7 Tips for Moving into Your New Home

moving into new homeMoving to a new home is stressful. After selecting your home from all the houses for sale in Salt Lake and going through the purchasing process, you’ll likely feel like you’re in need of a break. Then comes the move. To help you keep calm and pack on, we have a few tips to simplify your move and make changing homes a breeze. Follow these steps to moving safely and efficiently into your new home.

1. Plan the Moving Date

Did you know that moving rates are typically less expensive on weekdays and midmonth? Not everyone has the luxury of hand-selecting a specific date for their move. However, if you are so lucky, note that the best days to move are during the “off-season” — November to March — when demand is the lowest.

2. Choose Your Strategy

If you’re moving a job and a hop across town, you might be able to get by with soliciting close friends and family members to help with your move. If you’re moving a big family or across the country, you’ll want to select a moving company. Consider your options and choose what’s best for your family.

3. Pick Your Mover

Vet your mover before you hire them. You are going to entrust all of your belongings to your moving company; be sure they deserve it. We suggest looking for a mover that has great online reviews and offers their services at a fair price.

4. Get Organized

Plan your move to help save time both packing and especially unpacking. For each room, group like-items together. Sure, you may end up with boxes of books that weight 100 pounds, but at least you’ll be able to put your office together in a matter of minutes.

5. Label Your Boxes

After organizing your items, label each box according to the room and the items inside. For instance, you could label a box “office, books.” Staying organized makes your move easier and the unpacking a breeze.

6. Keep Your Mover Updated

After labeling your boxes, let your movers know which room belongs to each label. In fact, we like to suggest taping “room names” to doors, so there is no confusion on where items belong. With each box ending up in the correct room, you can shave hours off of your unpacking.

7. Pack an Essentials Bag

Even when with labeling and planning, you likely won’t be able to unpack all your essentials in one day. Before taping up your boxes, be sure to set aside items you’ll need over the next few days, so you don’t spend hours rifling through multiple boxes to find your necessities. Are you ready to follow these steps, but you’re still looking for a new home? Contact Hamlet Homes to see our move-in ready homes for sale in Salt Lake. And then get packing!

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