6 Paint Color Ideas for Every Room

Every room should convey a certain message to those who enter. The kitchen offers vibes of family, function, and fun, while the living room says relaxation, rest, and comfort. Your colors can help express the most-fitting emotions and feelings from every room in your home. Whether you a love dramatic paint color with big splashes of color, or more neutral and warm colors, these ideas will help you choose the best colors for each room in your home.

Kitchen Paint

Light neutrals work best in kitchen spaces because these kinds of colors let other elements of the area pop. Light grey, pale blue-green, and creamy grey are three neutral choices that give your kitchen a clean and polished look with an inviting feel. These paint colors will let all of your kitchen countertops and fixtures shine bright. If you prefer more vibrant colors, choose a bright accent color on your walls. You can choose one accent wall, or install a colorful backsplash to add touches of visual interest to your own kitchen. kitchen paint color

Dining Room Paint

Dining rooms are typically more formal, but not always. To keep your dining room inviting with formal touches, take advantage of paint colors with deep hues like rich browns, deep blues, and blue tinged reds. These colors offer a warm and welcoming ambiance while still keeping the space interesting and stylish. These colors also allow for endless possibilities in mixing and matching décor and fabrics. dining room paint color

Living Room Paint

Your living room is the ultimate space of contentment. This is where you come to unwind and rejuvenate after a busy day. Pearl white and wooly beige make for excellent paint color choices in a living room because of their softness and warmth. These neutral colors will give you the freedom to choose any kind of décor, because every piece will shine with these paint colors as the backdrop. living room paint color

Bedroom Paint

Did you know there’s a direct connection between quality of sleep and bedroom color? Research says this is in fact true, and those that sleep in rooms with blue walls slept longer than those with other colored walls. The great thing about blue is there are so many variations. Pale light blue is soft and soothing, while deep ocean blue is reminiscent of the evening night sky. Whichever hue you choose; blue bedroom walls may help coax you into better sleeping habits. bedroom paint color

Kid’s Room Paint

You don’t have to go over the top with a child’s bedroom wall color. You can choose a fun color that is still in line with the rest of your home’s style. Light apple green and sky blue are both great choices for a kid’s room, because they offer great color payoff without overwhelming the rest of the space. They also pair nicely with a variety of accent colors and are perfect for boys or girls. A simple white is another choice that’s not immediately obvious for a child’s room. The white will let you and your child choose fun and lively comforters, rugs, drapes, and other décor items. kids bedroom paint color

Bathroom Paint

The bathroom is another place in your home that can offer tranquility and peace in the midst of a chaotic life. Soft pastels with lots of white in the color will give off this feeling in an effortless way. Colors like soft yellows or blues will give your bathroom a beachy coastal feeling that will mimic a relaxing day by the water. Alternatively, if you want to highlight the fixtures, rugs, towels, and countertops in your bathroom space, choose a grayish-taupe paint color so these elements look polished and refined. bathroom paint color  


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