6 DIY Decorations for the Holiday Season

December is a very merry and bright month. But what makes it even more special is the décor that towns, businesses, and homeowners put up. Snowmen, Christmas trees, wreaths, and twinkle lights truly give us that holiday feeling. To get this feeling in your own home, why not try a few DIY projects? They’re easy, inexpensive, and most of all, festive!

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Using simple terracotta pots, a few pine cones, and some paint, you can create an original Christmas tree look. Use these as table centerpieces, mantle decoration, or on shelves to add a little extra holiday magic to your home.  

Wrapping the Front Door

Give your front door a little personality with this DIY décor idea. Cut out construction paper into shapes for the eyes, mouth, nose, and button down coat. Add in some holiday ribbon, garland and Christmas lights to truly bring your door to life!  

Candles with Nature

If you’re looking for a classier holiday look while staying in budget, try this idea out. Tie holiday green leaves with a simple white ribbon around different sized candles. These are perfect for a dinner with friends or simply adding elegant cheer to your home.  

Paper Holiday Lights

This is a perfect family craft that the kids will love. All this craft requires is some twine and different colored construction paper. Use whatever colors most appeal to you and cut out light shapes. Tie them all together on a line of twine and you now have the cutest DIY lights that can go anywhere.  

Popsicle Christmas Trees

Here’s another kid-friendly DIY idea that will make a holiday keepsake you can use for years to come. Create your own unique popsicle Christmas tree ornaments with different bling and accessories. They can be hung on a tree, on the walls, or on twinkle lights for some extra pizzazz.  

Mantle Garland

Red and white garland is a timeless piece of holiday décor. Instead of buying pre-made garland at the store, try and make it yourself! Use construction paper, wire, and mini close-pins to spell out your own holiday message.   What do you think of our DIY decoration ideas? Tweet us your thoughts at @HamletHomesUtah!


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