5 Headboard Ideas to Update Your Bedroom Design

All rooms need a focal point that is aesthetically pleasing and also fits with the design around it. For bedrooms, the headboard is often this focal point. Headboards provide a chance to create a stylish centerpiece that also has a function. From color and texture to design and materials used, there are a variety of headboard ideas that can give a room an extra dose of style. Check out these ideas to update your bedroom look.

The classic dimpled look

This classic design is beautiful and timeless. It can be adapted to a variety of color pallets and can be easily integrated into most existing bedroom designs. There are even some great DIY ideas out there so you can create this headboard look using your own crafty skills.  

Full contemporary

In the opposite direction, this full on contemporary look provides clean cool lines for a bedroom design. This wall-to-wall effect is the visual centerpiece of the room, and with neutral colors, it doesn’t overwhelm the room.  

Simple and elegant

The simplicity of this headboard design idea allows for more accessorizing and details around it. This cloth headboard stays low on the wall and provides a great simple backdrop for throw pillows and hanging art above.  

Wooden and chic

A wooden headboard is the ultimate in chic home décor. White washed wood gives this room a country kind of feel, but you can use wood painted any color to give the effect you desire. This design looks best between two windows, because it offers balance and symmetry in the room.  

Unique colors

Boldness is not just reserved for your dining or living room areas. Take advantage of bold colors and design pieces to make a statement in your bedroom design. This example uses dyed leather as the headboard accessory, and pairs it with other mixed and matched pieces.   For more great design ideas and inspiration, visit our website for weekly blog updates!


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