4 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space More Inviting

It’s one thing to have a patio that you can relax on over the weekend or after a long day at work. It’s another thing entirely to have an outdoor space that is inviting, beautiful, and tranquil. This summer, wow your guests and enjoy your outdoor living experience by taking it up a few notches. These 4 ideas will have your porch or patio looking better than ever.

DIY cushion and pillow covers

Outdoor cushions and pillows tend to fade quickly due to the sun bleaching the color out of them. Turn that problem into an opportunity and create new covers all on your own. You can create pillows in moments with no sewing required, or you can get more technical and sew the perfect cover. New cushions are another easy DIY project that you can finish in an afternoon, and it will reflect all of the personality you want.  

Flower centerpieces

You may have plants and flowers galore in your garden and around your patio area. Add even more with a few nicely arranged flower centerpieces to place on your outdoor tables. This will bring the comforts of your home to the outdoors, and will look polished and inviting.  

Update outdoor flooring space

Depending on what kind of materials your outdoor flooring has, you may want to bring new life to it with a quick spruce up. If you have a wood deck, you can re-stain it, often inexpensively and with ease. If you have tiling or stamped concrete, give it a deep-clean power washing to clear the grout and crevices of dirt and discoloration. Sometimes a simple clean can make a big difference in the way your outdoor space looks and feels.   Add unique seating Additional seating is always a plus in any outdoor living area. A unique seating area will make your patio or porch even more desirable. A free hanging bench on your patio speaks style as well as comfort. An outdoor hammock is another option that will tempt you and your guests to take an afternoon siesta, or to just lay out with a book for an afternoon.   If you have more ideas on how to make outdoor living spaces more inviting, tweet us at @hamlethomesutah!


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