s not being taken advantage of on a wall is considered unused vertical space. Install some extra shelves in the closet or along your living room walls to make the most of this space. Kitchens are also notorious for leaving vertical spaces untouched. Floating shelves or hooks underneath kitchen cabinets can be installed to utilize these areas. vertical spaces organizational ideas (Image by Flickr) Do you have any organizational tips you’d like to share? Tweet us or tell us about it on Facebook!


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