Three Signs of a Qualified Sustainable Community

Words such as “sustainable” and “community” can get thrown around a lot, and it can be difficult to see past the cloud of developers touting green living features with nothing to back it up. When it comes down to it, though, there are several important indicators you can look for when you are seeking out a truly reliable living option. If an eco-friendly lifestyle is important to you, check for the following features when looking for a place to live.

Effective Features

Many builders talk about the green building methods and reduced carbon footprint they boast, but when you look at their development, it’s identical to every other one. What gives? Don’t trust developers who put all of their eco-friendly efforts into the building process alone. Instead, trust homes that integrate and embrace sustainable features such as: • Solar panels • Energy-efficient amenities • Walkability

Whole Community Approach

A sustainable community is one that emphasizes the importance of community. Just practicing a green development method isn’t enough to make a marked and lasting difference. Instead, strategic designs that encourage an active lifestyle and reduce common sources of waste make the community-wide difference. Creating access to alternative transportation options, designing walking trails and providing recreation options all build a community based on sustainable living.

Sustainable Recognition

Good design gets noticed, and there are many awards for reliable development. Look for communities that have been thoroughly considered and awarded for their sustainability. This is typically a good indication of accomplishment, genuine commitment to sustainable living and quality craftsmanship. Pay attention to the nature of the recognition, however. Trust awards for reliable community-building and living rather than simply green building. These are the best ways to identify developers who are truly committed to building maintainable communities. Elgin Place Exterior, sustainable community


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