Spruce Up Your Entryway with These 4 Ideas

Does your entryway need a little re-imagining? It’s all too easy to abandon your plans of keeping your front entry clean, organized, and decorated. After all, once we enter our homes, we usually just want to relax and unwind. Use these 4 ideas to revitalize your entryway and bring new life to the entrance of your home.

Hooks, mirrors, and tables

Make a smaller entryway look more spacious and welcoming by strategically placing a few handpicked items. An end table with drawers, a mirror, and a few hooks will add organization and style to your home. It also creates clean lines that are visually pleasing to all who enter. Make it even more unique by creating your own key rack, like the example below.    

Personalize it

Show off what you love most by adding personal touches. Whether it’s family photos, favorite quotes, or art from your favorite designer, the entry is the perfect place to display these items. Your guests will feel welcome and at home once they set foot through your door.  

Entryway bench

Benches are great for adding visual interest, providing seating, or creating additional storage space. There’s a bench for every trend and style, so finding one for your own home will be quick work. Benches with cubbies or drawers underneath are perfect for storing shoes and bags, and others are just a great place for guests to take a brief rest once they come inside.  

Make a statement

Go all out and make a bold statement with your entryway. It’s your home after all! Place your family initials above the door and display unique pieces of art and sculptures where you see fit. There’s no limit to the creativity you can display in your entryway, so have fun with it and make it your own!  


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