Here’s Why Solar Powered Homes are the Next Big Thing

It’s clear that our world is making a gradual shift to renewable energy sources. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, just announced his solar roofing shingles last week, and it’s re-opened the conversation around clean energy. His shingles are not only efficient and energy-saving, but they’re stylish too. Solar-powered roofs are the next big thing, and Hamlet Homes is at the forefront of this movement. With all of Hamlet Homes’ new properties being wired for solar power, it’s easier than ever to ditch old methods of power and save precious energy.

Save thousands of dollars

Over the course of your solar panels’ life, you could be saving upwards of $20,000. The cost of installing the panels is often covered within the first few years of installation, and the rest of those savings go straight to you. With Hamlet Homes’ newest properties being pre-wired for solar readiness, the installation cost is significantly reduced. Instead of hiring someone to re-wire your entire home to be compatible with this power, why not think about living somewhere that’s already one step ahead?

Create reliable energy

Blackouts and power outages could be a distant memory if you choose to rely on solar-powered energy. The sun will always rise and set on a schedule, so you know your energy source isn’t going to suddenly give out on you.

Promote a healthier world

Renewable energy sources are gaining so much traction because of the state that our planet is in. Making the shift to this type of energy in your home translates to making a difference in our world. According to the EPA, an average home emits about 20 metric tons of carbon pollution every year. Solar-powered homes reduce their carbon footprint by three to four tons every year. That’s a decent amount that, multiplied by 20 years, adds up to somewhere around 80 tons of carbon saved. Not too bad! If you’re looking for more information on Hamlet Homes’ solar-powered homes, contact us today. solar panels


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