Décor On a Dime

Don’t feel discouraged by those high priced designer rooms in the glossy magazines. You can make your home look just as chic and put together at a fraction of the cost. Take a look through our ideas and let us know which are your favorite décor on a dime items.

Frame your flowers

Add freshness and life to your home using fresh flowers and cut out cardboard. Shape the cardboard to spell your name, a word, or a shape you love. Add grip green foam (available at any craft store) and arrange your favorite short stemmed flowers to your liking. Voila!  

Seasonal décor for every holiday

No matter the season, you can decorate your home to celebrate the holidays. Buy some inexpensive glass or plastic candy containers. Fill them with décor items for whatever the holiday. Add bows and ornaments during the Christmas season, mini pumpkins and candy corns in the fall, and plastic Easter eggs in the spring. Using these containers year round saves money and time, and your home will look festive and trendy at every holiday!  

Plan a gallery wall

Use the frames and artwork you already have at home and design a gallery wall. Use different sized frames to add visual appeal, and map it out so there’s equal space between every piece. Make sure every frame is hung level to create the perfect look.  

Chic bathroom storage

With a little creativity, bathroom items can be stored in a beautiful way. Instead of using the soap dispenser from the store, pour some into a decorative bottle. Get a matching set for your toothbrushes, cotton swabs and Q-tips, and any other bathroom necessities you like to have within arm’s reach. This keeps every item organized, clean, and looking amazing.   Tweet us your favorite décor on a dime item at @HamletHomesUtah!


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