Open or Traditional? Choose Your Best Floor Plan

open floor planPrivacy or togetherness? An open floor plan or a traditional one? These are the questions your family is likely asking each other as you search for your new home in the Salt Lake area. While traditional floorplans are right for some, we find them to be more isolating, harder to socialize, and make for challenging entertaining.

Open Floor Plan

Just as the name suggests, open floorplans maximize square footage by combining different rooms, serving different functions, into a single living space. Common combinations include:
  • Kitchen and Dining Room: make one space to share a meal. Occasionally, a kitchen island will divide the two areas.
  • Dining Room and Living Room: While the kitchen remains closed, the dining and living room come together, providing ample space for entertaining.
  • Dining, Living, and Kitchen: Our preferred layout! This single living space serves as the heart of your home.

Adding Square Footage Without Adding Square Footage

Small spaces will feel much smaller when the home builder separates them into different sections of your home. With open floor plans, on the other hand, your two rooms expand into one, enlarging the space and tricking the eye into thinking the area is more significant than it is. So, before putting walls up, consider if the space would be better served as a single unit, rather than individual rooms.

Family Coming Together

Cooking dinner for your family in your new, gourmet kitchen is fun! But not in a traditional floorplan when the rest of the family is socializing in the family room. For these homes, being tasked with dinner can feel isolating. You’ll miss out on conversation and togetherness when these rooms are closed off from one another. With an open floorplan, you fix this problem. You can whip up your renowned recipe for chicken cacciatore while engaging with your loved ones. Is there a better way to spend the evening? We don’t think so.

A Better Way to Entertain

Similarly to spending time with your family, an open floorplan makes entertaining simple. First, you can easily keep your hot food hot and your cold food cold for your guests when they fill their plates right in the kitchen. If your kitchen is closed from the family room, you likely won’t have enough wiggle room in the kitchen to make refills comfortable. You can also maintain your reputation as the hostess with the most-est by keeping an eye on low drinks and offering quick refills while preparing another tray of hors d’oeuvres. Your guests came to your home to visit with you! Let them relax on the sofa while you concoct your signature drink. You’ll offer a feeling of togetherness they won’t soon forget.

Choose for Your Family

Before buying your new home, consider what is right for your family. If your family loves togetherness, an open floor plan will only serve to enhance your lifestyle. When you decide on an open floor plan, call the team at Hamlet Homes to find the perfect spot for your family.

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