Understanding Your New Home Warranty

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. Not only do you get to choose the perfect floorplan, you also get to determine exactly what the interior will look like. You’ll pick out the perfect carpet, the ideal flooring, and just the right fixtures to finish it off. Another advantage of moving into a brand new home is the new home warranty. These warranties are designed to ensure that you receive a quality home. It also gives homeowners piece of mind that if something goes wrong after it’s built, there’ll be an easy fix. Here are some key components of a new home warranty.

Home Construction

Most builders offer a multi-year structural warranty to ensure the quality of construction on the home. These policies usually include one or two years of coverage for workmanship (detailed later). It also includes about 10 years of coverage for structural issue problems. This is not limited to problems with load-bearing elements, foundation, and other things for which the safety and security of the home could be compromised.


If your homebuilder includes appliances in the sale of the home, those are often included under the home warranty. The most common are the HVAC system and kitchen appliances. Since most appliances have their own warranties from manufacturers, it’s important to note whether the builders include these things or if they are simply what’s offered from the manufacturer.


Your homebuilder also includes coverage for workmanship too. A warranty covers components like the roofing, walls, doors and trim, flooring, and countertops. In case there’s a problem with the plumbing or electrical work, a home warranty covers these things for a short time after the home is built.

How to Redeem Home Warranty

As you read through your homeowner’s warranty, make a note of what is covered and how you are supposed to make a claim. Builders require that you send requests through a specific process. This often entails contacting manufacturers to find out about any warranty available prior to using the builder’s warranty. Understanding these steps ensures that you get repairs done in a timely manner if you ever need them. Before you buy a new home, see what kind of warranty your homebuilder offers, and what provisions are included in it.


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