5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Though the weather has been less than ideal for patio parties the last few days, you can be sure that the warm weather will soon be in Salt Lake City for good. When the rains disappear and the sun arrives, you’ll want to make sure your patio and other outdoor spaces are in tip top shape. They may just need a little sprucing touches to make them more inviting and beautiful. These five inexpensive and easy tips will have your backyard space host-ready for any spring and summer party.

Creative greenery

You don’t have to stick with a standard planter with flowers on your patio. You can get creative with your greenery choices that will bring more interest to your outdoor space. Hanging planters are a great way to fill empty spaces in your yard, and wall planters help take up unused wall space. There are quite a few easy and inexpensive DIY ways to create planters that are chic and use upcycled materials. If you live in a complex or housing division, strategically placed greenery can also give your outdoor space the feeling of more privacy. outdoor greenery outdoor living spaceshanging planter in outdoor living space

New fabrics and colors

Reupholstering your chair cushions is an easy and fun way to brighten up your patio area. Minimal sewing skills are required, and you can transform your outdoor furniture quickly and inexpensively. You can also do this with throw pillows that are on your outdoor chairs. Depending on what material your furniture is, you can recolor that too. There are multitudes of furniture paints and stains you can choose from to revamp your outdoor living space.

Outdoor rugs

Having a soft place to rest your feet while outside is a vastly underappreciated element of patio living. Rugs are designed to stand up against the elements, and can take more wear and tear than a typical indoor rug. These come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. You can place a rug underneath your outdoor dining table, or maybe at the foot of your seating area. Wherever you choose to put it, a rug will add a little something extra to your outdoor living space. outdoor rug area

More seating

Sometimes the best way to revitalize a space is to put more people in it. Getting additional seating for your outdoor space will allow you to invite more guests over comfortably, and it will add visual interest to your area. You don’t have to go to the Home Depot to buy the latest and greatest in lawn furniture either. You can achieve a fun and eclectic look by shopping at your local thrift stores and yard sales. Choose different styles and colors to create a mismatched and intriguing backyard look. You can tie all of the pieces together by matching your pillow, chair cushion, and outdoor rug colors or patterns.

Perfect outdoor lighting

Lighting in your backyard will create a pleasant and inviting ambiance for you and your guests. Globe lights are particularly chic and are inexpensive to buy and install. These little lights create more of an accent, but don’t offer a great deal of light. For a more illuminating option, choose pathway lighting or lights that reflect off the sides of your home. Another inexpensive and stylish option is paper lantern lighting. These are available in a variety of colors, so you can get creative and fun with this option. The lanterns don’t have an incredibly long life span however, but at the price, repurchasing every spring is feasible. outdoor lighting outdoor living space No matter what improvements you make to your outdoor living space, the most important thing is to fill it with friends and family while spring and summer are here. If you have any additional outdoor living improvements you’d like to share, tweet us or share it on our Facebook page.


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