7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Patio

First impressions are important in life. That’s why making your front patio representative of you and your aesthetic is so essential to turning your house into your home. Below are 7 simple ways to ensure that your home welcomes both family and friends with open arms. 
  1. Add a pop of color

Neutrals are great for houses. They look put together and elegant, but these colors don’t exactly scream excitement. Adding hints of color across your patio draws the eye in and can turn a regular house into an inviting sanctuary. Color sets the tone of the home, so make sure it’s welcoming. Whether you add color by painting the front door or garage, or by adding fun cushions to your furnishings, color will revive your front porch.  
  1. Plant life

The best way to liven up your patio is to actually add life! Not only are plants colorful, but they smell amazing too! Try planting a few pots near the front steps, or add flowers to your windowsills. Hanging a wreath on the front door can also add a friendly touch. Be sure to change out the wreath seasonally to always be in the holiday spirit. For a more traditional look, add climbing vines to the exterior of your home!
  1. Choose a theme and stick with it

Do you know that guy who couldn’t decide if he wanted to wear pinstripe pants or a gingham shirt to prom, so he wore both? Yes? Well, don’t be like him. Decide what look you are going for and choose decorations based on whether they match your theme. If you want your front porch to be rustic, don’t have pinwheels or Romanesque statues alongside your vintage wheel. If you want a modern look, it’s probably best to avoid faux chipped tables.
  1. Add Patio decor

Decor is what brings a space together. It provides the finishing touches that transform a doorway into an entrance. Decor can include anything from a floor mat to a birdcage. You can add objects to a garden or include an old lantern. To make your home even cozier, try mix-matching to give it a vintage touch. No matter what you add, make sure it represents you and your aesthetic.
  1. Make use of small spaces

Is your patio on the small side? No problem! When decorating, people tend to look at the physical floor space and forget about the ceiling and everything in between. Work vertically and make use of window sills and ledges. That way, you can add more personal touches without crowding the walking path. You can hang lights and plants, add shelves, or even build a ladder!  
  1. Function meets resourceful

The secret to any great space is that is remains useful and beautiful. After all, what’s the point of having an area if you can never use it. A well-designed patioe will use functional items creatively, making them fit with the look.  For instance,  add a rustic bench next to the front door. Not only will the bench look great, but it will serve as a useful surface to place items when you’re entering your home. Another idea to keep in mind when decorating is to be resourceful. Just because you’re beautifying a space doesn’t mean you have to buy all new materials. Don’t go buy new pots if you want to plant flowers. Instead, use an old pair of boots, a wheelbarrow, a watering can, or even an old barrel. Lastly, before designing your patio, consider what you need first. Rather than trying to hide your big bag of de-icing salt, place it in a decorative bucket.  Often, the most useful materials can be made to look great.  
  1. Keep it Simple

With so many creative ideas out there, it is sometimes hard to narrow down what ideas you will have room to do and what ones you won’t. The most important tip to remember is to avoid clutter. No matter how many great ideas you have, none of them will stand out or look great if you include too many. The simpler, the better.


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