Common Pitfalls When Searching for a New Home

Avoiding Pitfalls is key when searching for a new home. Purchasing a new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life, and at Hamlet Homes, we’re here to guide you through the process and provide you with a long list of beautiful homes and communities to choose from. We can also assist you with many of the details involved in what’s often a complex process. Some of the most important things to know are which mistakes to avoid, and we’re here to help steer you away from those as well. Before you get started on new home construction, here are a few pitfalls to be sure to stay away from.

Overspending Pitfall

Budget is always one of the largest concerns, and there’s a natural tendency to want to spend a bit more than we might think is appropriate. This is totally understandable – a home is one of the defining characteristics for a family and a place where they spend most of their time, and wanting the best for it makes total sense. However, budgeting properly is vital, both in the present and future. You have to not only consider building costs, but future maintenance and upkeep as well. Keep in mind there are also different types of mortgage options and rates to take in account, as well as, property taxes and utilities. Many people find that making a checklist is very helpful.

No Research

Before purchasing a new home, research the area. You’re looking for things like schools, crime statistics, neighborhood characteristics, and more. Try coming back during different times of day, if possible, and speak to residents in the area if you find any willing to speak with you. A lack of proper research can find you and your family locked into a location or situation you aren’t comfortable with.

Emotional Purchases

Maybe a home is in or near the neighborhood where you grew up, or maybe it reminds you of a cherished childhood memory. These are great memories to hold onto, but you have to separate them from a huge decision like buying a new home. Don’t make any decisions hastily or based on anything but logic and reason.


Many people want to get an idea of the furniture and décor they’re interested in even before they begin construction, and we recommend this. You don’t want to get halfway through before realizing things won’t fit with your preferred style, and then be forced to alter your budget or sacrifice your desired look. See if there is a model home available to tour. From there, you can get an idea of what the interior space is like. An alternate option is to get a detailed floor plan. As premier home builders in Utah, Hamlet Homes will help you navigate these landmines and others, all while providing you top-quality service and locations. Speak to one of our agents today to learn more regarding Pitfalls today!


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