When Function Meets Beauty: 5 Home Décor Designs We Love

Function doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, it can, and should, be quite the opposite. Add polish and visual interest to your home while also providing much needed storage, space, and organization throughout. We love these six design ideas that incorporate beauty and function all in one.

Crate to table function

A crate table like this featured design is beautiful, and acts as additional storage. This crate table’s 4 cubbies worth of space are perfect for storing books, DVDS, magazines, shoes, TV remotes, and more.  

What’s under the staircase?

If your home is a multilevel one, you may have a decent amount of space that you’re not taking advantage of. The area under the staircase is prime square footage for additional storage. A small storage closet is a great way to utilize this space, or you can install drawers for a more unique stylish option, like this featured design.  

Hang coats with style

Not only is this décor item beautiful and functional, it’s also economical! Use an old windowed door and turn it into a beautiful collage to show off family and friend’s photos. Attach hooks and display your new work of art at your entryway. Guests and family members now have a designated place to hang coats and bags, and can marvel at your beautiful photo collage.  

Dish drainer be gone

Dish drainers are a main staple in most kitchens, but they can be an eyesore in an otherwise stylish kitchen. This design features a built in dish drainer that fits seamlessly with the kitchen area. Its placement is perfect, right next to the sink, and it leaves countertops clean and clear of drying dishes.  

Utensils out of sight

Similar to the dish drainer, big utensils can add clutter to a kitchen fast. To eliminate utensils out in plain sight, you can hide them below view. This example features a clean and organized storage option for utensils. Alternatively, you can hang them from underneath cabinets, or store them in a drawer.   Do you have more ideas on how function and beauty can meet in the home? Tweet us about it at @hamlethomesutah!


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