Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Plan

floor plans

Floor Plans

You have a lot to keep in mind when searching for new homes in Salt Lake, from price and location to all sorts of particular details. One of the first things you’ll want to tackle? Floor plans. The basic layout of your house is one of the first things you’ll have to decide on before construction. Additionally, it sets the baseline for many other elements to take into consideration. Hamlet Homes is your premier homebuilder in Utah, offering beautiful communities with a wide variety of home designs. with that being said, we have the insider list on what you should be considering with regards to a new home floor plan.


Consider the practical elements of your floor plan:
  • Floor space for children to play?
  • Space for working from home?
  • Teenagers needing their own, separated space?
  • One floor or multiple stories?
All these are the basic questions to ask yourself. Be sure your lifestyle elements are covered, as well as any personal preference.

Special Accommodations

There could be a number of situations where you might need a special accommodation within your floor plan. Maybe you have small children who require wide hallways. Perhaps you or a loved one stays requires wheelchair considerations. Be sure these details are noted early on in the process.


Is hosting a top priority for you and your family? Wide entryways with large, open-space, community areas are important if you frequently have guests. There are also plenty of ways to separate social and family life. Keep in mind that hosting areas can be in one location and private areas designed in a different location.

Outdoor vs Indoor

It’s also important — when choosing your floor plan — to assess how much you and your family will use outdoor amenities. A pool, barbecue, or large yard all count as part of your floor plan. Make sure you can handle those associated responsibilities and maintenance if you choose to go in that direction. Ready to get started? Our experts at Hamlet Homes are standing by today!


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