Home Decorating Basics

When moving into a new house or townhome, you’re presented with a whole world of opportunity. New homeowners are usually eager to begin decorating and filling their living space with all their favorite personal items. However, in their eagerness to get started, homeowners can sometimes make design choices that they later regret. Here are some tips to help you make successful and long-lasting home decorating choices.

Decorating Colors and Patterns

Color is perhaps the most important decision of any home decorating project. If you’re looking to buy all new furniture for your home, your color choices are virtually endless. But even when moving into a brand new home, most of us still move the majority of our old furnishings with us. In this case, see if there is a color that predominates the items you already have. Many people cultivate a particular theme for years and never realize it! interior design color palletes If you have the start of a theme, you can acquire new items in accordance with that trend.  You can integrate these new items so they easily coordinate with just about any color palette. Here are a few examples of home décor items that may go along with a color scheme or theme you already have in mind.
  • Metallic silver, gold, or brass-tone objects
  • Storage containers in neutral colors like white, off-white, beige, and grey
  • Wicker or willow baskets
  • Handmade pottery and ceramic goods
  • Light- or dark-colored wooden items
  • Rag rugs or other area rugs with many colors

Vintage, Retro, and Antique

Throwback styling choices are the latest trends to sweep interior design magazines. Even the most modern living space can benefit from a little touch of vintage style. Antique pots, cups and dishes, vintage bath towels, and other retro accessories can bring some serious style points to any part of your home. And don’t be afraid to mix and match. You’d be amazed at what you can integrate with your current decorating choices. vintage accessories Hamlet Homes creates elegant living solutions for families of all sizes. Contact an associate today to learn more about what makes our communities so special.


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