About Hamlet Homes

At Hamlet Homes, we are committed to providing our homebuyers with quality, customer-oriented townhomes and single-family homes located in attractively designed neighborhoods in northern Utah. We are also recognized as a leader in urban redevelopment and transit-oriented communities. As of this year, Hamlet Homes has created over 3,900 homes in 65 communities.

Our success in achieving customer satisfaction – your satisfaction – is measured by an 93% average approval rating in ongoing surveys. This positive response demonstrates that we understand what it takes to assist you in making your house a cherished home. (We invite you to read our Customer Testimonials on our Home page.)

When one thinks about building a new home – it is both exciting and scary at the same time. This endeavor is not an easy one. It is by far the biggest purchase you will ever make, but an investment that can do so much more than provide a roof over your head. It is a place to create memories, grow a family, begin a new chapter in your life, but most of all, it’s a place to call HOME. Where you come home to, take off your shoes and breathe a sigh of relief that you are there. It’s YOUR place.

Taking this all into consideration, Hamlet Homes has built its company on the foundation of good ethics, quality products, great build times and customer service. And for 25 years now – celebrating that huge milestone this year – that has got us to where we are today. Surviving the recession and continuing to do business with a solid set of bones. But, with new ownership, an adapting culture and a more vibrant, younger and deliberate mindset, Hamlet Homes has set it goals to become not just a homebuilder resource – but be THE source for your homebuying needs and wants.

This means, we thoughtfully design our homes with feedback from our homeowners, we stay in close contact with our homeowners throughout the entire homebuilding process and we make sure that our homebuyers love their new homes – which means our relationship does not end on the day of closing. As a matter of fact, we have stayed in contact with many of our homebuyers for many years after closing and continue to be close friends with them on social media and email. We all feel really invested in our homeowners and their experience. We want to make this experience fun, exciting and less stressful. Changing the way building a home feels.

Hamlet’s dedication to building quality homes and attractive communities is further measured in the awards we receive. These include the Builder of Integrity Award from the Quality Builder Warranty Corporation in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2010; and Utah’s Best of State medal for Residential Construction in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007 and for Real Estate Development in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The company has also been a finalist in the National Housing Quality Awards as well as the recipient of the 2009 Governor’s Quality Growth Award. In 2015, Hamlet Homes received a Green Business Award for sustainable building and design from Utah Business and in 2016 was named Best Home Builder from the City of South Salt Lake. Hamlet Homes was named the SL Chamber’s Veteran Owned Business of the Year for 2019, received the 2019 Best of State award for Real Estate Development and was named as a Housing Giant for 2019 by Professional Builder Magazine. Over this past year, Hamlet Homes was awarded the 2020 Best of State award, voted a 2020 Best Place to Work from Utah Business and was just voted both Best of State again in 2021 and named as a Housing Giant for 2020 by Professional Builder Magazine.

Hamlet Homes Corporate is located in Murray City, Utah.

Great People

Our Great Leadership Team

Barry Gittleman

President & CEO - Owner, Hamlet Homes

Barry was born in Newark, New Jersey, 22 years to the day after the Japanese Emperor surrendered World War II, on August 14, 1967. Two weeks later, his parents moved to California, because who wants to grow up in New Jersey? The flight was before planes had seat belts, so Barry rolled around in the cabin surrounded by secondhand smoke.

Barry’s parents divorced when he was little, and he grew up with his father, while his younger sister grew up with his mother. Growing up with a single father who was a software engineer and a huge gambler, Barry learned to deal Blackjack at age 8, so his father could practice counting cards. On the weekends, Barry would get dropped off at Circus Circus in Vegas to play arcade games, while his dad put that card counting practice to use. After baseball, soccer and football didn’t stick, Barry joined the wrestling team in high school, as a 4’11” 89-pound freshman. Senior year, he once lost 13 pounds in 3 days, and then was so weak he lost his match 13-0. He eventually became wrestling team captain, which helped him get accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

At Annapolis, Barry got a degree in control systems engineering, and then selected the submarine service upon graduation. Right after graduation, Barry spent 2 weeks in Europe with his roommates and visited 13 countries, put 5,000 km on the rental car, and slept on the beach of the Med. Then he returned to Southern California for “hometown recruiting duty” which is the easiest assignment in the Navy, and that was the summer he met Melinda, who had graduated from the same high school two years before Barry, but they didn’t know each other in high school, and they were married two years later.

In Orlando, Barry graduated at the top of his class at nuclear power school, despite spending more time playing volleyball than studying. He served onboard three nuclear submarines in the Pacific Fleet, including three 6-month deployments, a tour as engineer officer, another as Weapons Officer (where he did carry the “special” keys), and a 1998 collision that sank a South Korean fishing boat (Barry was in the engine room, and they did save the fishermen). He is also one of many Navy officers who saw UFOs over the middle of the ocean.

After his last submarine assignment, Barry and Melinda moved from Hawaii to Boston, where he earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, because the weather in Hawaii was just too nice and the people were too laid back. After two years with obnoxious Boston drivers and Red Sox fans, they moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where Barry worked for Boston Consulting Group and “got” to fly about 50 weeks per year to exciting cities like Philly, Newark and Houston. During this time, William was born in 2004 and decided not to let Mom or Dad sleep for his first year on Earth.

In 2006, Barry decided to join the homebuilding industry right at the start of the worst housing recession in history. He joined Centex Homes, managing land, strategy and marketing for Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Nashville, and learned all the exits on Interstate 75 between Tennessee and Florida. In 2008, the Gittlemans moved from Florida back to Atlanta, and Barry spent four years helping John Wieland Homes narrowly avoid bankruptcy, eventually helping with the sale of the company in 2012. Then Barry started the Fischer Homes division in Atlanta, which involved significant land acquisition work out of the home basement office, and a lot of interviews in Starbucks throughout Atlanta, eventually growing the division to 13 neighborhoods and 200 homes per year.

In 2016, the family moved to Utah for the opportunity to lead Hamlet Homes in growth mode coming out of the Great Recession. Barry is one of four managers who purchased Hamlet Homes from the founder in January 2017. As President and CEO, he is responsible for the overall corporate strategy and vision, culture, architecture and home design, customer experience, and neighborhood homeowner associations.

In his free time, Barry enjoys movies, reading, and playing backgammon, or sometimes trying not to throw up while following Elliott uphill on a mountain bike.
Barry is a board member for the Salt Lake and Utah Homebuilders Associations, and a member of the Military Committee for the National Ability Center. Barry currently resides in a Hamlet home in Draper with his wife and son, where they have the most amazing views of the Salt Lake valley. His current and previous home were both built by Hamlet, and he’s proud to live in a neighborhood where Hamlet is actively building and many of his neighbors are Hamlet customers.

Elliott Jenkins, CPA

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer - Owner, Hamlet Homes

Elliott is the oldest of the 4 partners, having been born on the 24th of July in 1965. Growing up in Utah, he thought the fireworks were just for his birthday. He is the youngest of 5 children and was raised by a single mother. His oldest sister is 18 years older than him. He was born the year she graduated from high school. His brother is 15 years older and didn’t know his mom was pregnant until she was on her way to the hospital.

He had a great life growing up in Springville, Utah, living in the same house until he graduated a Red Devil from Springville High School in 1983. He left that fall for the dorm life at the University of Utah. That was the beginning of 21 moves over the next 14 years, including stops in Seoul, South Korea, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and ending in Draper where he has lived in the same house for the past 22 years.

He and his wife Andrea met in junior high. There is some debate about exactly when and where this happened, however. Andrea remembers him in 8th grade. Elliott remembers first meeting in 9th grade when, according to Andrea, she had “developed” over the summer. They dated through high school and then on and off for another 5 years before Andrea finally made him commit. They were married in 1988. They have 4 children (3 girls and 1 boy) ranging in age from 22 to 30 and 5 grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys) ranging in age from 18 months to 8 years.

Elliott likes the outdoors. One of his favorite activities is mountain biking, especially in the deserts of Southwest Utah. Another activity he has recently found again is skiing. Fun fact: he actually majored in skiing the first winter at the U. This was back in the days when you could ski weekdays for $5.00 with a student ID. Those days are long gone, but the skiing is still good. He has found it is only 30 minutes from the office to Solitude, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find him in the office if it’s snowing outside.

Elliott graduated from the U in 1990 with a BS in Accounting. He’s been BS’ing about accounting ever since. He wanted to be an attorney, but after 7 years, a wife, and a baby, he decided to give the accounting thing a try. Who really wants to be an attorney anyway? He went to work right after graduation for a Fortune 500 company in Southern California. After working there for a couple of years, he decided he needed to get some letters behind his name (MBA or CPA). The CPA route seemed to fit better so he studied for the CPA exam and got a job at KPMG, one of 8, at the time, world-wide accounting firms. After working there for a year, he and Andrea decided it was time to get out of California and headed to Las Vegas with their two oldest children, Brynn and Derek. He worked for another of the Big 8 firms, Arthur Anderson, in Vegas for 3 years, leaving in 1997 to become the CFO for a local homebuilder. Courtney and Danielle (Dani) were born in Las Vegas. He started working for the local homebuilder just in time to tell them they were bankrupt. That led to a move to Utah and several jobs in the construction industry over the next 11 years. During this time, he was the Controller for Layton Construction Company and was a founding shareholder in another commercial contractor called SIRQ, which was started in 2004 with a bunch of former Layton guys.

He started at Hamlet in May 2009 with Michael Brodsky telling him that he may only be here for 30 days before the banks shut the whole operation down. It was 30 days at a time until September 2011 when they reached a final agreement with their lenders and had officially survived the Great Recession. He worked with Michael, Phil, Jon, and others over the next several years rebuilding Hamlet Homes until, in January 2017, he was able to buy the company along with Barry, Jon, and Phil. Buying the company, working with his three partners, and the rest of the Hamlet team has been the best part of his career. He looks forward to many more years with the Hamlet Family.

Jon Southern

COO/Vice President of Construction - Owner, Hamlet Homes

Jon Southern was born in the year of our Lord 1973. Born into a large family, he had to scrap and fight his way through his childhood. He is the 4th of 9 kids and loved spending time with his family and friends as a teenager.

In his 19th year, he served a 2-year mission for his church in Munich, Germany and realized how much larger the world was outside of Utah. Before his mission, the farthest he had traveled was a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico. After his mission, he had several different jobs – working at a Silver refinery, working at the Varsity Theater as a projectionist, and working for Guest Services at BYU.

At some point during this long and lonely part of his life, he met Tiffany Gustafson who was to become his wife. They met in November of 1995 and were married the next year in June. Probably the best decision he ever made was to ask her to marry him. As time progressed and life happened, eventually Tiffany and Jon had 2 children. Holly was born in 1998, and Piper was born during the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002. As a family, there were yearly trips to Disneyland, Disney World, Yellowstone, Bear Lake, Fish Lake, and Zions National Park. Jon worked many hours to advance his career while (luckily) Tiffany raised the kids (so they actually turned out normal). His wife and kids are his inspiration and the reason he has wanted to be successful in life. Jon and his family live a very nomadic life having moved 21 times in 22 years of marriage. Two of their homes were built by Hamlet Homes, and they have loved every minute of it. They always felt that home is where the family is and where you lived did not matter.

Jon loves to spend time with both his wife and kids as well as his own brother and sisters. When possible, he and his father go out to golf as a hobby since they are both terrible at it. Although his mom does not approve, Jon loves to go to Las Vegas or Wendover to gamble (usually playing Craps or Pai Gow Poker). He recently tried Texas Hold’em and is hooked. One of his dreams is to play in the World Series of Poker before 2022. He and Tiffany usually spend Thanksgiving there enjoying a weekend on their own or with friends.

Jon loves to work with his hands either building homes as a framer or completing woodworking projects for the home. Jon attended BYU’s construction management program from 1994-1996. He started in the construction industry working for Acadian Builders, a framing and general Contractor, in 1996. He worked from the ground up, starting as a laborer in the company with four employees. After nine years with Acadian, he was the Lead Framing Supervisor directly overseeing 30 employees and managing three additional Framing Supervisors.

Jon joined Hamlet Homes in 2004 as an Assistant Supervisor in the Production Department. Since that time, Jon has held the title of Production Supervisor, Homebuilding Manager, and finally his current position, Vice President of Construction. He now oversees and directs all of Hamlet Homes’ Homebuilding, Purchasing, Estimating, and Warranty activities. He loves working with a great team of people to see projects come together. This was the main reason he decided to be an owner of Hamlet with his partners. Working with all the great people at Hamlet brings him a great sense of fulfillment.

In 2000, Jon received the Subcontractor of the Year Award from Panda Homes, and in 2006 he was named the Supervisor of the Year from Hamlet Homes for closing 74 homes and having over $14 million in revenue.

Phil Mosher

VP of Sales - Owner, Hamlet Homes

Philip Mosher is Vice President of Sales/Associate Principal Broker and Owner of Hamlet Homes.

Phil is one of the four members of the management team who represent the owners of Hamlet Homes. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rider University and has over 28 years of real estate experience. He possesses extensive capabilities and depth of experience in marketing and selling new home communities, personally selling over 800 homes with volume totaling over $250 million. Philip was instrumental in Hamlet Homes’ revitalization during the downturn, assisting in the disposition of non-performing assets, acquisition of new land opportunities, and commercial sales and leasing in the Birkhill at Fireclay development. Utilizing his well-rounded skills and vast industry knowledge, he is responsible for hiring, training, and managing the Hamlet on-site Sales Team.

Philip is a member of the Utah Home Builders Association, previously serving as President of the Sales and Marketing Council. As a Certified New Home Marketing Professional and Licensed Utah Real Estate Broker, he has won numerous awards during his career, including the Utah Sales and Marketing Council Sales Person of the Year and the National Sales and Marketing Council Sales Person of the Year Silver Award.

Tami Ostmark

VP of Marketing

Tami Ostmark is our VP of Marketing and Problem Solver, a title she has taken with her from job to job. She has been known as the company therapist, party planner, problem solver, creator of all things equal, prize junkie, gift giver, collaborator, leader, and marketing specialist over the years. And while some may think she is the life of the party at the office or at work or business functions, her most favorite place to be is at home with her family.

Tami met her husband, Cory, in Junior High School way back in 1990. He was her best friend then and is her best friend now (just with the added title of “spouse”). They grew up together and raised a couple of pretty cool kids together, too. Their daughter, Taylor, and son, Cameron, have been the highlight of their lives, and they have spent the better part of their marriage at either dance or baseball. While they still plan to spend a lot of time with their kids (adult kids now), they are also excited about being empty nesters!

While home might be her favorite place to land, traveling is where her heart is. Bear Lake family trips since she was born are right up there on her list, but sometimes 2.5 hours away is just not far enough. Her parents instilled a love of travel in her when she was young, and that carried into adulthood. She has traveled and worked all over the world, and after a few tattoos and stamps in her passport, she plans to spend the second half of life exploring even more. Now, that would be much easier if they had a lot of money, so trips to Idaho for lottery tickets or Vegas to play the odds are also on the calendar every now and then (and maybe some new tattoos that her husband hates!).

She believes every moment is creating a life experience, and she loves to create experiences for people. She is at her best when creating special experiences for those she works with and works for.

When you live life with a tattoo that says, “this too shall pass”, you know that you will get over the hard moments. You also know you really need to take the good ones, cherish them, and soak them up because they will go by fast. That quote was not just meant to remind you that you will get through it; it was also written to remind you to take the time to live through it – hard times, good times, whatever times.

Tami is also a teacher. If you study communications, hit her up (she might know the answers to your tests). She has been teaching on and off for many years and is looking forward to watching those young adults and what they will do with life. The future is bright, people.

In addition to teaching, volunteering, and public speaking, Tami started her career in real estate marketing for Wardley Better Homes & Gardens about 25 years ago. She has held some big positions at big companies, trying to break the glass ceiling and make a place for women in a typical man’s world. She was the General Manager/Marketing Director for Jordan Landing Shopping Center, Marketing & Business Consultant, Vice President of Marketing for KSL Broadcast Group, and prior to Hamlet Homes, oversaw the Global Business and Marketing for Overstock.com. She is proud of all the accomplishments in her work life and knows that each of them has made her a better person, a better leader, and led her straight to where she is today. Funny how things come full circle in life, and she ended up back in real estate marketing – this time for THE BEST Homebuilder in Utah!

John Peterson

Construction Manager

John Peterson is a farm boy straight from the fields of Declo, Idaho. He grew up wild and free, and his wife has been trying to tame him since. He was born as the first boy after 6 older sisters. A family legend says that when the nurses placed a little blue bow on his head, his father threw it away exclaiming, “Finally, no more bows!”. 2 more little brothers would follow for grand total of 9 children. John’s love of building may have come from having such a large family in that they would often be told to “go make your own fun”. With endless space, a large shop, and too many tools to count on the farm, John quickly learned his imagination was the only limit. He spent his days building forts to play in, ramps to jump off, and go-karts to chase down dogs and other small animals (his brothers).

While in his teens, John was privileged to work with and learn from true craftsman builders. He started as a framer constructing large potato cellars throughout South-Eastern Idaho and through the years, progressed to custom homebuilding. He spent many years learning and performing many individual trades – framing, trim carpentry, flooring, drywall, roofing, and siding to name a few.

While homebuilding may have been John’s first love, he found other interests along the way. John loves to golf, shoot guns, wakesurf, and snowboard. He started ballroom dancing while in college at BYU and turned that into his professional career for the next 10 years. Through dance, he met his beautiful wife, Julie Petersen (yes, it was spelled wrong until she met John) and he whisked her away from all her other suitors. They have been partners in dance, life, and raising children for the past 21 years. John has 5 children – Mikayla, 25, who recently finished graduate school and is now a pharmaceutical researcher, Jacee, 18, who is headed to BYU to extend the family legacy of ballroom dance, Jackson, 16, who is a proud member of the Westlake High School Marching Band and all-around good guy, Maddie, 13, who is a dancer, clarinetist, and lover of all things Harry Styles and cow related, and Rigdon, 6, who wants to do everything his older brother and sisters do.

Although other interests have come and gone, John has always had building in his blood. His grandfather and father were both very handy and built many homes, shops, and outbuildings on their farm from scratch. Julie will say that John definitely inherited some handiness from them and is often found doing a project for family or a neighbor. One of the things John has loved in his career is creating beautiful dream homes for families (sometimes starting from nothing more than a drawing on a napkin).

Joining the Hamlet amily in 2013, John found a perfect fit for his talents, experience, and goofiness. With his days of swinging a hammer behind him, he can often be found roaming the Hamlet jobsites in his trademark white pants eager to train and help our team build GREAT homes for our GREAT customers.

Tyler Mudrow


Tyler Mudrow was born and raised in Utah. He is the middle child of an older brother and younger sister. It’s said that children who are born with both and older and younger siblings are resentful because they are somewhat ignored (firstborn favorite and baby princess). He assured us this is not the case WHATSOEVER and that at least he was born with his good looks and athletic capability. He is not only an Eagle Scout, but he also served a 2-year LDS mission in the Bible Belt itself in good old Jackson, Mississippi. During his service, he experienced Hurricane Katrina which is an experience he will always remember and never forget.

Tyler loves to hang out and be with his family. He considers himself the luckiest man in the world because he found not only his wife but also his best friend, Chelsie. He loves his little family that consists of Krew, who is 9 years old and his new baby princess, Payslie, who is just 6 months old. Krew has recently developed a love for sports, and Tyler thrives on this. He loves watching Krew play and compete in sports. Payslie, who he calls his “little bug”, has already stolen his heart and has him wrapped around her little finger.

Tyler grew up playing sports at a young age and always had a disadvantage; he was always put in leagues and teams with his brother who was two years older than him. He was almost always the youngest child in the league and usually the smallest. This didn’t deter or intimidate him. One year on his older brother’s baseball team, he was the only one on the whole team to not strike out all season. He still considers this to be one of the biggest and greatest accomplishments of his life. He also grew up playing golf, tennis, and basketball. He played tennis in high school and was playing varsity as a freshman. He made it to region and state in all 4 years that he played there. He says that if you don’t believe him, you can drive to WX tennis courts and see his name posted on the plaques they have hanging up. Did we mention that he ALSO played varsity basketball and was a starter? These are all moot points compared to the one accomplishment of not striking out on his brother’s baseball team as young boy. To this day, he loves anything to do with sports and still has that competitive nature. In fact, there is a major ping pong competition between Tyler and one of Hamlet’s owners, Phil Mosher. Tyler remains on top and will do anything to make sure it stays that way.

Prior to joining Hamlet Homes as an Assistant Controller in December 2019, Tyler worked for Major Drilling for almost 8 years. He started there as a Staff Accountant straight out of college. He graduated from the University of Utah with his bachelor’s degree in accounting. He worked his way up to Senior Accountant and later to Assistant Controller. While working full time at Major Drilling, he pursued his master’s degree and earned his MBA. He loves the finance side of things and likes to see the numbers behind the business. He loves working at and for Hamlet Homes and considers them family.

Greg Kloberdanz

Land Acquisition Manager

Greg was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada where his family lives today. He grew up, like most Canadians, playing hockey and dreaming of traveling to tropical locations. As part of his quest to move south, Greg attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton, Alberta where he graduated from the Architectural/Landscape Architectural Technology program. Upon graduation, he travelled to Australia and New Zealand where he enjoyed a six month walk-about.

Greg moved to Logan, Utah in 1991 and acquired his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture from Utah State University (USU) in 1994. He also completed international studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia where he traveled through Europe visiting 16 countries.

While at USU, Greg met his wife Kate, who waited on him at the JB’s Restaurant in Logan, and they were married in Lake Tahoe five years later. They live in Holladay, Utah with their two sons Connor and Henry. Connor is a junior at the University of Utah – go Utes! Henry is a senior at Skyline High School – go Eagles! His family loves to travel and, until Covid-19, had taken a trip every year (usually in a tropical location in the fall, winter, or spring and/or Canada in the summer)!

Prior to joining Hamlet Homes on February 8, 2021, Greg had acquired more than 200 acres of land through his development consulting company, Land Architects, which had a variety of mixed-use development projects in northern Alberta. With a passion to create sustainable and innovative developments, Greg became LEED GA certified, joined the US Green Build Council (USGBC), and sat on the board of directors for three years. Greg also became a partner in a Strongkor building franchise in the Caribbean. Strongkor Caribbean, LLC implements a state-of-the-art building system to help address the significant disaster relief required due, primarily, to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 and Hurricane Dorian in 2019 that devastated islands throughout the Caribbean, including St. Croix, USVI, and Puerto Rico. Strongkor Caribbean, LLC manufactures and assembles thousands of storm-proof precast concrete homes that also create hundreds of jobs for locals throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Greg follows several influential leaders, including Lee Iacocca – a great American business executive, with whom Greg shares a birthday, and who is famous for spearheading the Ford Mustang (Greg’s first car). Mr. Iacocca once said “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. This quote stuck with Greg throughout his more than 22-year career and has helped him realize the importance of understanding where one fits into this whole idea and ultimately knowing when to “get out of the way”.

Our Great Sales Team

Nate Kingdon

Sales Manager/Principal Broker

Nate Kingdon was born in SLC, Utah in the lovely month of November 1975. Nate was the youngest of 4 siblings and was absolutely adored by his family. Everyone wanted baby snuggles. Nate was a challenging kid and tried to work his way out of doing things from a young age. He had trouble keeping his shoes on during school, and his mom would get calls from school about his disruptive behavior. Class clown is how Nate likes to describe it, although his teachers would say otherwise.

All his siblings loved Nate. That is, until he was the first kid to get a color TV in his room. Being the youngest of 4 kids, he was spoiled. By the time Nate came along, parenting went out the window, and his siblings often complained about how much he could get away with. Not to say he did not get into his fair share of trouble, because he did. Oh boy, did he; that’s a story for another time.

Nate lived for baseball growing up. That was all he wanted to do. His dad was a big baseball player, and he passed that passion down to Nate. Another thing that was passed down by his dad was his ability to talk to people – anyone, anywhere. He was a natural salesman just like his dad. Things did not come easily for Nate. He struggled in school and had to make the most of his “average intelligence” (another story for another day).

Nate met the love of his life at the ripe age of 15 at a junior high party. She wore a Levi’s mini skirt and a white sweater; plus, she had big brown eyes…swoon. Lindy did her best to set Nate straight, but it was a big task. It took years to work her magic, but eventually he settled into being a great dad to his amazing girls along with continuing to try and impress her. For instance, the time he tried to do beadboard for his daughter’s bedroom, which ended in a lot of curse words and the hiring of a professional to finish the project AFTER their first daughter was born. He is lucky he is good at sales because he is NOT handy.

Nate enjoys spending time outside. In his free time, he can be found on his bike in the mountains or skiing some fresh Utah powder in the backcountry (his mom hates that). He also enjoys a golf game every now and then. His family is his life, and his 2 daughters keep him and Lindy busy with cheer, tumbling, acting/singing, ukulele, guitar, etc. He loves every minute of it.

Nate initially joined Hamlet in 2004 as a sales rep in training. He sold 19 homes in a short period of time and was quickly promoted to a full-blown Sales Representative. He was awarded the SAMS Rookie of the Year award for 2006! He continued working with Hamlet for 7 years and left to another builder during the downturn. Hamlet recruited him back once the market started to improve and they were putting together their A Team to build the company back up. Altogether, Nate has been at Hamlet for nearly 14 years! Nate has sold over 500 homes with Hamlet and loves the building process and getting to be part of peoples’ most important purchase in their lives.

Nate is currently transitioning to be the Sales Manager for Hamlet Homes. He has always wanted to be able to boss people around. He always wanted a younger brother to boss around. That never happened, so this is the next best thing.

Allie Ackerman

Sales Representative

Prior to Hamlet Homes, Allie worked as a New Home Sales Agent for other builders as well as a Permit Coordinating Manager. She also spent a good amount of time in “re-sale” real estate. Being well-versed and having diverse experience in the industry has helped her see many different perspectives and understand the process more clearly. She has a strong love for her buyers and prides herself in her GREAT customer service.

Allie was born and raised in South Jordan. Growing up, Allie took guitar, piano, voice, and drum lessons before realizing she did not have any musical talent. She shifted gears and started focusing on interior design…HGTV (so much HGTV!!) and took real estate classes where she found her love for real estate. Every time she goes out of town, she plans her vacations around touring as many model homes as possible.

Allie enjoys all things sunshine, a good red wine, music from the 60’s and 70’s, and spending time in nature. She believes strongly that a perfect night includes a homecooked meal, a soft blanket and a documentary.

Amber Larsen

Sales Representative

Amber Larsen is a Sales Representative for Hamlet Homes. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City and currently resides in Draper. Her ongoing existence was in some danger, being born number five of ten children, always stuck in the middle and refereeing both sides. Amber learned responsibility from a young age helping with her younger siblings, feeding and caring for horses, working as a teenage waitress, and being employed with some job since the age of 16.

Amber loves the outdoors which probably began while camping and backpacking with her family every year. She has backpacked all through the Utah desert and has had some crazy adventures. She now loves spending time with her family jeeping in Moab, hiking, and spending time at the beach. She also loves to run, swim, take walks, or anything else that keeps her outside in the sunshine.

Amber worked as a salesperson for Maggie Sottero Bridal selling wedding dresses around the world. She started as a Factory Manager and eventually served as one of their International Account Executives where she handled national and international accounts, attending shows in New York and other locations. While she enjoyed this job, she left to raise and care for her children and volunteered for years in their school. She loves being married to her husband, Tyler, and being a mom to her three kids. They love spending time together and love most outdoor activities.

She started working for Hamlet Homes in 2013 selling homes in the Salt Lake and Heber Valley. Amber loves her job and genuinely enjoys working with and getting to know Hamlet’s customers. She has learned a great deal from the Hamlet owners and employees and enjoys her association with them. Though she has been in sales many years, she hopes to provide knowledge and support during the construction process. Her goal is to know her Hamlet customers and ensure they are happy with the home and buying experience.

Isaac Hanson

Sales Representative

“Work hard, play hard” are words Isaac likes to live by! Isaac is a Utah native that enjoys life and works hard to achieve his goals. Isaac is the youngest of five kids who grew up riding horses (he even trained a wild donkey!), going camping, going on vacations, and loved most of all boating and water skiing. He recently reached one of his goals to own a boat and enjoys spending time on Utah’s beautiful lakes.

Isaac never thought he would have a lot of kids but ended up falling for his amazing wife who had four kids. Later they had a beautiful daughter making a big family. He proposed at Rainbow Bridge in Lake Powell and tied the knot at the sandy beach in Bear Lake. Nothing beats spending time with his family and being a father. They enjoy going boating, playing, traveling, and even just hanging out at home soaking in the everyday moments.

Isaac doesn’t just sit around and wait for opportunity to knock at his door. In fact, one of the reasons he was hired by Hamlet Homes is that he put on his best shirt and tie, showed up knocking on the Hamlet Homes’ main office door, and asked for the job. Lo and behold, he has been selling in Salt Lake, Summit, Wasatch, and Davis counties since 2016.

Isaac has a natural knack with people. He is known for being a great listener and for helping people through their problems. This talent is a big reason for getting into new home sales; he is naturally able to listen to concerns and help his customers find the right fit and home for them. He won back-to-back Customer Satisfaction Awards in 2018 and 2019 and continually strives to learn and grow on a personal and professional level.

Jaime Davis

Sales Representative

Jaime was born in Moses Lake, Washington in 1977. Though she didn’t realize it until much later, Jaime was born a leader. Just ask her kindergarten teacher who told Jaime’s mom that when she needed to leave the classroom, Jaime was the only one that could keep everyone in line. She still keeps everyone in line to ensure smooth closings for her clients!

Jaime was born in a small farm town. She’s the second of five children (three brothers and a younger sister). At 4 years old, her dad moved the family to Chicago, IL. Jaime learned early on to play peacemaker which helped save her mom’s sanity running a house full of unruly kids.

Jaime returned to Washington until she was 17 years old and had many accomplishments during those formidable years – straight A student, 7th grade class president, and cheerleader (both in school and to her friends) to name a few. Then junior year a big change occurred – moving to Utah!

Hard work was instilled in Jaime from a young age. She started her first job at age thirteen, and after graduation, she was always juggling two to three jobs at a time. Her jobs included working with the mentally/physically challenged, front desk operator at an FBO at the airport, greeter at the airport for a limo company, working with troubled teens, youth counselor/guide at a wilderness program, collections, and sales. You can say Jaime has worn many “hats”, and that’s part of what makes her so successful.

Life really became interesting when, at the age of 22, Jaime became a mom. With more responsibility on her shoulders, she started to work her way up in sales and management with a full-time school schedule. After welcoming her second son into this world, she decided to become a real estate agent to add more flexibility into her increasingly busy life.

Jaime’s sons Siaosi and Dylan are her greatest accomplishments and joys in her life. Jaime stops at nothing to provide for her boys, creating a safe place to land for them in an environment that is both loving and adventurous! Jaime just warns mothers that once your boys become college students, your home may turn into a free Airbnb. Large groups of boys will arrive with insatiable appetites, no cleaning skills (fairly certain their arms are only good for video games and somehow aren’t operable for cleaning), and you’ll find yourself giving unsolicited mom-therapy while trying to explain the complicated workings of the female brain. Jaime wouldn’t trade one second of it; they are her “why” in life.

Jaime enjoys adventure, travel, beautiful beach sunsets, hiking, sky diving, cliff jumping, the fresh outdoor air, summer nights, the underdog, yoga and meditation, meeting people from all walks of life, and anything fun that involves time with friends. Her motto is “always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but will surely add life to your years”.

Jaime has embraced and loved residential real estate for 15 years, primarily selling new construction the last 6. With the help of her team, she sold out a 500-unit townhome community in Vineyard, UT. As the Sales Office Manager, she learned how to successfully thrive as a leader in an aggressive real estate market. Eager to learn and grow more in this industry, she took a sales position with Hamlet Homes in 2020. From the minute she walked out of the interview, she felt like she found a new home and work family. She excelled immediately, receiving an award for selling the most homes in her first 30 days in sales. She’s worked out of eight different communities with home sales in six of those communities. When asked what her biggest lesson learned in life and in this industry, her response is “surround yourself with greatness and you will become your greatest self”.

Jordan Person

Sales Representative

Jordan Person was born and raised in the beehive state of Utah. He enjoys water without ice, is the oldest of 3 children, and was raised by a superwoman single mother who taught him that great works are performed by perseverance. Having been named after Michael Jordan, basketball was already taken, so from a young age, all Jordan wanted to play was the great American sport of baseball. No offense, MJ.

Prior to joining Hamlet Homes as a Sales Representative in September of 2020, he previously worked in residential/commercial real estate and property management. He found his passion in helping others navigate their way to their goals and dreams of homeownership and business while ensuring they have a great experience in the process.

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, playing guitar, and anything that involves quality time with friends and family. His motto is “anytime, anywhere, for any reason”.

Kadie Perez

Sales Representative

Kadie was born in good old Pocatello, Idaho. She moved to a ranch by Ririe, Idaho and started driving tractor when she was 10. Could she see over the steering wheel? No; the answer is no, but that didn’t stop her. She persevered and found a way. She stood up and then she could kind of see where she was going.

Kadie started playing acoustic guitar when she was 11 years old. Jail Break is one her best songs yet. She started doing drama when she was 12 years old and auditioned for “Ririe Idol” (kind of like American Idol, but not quite as big). She wrote a song called “A Hillbilly from Idaho” on her guitar, and she won. Her parents were so proud.

In her downtime, she loves going home and spending time on the ranch with her friends and family. She also loves anything outdoors, including basketball, relaxing at the beach, running, hiking, and snowboarding.

Prior to Hamlet Homes, Kadie worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for 6 years. She had many different roles at Disney. One of her favorite roles was Disney Facilitator. She welcomed new cast members, presenting various roles, discussing Disney magic, and how to create lasting memories for Disney guests. Kadie has that “Disney” spirit in her approach to everyone and everything. She strives to go above and beyond for Hamlet’s homeowners by providing exceptional customer service. She won the Disney Quarterly Award in 2013 and 2015 for providing outstanding guest service, and she won the Hamlet Homes Customer Satisfaction Award in 2019 for her dedication and commitment to Hamlet Homes.

Kadie joined Hamlet in 2017 as the Front Office Administrator and then became a Sales Assistant in 2018. She was promoted to Sales Representative in 2019.

Kadie is more than a Sales Representative. She is also known for being a great therapist, which is an added incentive to all those potential homeowners out there. We all know everyone could use some therapy after going through the homebuying process (especially with a spouse); you can thank her later.


Yosh Ryujin

Sales Representative

Yosh was born in Ogden, Utah in 1976 (the year of the dragon!). At a young age, Yosh, short for his middle name, Kiyoshi, determined that he didn’t like his given name, Todd, and made it known to all that he would no longer be going by it. Though this proved to be a challenge for a stubborn 2-year-old, persistence prevailed, and his middle name won out.

This same stubbornness and persistence, seen at a very young age, inevitably led Yosh down a path that forever changed his life. At the age of 6, Yosh’s dad Max had the grand idea to sign him up for a karate class. Given his Japanese heritage and Max’s background in Judo, this seemed like a logical fit. However, to the dismay of everyone in that class, this stubborn 6-year-old refused to take off his shoes and was not allowed to participate. Why the shoes never came off will forever be a mystery, but to nobody’s surprise, he never set foot in that class again. In turn, Yosh decided he wanted to play ice hockey, having been exposed to it through annual summer trips to Minnesota, where his mom was born, and his uncles lived and played the sport. It did not take long for this sport to become a passion that has stayed with him to this day. Currently, Yosh still plays the game he loves; he also coaches the Weber State University Men’s Hockey Team and has done so for 15 years.

Yosh has spent over two decades in the real estate industry; most of that time has been in new home sales, and 15 of those with Hamlet Homes! Growing up and watching his dad work tirelessly in real estate, he never thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps. However, after earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Weber State University, it became clear that being in real estate and helping others achieve their dreams and goals was too good to pass up. After graduation, Yosh shadowed his dad for 2 years and then took his first job in new home sales. Since then, he has never looked back, and like his dad, works tirelessly for the benefit of others.

Away from work, Yosh’s family is his rock. Making memories with his wife, Shantel, and their seven children is what life is about. Wait, seven children? Yes, they are a blended family, and between his three daughters and her three daughters and one son, they have the makings of a Brady Bunch! Supporting the kids in their activities and passions is usually what they do in their “free” time, and they love every minute of it. They also enjoy vacations (especially trips to Disneyland), celebrating birthdays, watching movies, playing games, and simply being together. This may sound crazy and chaotic, but honestly, for them, they wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Lisa Spencer

Sales Assistant

Lisa was born and raised in SLC, UT. At a young age her mother introduced her to skiing, as it’s a pre-requisite for growing up in Utah with “The Greatest Snow on Earth’! She was a natural and later in life worked and lived up at Alta, Utah. Having the slopes as a front yard, she was hooked! Meeting people from all over the world, she found the diversity of cultures to be implemental in forming an open mind to all walks of life and adventures.

At 18 she moved with friends to West Hollywood, CA. While there she was introduced to the culinary world and fell in love with the fast-paced energy of professional kitchens, which began a lengthy cooking career. After trying on many hats in the kitchen, she found that pastry was her true love. Working her way up the ranks in LA, then on to Seattle and back to SLC.

Looking for a career change she decided to jump into Real Estate. Her passion for customer experience easily translated to her new chosen profession.
Although she has been with Hamlet for only a short period, she has found her tribe. Working with a diverse group of talent, she has found “Home”.

Paige Anderson

Sales Assistant

Paige’s love for construction and adventure stemmed from her childhood exploring the backyard orchard with neighborhood friends. She was often found with a hammer in hand repairing the treehouse or venturing, with curiosity, to forbidden wonders such as the nearby canal. She continues to have an ongoing desire to explore the wonders of the world by traveling and discovering new sites, cultures and people.

At age 15 Paige started her first job as a waterpark lifeguard all while being on the high school drill team, private competitive dance team and state champion volleyball team. Paige quickly learned how to drive a stick shift, while changing shoes, to cruise across town from one thing to another. She loves living life in the fast lane and always has something new she's trying.

You could say Paige’s curiosity developed into a passion for learning and love for a good challenge! Paige built on this passion and in a short time received her bachelor’s from the University of Utah in psychology and human development. She jumped right into the Social Work field where she worked directly with troubled youth and families on developing skills to improve relationships and cope with life challenges. Paige continues to utilize these skills by caring for her clients during the new home journey.

Paige can’t help but make building a new home a red-carpet experience. Just a few years after receiving her real estate license, she discovered and fell in love with the new construction industry! She absolutely loves seeing communities grow and turn to place where lifelong memories are made. Above all she loves her clients and sharing the excitement of a new home with them!

When Paige isn’t selling homes, she can be found starting an impromptu dance party with her 3 kids, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, cuddling with her golden doodle, or in the yoga studio.

Our Great Production Team

Scott Maxwell

Homebuilding Manager

Scott Maxwell is a COVID-19 survivor who was born in Carson City, Nevada. Scott was raised skiing in the slopes of the Sierras. Along with his two brothers and one sister, he loved the outdoors and enjoyed four-wheeling, camping, and spending time with family. He was an adventurous kid (which was to his benefit most of the time) except for when he broke his collar bone on a tire swing in his grandpa’s backyard.

When he was 19, he served a church mission to Santiago, Chile where he came to love sopapillas, which are fried dough sold by a street vendor and served with salsa. He also loved learning Spanish and uses it daily to talk behind people’s backs without them knowing.

Upon returning from his mission, he attended BYU in Provo where he found his passion in construction. He received his degree in Construction Management. During that time, he worked as a framer in Park City, went skiing with friends, and enjoyed the college life. Growing up, he was able to take many fun trips to Disneyland and enjoy the food, rides, and time together with his family. This later would help him fall in love with his wife Madi and take her there to get engaged which was one of the best days of his life. His current dream is to take his soon-to-be first born back to Disneyland and eat another churro once COVID life is over.

His hobbies include practicing guitar, finding the best Chinese food, leisure long boarding, vacationing, and eating out with friends and family. His passion is in building and remodeling homes which comes in handy as he does that daily with Hamlet. He accomplishes this dream as he is one of the few and the proud Hamlet Homes Homebuilding Supervisors. He enjoys all aspects of his job and the opportunity to work in such a fun atmosphere and to be a part of a fast-growing company.

His dream is to always be able to provide for his growing family and take maybe one or ten trips to Disney every once and a while. He currently lives in Bluffdale, Utah with his expectant wife of a little girl.

Jeff Paluzzi

Homebuilding Supervisor

Jeff Paluzzi started with Hamlet Homes in May of 2016. As the elder statesman of the Production Team, he brings over 35 years of construction experience in residential and commercial construction. Jeff moved to Utah from New England in 1996 as the Plant Manager for The Quikrete Companies. What was a 5 year plan is now in year 25. He currently resides in Holladay, Utah with his twin daughters.

Jeff grew up on the rocky shores of Beverly, MA. As a child, it was inevitable that he was going to be in the construction industry in some capacity – always building something with blocks, erector sets, or damming up the nearby brook. Also at a young age, it was evident that he would be athlete.

Jeff graduated from Fitchburg State College in 1986 with a B.S. in Construction Management. While enrolled in college, he was a member of the football team achieving All Conference honors and was named captain his senior year.

Before joining The Hamlet Team, he was owner of CMP Maintenance Solutions, Inc. CMP was a general contractor servicing the bar and restaurant industry. In 2013, CMP was responsible for the design and construction of The Sky Lounge in downtown Salt Lake City (a 12,000 sq ft Vegas-style club with a retractable glass roof).

When not on the jobsite, he enjoys golf, BBQ and smoking meat, golf, camping, and woodworking. Did he mention golf? Currently, he is coaching his daughters’ Team Ohana in the Utah Girls Tackle Football League. He enjoys returning to New England to spend time with his parents and siblings and eat the amazing seafood, specifically Essex Fried Clams.

Tanner McCarthy

Homebuilding Supervisor

Tanner grew up locally in West Jordan, Utah. He is the first born of 3 kids and has a younger brother and sister. He was raised with a baseball bat in his hand and spent most of his childhood traveling playing baseball. During the summers, his family traveled to Disneyland frequently, which is where he found his inner Mickey Mouse. He also found a love for the mountains and enjoys hunting and fishing. During his sophomore year in high school, he found a love for the game of golf and plays it every chance he gets.

At 18 years old, he served a church mission to Los Angeles, California. Growing up such a big Disney fan, it was very difficult not being able to travel to the park. However, he also developed a new love for the state of California.

Tanner met his amazing wife Shaylee in 2014. They were married in March 2015 and had their wedding reception at Talons Cove Golf Course. He was given a free 18-hole round…couldn’t pass that up.
They kept the Disney spark alive and are both big Disney fans. They can’t wait to get back to the Park when it re-opens.
They were married for 3 years before having their first daughter in 2018 and are due with their second daughter in May 2021.

Tanner found a passion for being a father. He loves taking his girls camping, fishing, and even to the golf course.
You will find the McCarthy gang cheering on the Utes, Jazz, and Tony Finau. He takes great pride in being a Girl Dad. They just moved into their new home in October 2020, planting their roots in Riverton.

It didn’t take him long after returning home from California to find a job. He was on the jobsite building houses the week after he returned. His dad is a general contractor, and Tanner jumped in to help run the company.
It was there that Tanner developed a love for building. He continued in the company, eventually being the head of productions. In December 2018, he suffered a jobsite injury that nearly took his left hand. After a yearlong recovery, he was able to get most of his motion back but no feeling. Hamlet Homes provided a way to be involved in the building process without having to be actively involved in the manual labor.

Although you won’t ever see him in white pants, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and get the job done. He takes great pride in his work and values his opportunity to be part of such a great company.

Brady McDermott

Homebuilding Supervisor

Brady was born in good ole Sandy, Utah and is the second of seven children. While in high school, he kept to his basic sports of football and track. Corner and Safety were his favorite positions in football, and he favored hurdles for track. Though he loved these sports, his real passion for sports comes in while he is snowmobiling, skiing, and mountain biking. When he is not doing these scary sports (as his wife would say), he can be found tinkering with his hands – building with wood or upgrading his truck. While all of these bring Brady joy, his real happiness lies within his family.

Brady and his wife Chayse are both 25 years old and met at a mission reunion after they both served in Paraguay Asuncion. They have been married for 4 years and have a beautiful 8-month-old baby girl, Isla Joliene. This little lady is the loudest and happiest baby in the room and loves when her daddy comes home and plays. Brady enjoys camping, traveling, and watching movies with his family.

Brady graduated from UVU with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. When he graduated, he decided to leave his family company to follow a different path and is loving his position at Hamlet Homes. Brady is a hardworking, trustworthy, friendly guy and can always be found with a smile on his face.

Ben McNeil

Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor

Ben is a husband, brother, and builder native to the Salt Lake Valley. Currently in his seventh year on a break from college, he has used the time well, if not always productively. Working as a rough and finish carpenter, he has remodeled and put additions on houses. Now he is putting all that he has learned into being as useful a member of the Hamlet Production Team as he can be (learning something new every day all the while).

Ben loves to travel to new places both stateside and abroad with his hot yoga teacher wife, Brooke. He takes daily joy in cooking and eating tasty food, moving and strengthening his body, and taking a slow walk with his dogs. He is always listening to a story and will tell several if you are not careful. If you confuse him for one of his brothers around town, tell them “hi” from him.

Cassie Sommer

Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor

Cassie Sommer was born and raised in Utah. She is 1 of 8 children. You could always find her outside riding her bike, shooting hoops, or playing catch with one of her brothers. Cassie took an interest in the medical field. She took an EMT class while in high school and decided she wanted to work as an EMT. Although she no longer does it full time, she still enjoys it and continues to work part-time.

When she is not busy working, Cassie loves to CrossFit, golf, and fish. She also enjoys vacations and going to sporting events. Cassie is new to Hamlet as an Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor. She has enjoyed learning about building homes and has enjoyed the challenge. Cassie is also a woman of few words!

Kyle Spinder

Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor

Kyle graduated in 2012 from Brigham Young University with his bachelor’s degree in Facility and Property Management. Although he enjoyed that field of study, his real passion was ballroom dancing. Ballroom dance you wonder? Yep, that is right. Kyle has been dancing since he was 9 years old. Following graduation, Kyle and his wife, Allie, moved to California to pursue careers as professional ballroom dancers. During their 7 years of professional competition, they became U.S. and World Professional Finalists. This was a great success as they were ranked in the top 6 in the world. In 2018, they stopped competing to grow their family and now have a 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. Although Kyle has retired from professional competition, he still actively trains dancers both here, locally, as well as in California. Needless to say, if you're looking to polish up your dance skills, we got the guy to help you out.

Kyle recently decided to make a career switch and get his feet wet in the field of construction. He is confident that his years of training and discipline as well as his high standard of excellence will carry over into his new job assignment. Kyle is excited to be one of the new additions to the Hamlet Team.

Jordan Allen

Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor

Jordan Allen is an Assistant Superintendent, new to the Hamlet Team as of March 2021. He has a professional background in marketing and rough carpentry.

Jordan was born in California and spent most of his early years learning how to enjoy the life of a beach bum. He moved to Utah when he was 10 years old. It did not take long for him to realize spending time outdoors would be a part of his life forever – so much so, that he moved to a cabin in the mountains where he currently resides in a constant struggle to stay warm. Some of his hobbies include plowing snow, chasing moose off his driveway, feeding hummingbirds, and brewing wine.

Jordan began his professional path in the environment of marketing. When he realized his need for more natural lighting, he began his journey into the world of building. He started framing small production homes and worked his way into building large custom homes in Park City, UT. Now wanting to manage the building process from beginning to end, he has joined the Hamlet Team.

Jordan Paulk

Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor

Jordan was born on January 23, 1995 and grew up with one brother and sister. He is the middle child and loved spending his summers at the family ranch in Roosevelt, Utah where he would ride dirt bikes and bow hunt with his uncle.

Jordan has always loved his country, and at 14 years old decided that for his Eagle Scout Project he would help the troops by sending them candy he collected. With his shipments, the troops were able to befriend citizens and share a bit of home. By doing this, he drew the attention of news stations who came to interview him for his efforts.

Jordan is addicted to the adventure in life, the rush of danger, and is an adrenaline junkie. He never did well in team sports growing up until he found Supercross. Then, he quickly excelled in his class which got the attention of many different sponsors. Jordan got his first sponsor when he was 16 which brought him all over Utah racing for gold. But after so many injuries it was decided to put away the bike and try to start a family.

He has always been very determined and chose to go to Colorado Mesa University to study Geophysics. And being the entrepreneur he is, he also began to study hemp and its market within Utah. Over the next few years, he assisted in growing and harvesting crop fields in Colorado and Utah.

Jordan is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending his spare time in the mountains camping, fishing, hiking, golfing, snowboarding, and hunting. He’s a talented bow hunter which drove him to attend bow competitions across Utah winning many gold medals. Nowadays Jordan has taken an interest in aviation and helicopters. There are no boundaries for Jordan, if he wants to do something he will find a way.


Tyson Hussey

Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor

Tyson was born and raised in South Jordan Utah. He has three siblings and is the only one in the family with red hair. Is he the mail man’s child? We’ll never know.

Tyson attended Utah State University and studied biology. As a poor college student, he worked with his dad building custom homes to make some extra cash for all those late night questionable Mexican food runs. He quickly realized his interest and passion for real estate and building homes trumped his original plans to enter the medical field. He made the career path switch and is excited to build a career in this industry.

While attending USU, Tyson met his wife, Brooke. She reminds him every day that he married up, something Tyson can’t deny. They have two beautiful little girls who are the center of Tyson’s world. The girls definitely run the house. When Tyson is not participating in princess tea parties, or getting his nails painted, you can find him outdoors camping, riding dirt bikes, or wakeboarding. Tyson loves all things sports and is a die-hard Ute and RSL fan.

Tyson is honored to be a part of the Hamlet team!

Sunny Richardson

Purchasing Manager

Sunny is from sunny San Diego! She was born and raised there, and that’s where her immediate family still lives. She attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to study structural engineering. During her third year of school, she decided structural engineering wasn’t really for her, but she found construction to be closely related and a little more interesting. She was offered a job working as a Project Engineer for a General Contractor in San Francisco. Once she graduated in 2013, she moved up north.

While at Cal Poly, she met Jeff (her now husband). They started dating but ended up in a long-distance relationship when she moved to San Francisco for her first job and Jeff moved to San Diego for a job. They lived apart for a couple years and visited each other frequently. She finally took a job in San Diego to be closer to Jeff and her family. She worked for a plumbing contractor and then a different general contractor. She and Jeff moved in together and got a puppy.

Sunny and Jeff were married in 2018 and had consistently talked about potentially moving to a different state (somewhere a little more affordable where they could buy a house). They targeted Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado and both just started applying for jobs. Sunny ended up hearing back from Hamlet Homes first. Hamlet took a chance on an out-of-state applicant and hired Sunny without even meeting her in person! Sunny and Jeff drove to Utah over Memorial Day weekend 2018 to look at houses, they put an offer on one which was accepted, and they moved to Sandy that summer.

During her time at Hamlet, Sunny has quickly moved up from Purchasing Agent to Senior Purchasing Agent to Purchasing Manager. While she’s a little quieter and more reserved, she’s becoming more confident in her role. She’s a stickler for spelling and grammar, and she won’t like you if you interrupt her!

In the last couple years, Sunny and Jeff had a daughter and have been renovating their house (which will be an ongoing project for many, many years). They enjoy hiking, board games, visiting family, and house projects (most of the time). They also enjoy changes of season, so their move to Utah was a great one.

Marcus Salisbury

Purchasing Agent

Marcus was born in a small town in Nevada called Winnemucca; if you are not sure how to pronounce it, here you go: “wi-nuh-muc-kuh”. He lived in Winnemucca just for six short years until he moved to an even smaller town (if you can believe that) called Carlin. Carlin has a small population of around 2,000 residents, and it is just 20 miles west of a not-so-smaller town named Elko. Marcus grew up in Carlin from 1st grade to graduating high school with 28 other students (you can definitely say he is from a small town). After high school, Marcus moved to Elko to pursue college at Great Basin College. Marcus continued to earn his associate’s degree in General Studies, and he is the first in his family to have a college degree.

During his time in college, he happened to meet his husband, Joshua, at the local gym in Elko. Shortly after being together, Marcus moved in with Joshua and his roommates (who were Joshua’s cousins) and become part of the family over time. After being together for a few years, Marcus and Josh moved in Utah in 2017 and have loved living here ever since. During the four years of living in Utah, they managed to move into their new house, landscape their yard, and finish their basement all by themselves. Marcus is also continuing with his education by pursing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management; he is expected to finish in the Spring of 2022. Today, they are currently in the process of having children and are expecting twins this fall! Marcus and Josh love to spend their time hosting friends and family at their house for dinners, trying new restaurants in the city, and traveling.

Nyah Anderson

Purchasing Agent

Nyah became a part of the Hamlet Family in 2020. Previously holding roles in drafting and permitting, Nyah is the newest member of the Purchasing Department. After an initial major of Art History, she is in the process of figuring out which degree to pursue in order to start a successful career.

Having taken seven AP classes, twelve CE classes, and two night classes from Weber State in high school, Nyah enjoys trying new things and wants to be a life-long learner.

Having moved around most of her life, Nyah loves travel, warm weather, and a David Bowie soundtrack. Her hobbies consist of camping, cooking, and spontaneous adventures with friends. She also loves to read, so if you have a good book in mind, be sure to let her know! Her long-term goals include writing a collection of short stories, being able speak French fluently, and becoming an extensive world traveler.

Preston Hawkes

Senior Draftsman

Preston reads a lot…too much really. He averages 70 books a year and has for the last 25 years. He played acoustic guitar for 15 years, is an amateur CNC operator (he owns a robot that cuts things), and will be a future operator of a giant laser.

Preston is the founding member of the Church of Global Warming (something near and dear to his heart). He also has about a million business ideas in his back pocket, and at any minute one of them will come to fruition. Preston completed his sexual harassment prevention training in 2019 with 100% - accomplishment.

Preston published a cookbook which spent 5 days in the top 100 cookbooks on Amazon. He has rules about things like cooking and dating, which is why he lives his life as a hermit. The rules are as follows: on cooking, you always eat your mistakes so you don’t make them twice; on dating, if you set him up on a blind date, you are required to be there and make introductions. His successful cooking rate has climbed as high as 60% recently while his dating success has dipped to 10%.

Preston has been awarded several fine certificates for his endeavors in the art world. Preston once made a sculpture out of macaroni that his mother thought was fine enough to put on the fridge. If you would like to have an argument about the evils of tipping or the amoral nature of usury, he is your guy.

Prior to joining Hamlet Homes in late 2016, Preston worked for Nucor Building Systems and a Detailer, Checker, and Engineering Order Processor. He detailed, checked, and sent to the shop over a million tons of steel in his seven-year tenure there. Before that, he worked for VCBO Architects working on commercial and educational projects, including the State Capitol Remodel. He also worked for Front Gate Homes as the CAD Manager for 7 years.

Preston Hawkes is the Architectural Manager and Creator of Happiness at Hamlet Homes. Preston is the lubricating gel between sales and construction that ensures the houses are ready to build in a timely fashion. Most of the day-to-day work involves creation of new product and implementation of existing product into individual communities and lots.

Andy Martineau


Andy has a lifelong ambition to continually climb upward toward reputable achievements. High standards he sets for himself develop from the accomplishments of his foremost role models. Born in Laramie, Wyoming as the fifth of six children, Andy was fortunate to have both the secure encouragement of a large family and a competitive atmosphere. His competitive nature brings out his desire to always improve his performance and be identified as unfailing. Having a background forged from working alongside lawyers, cowboys, auto mechanics, carpenters, and engineers, he has developed brilliant appreciation toward personal interests and goals.

Andy’s interests in construction have been developed through a wide range of experiences. Observing his father at a young age, Andy imagined his career alongside his father to one day be an attorney. Andy would work directly with his father’s clients to prepare drawings and construction details that would be presented in court. He was captivated by the skills and knowledge of these general contractors he worked with. However, in the seemingly endless preparation prior to court, his observation made him conclude pursuing a legal profession is not as exciting as he imagined. Leaving the office world took him out to the mountain country of northern Wyoming. Andy would never turn away from the chance to get in the saddle next to his grandfather. He worked with his grandfather to maintain livestock and agriculture on the ranch. His most rewarding interests began to develop in his youth when he was able to think critically and apply his thoughts for hands on projects.

His invaluable participation with lawyers and cowboys built resilient qualities of dedication, observation, concentration, and physical strength into his character. These remarkable characteristics have been crucial to him in overcoming his more agonizing trials. When he was fifteen years old, on the snow-covered and icy roads in southeastern Wyoming he was brought to the very threshold of death. In a multi-vehicle pile-up, his small sedan was broadsided by an eighteen-wheeler then forcibly wedged beneath another semi-truck. On this dreadful day, Andy suffered severe compound fractures to his face and skull. After being stranded on this baren winter road in a mangled vehicle for several hours, medical experts anticipated he would not survive. Upon being cut out from the twisted steel of his small car, he was rushed by ambulance nearly 150 miles to Fort Collins, Colorado. Renowned experts of the Surgical/Neuro Intensive Care Unit immediately preformed brain surgery to stabilize bleeding, remove debris from inside his skull, and remove obliterated brain matter. Immediately following his brain surgery, he was quickly tended to by experts for reconstructive facial surgery and plastic surgery to his face.

Following his traumatic brain injury, every day was an excruciating pursuit to remember and regain his past skills and abilities. Very often he was overwhelmed by his limitations. In these overwhelming circumstances, friends and family reached out to Andy and offered him assistance. Their assistance took him back to the ranch where he found peace and opened more doors for Andy to learn hands-on. An auto mechanic allowed Andy to join him under the hood to learn the mechanics of vehicles. Andy found it very rewarding to work with the mechanical experts who befriended him. He was privileged to work alongside friends in home construction and remodeling. His appetite for construction was incomplete without understanding the engineering of the job. Andy wanted to be more competent and trustworthy, by pursuing a higher education.

In 2010, Andy began studying engineering at the University of Wyoming. With his limited intellectual capacity, he had to adjust his approach to achieve an engineering degree. He was limited in his academic performance due to his brain injury. To accomplish his educational goals, Andy examined his limits and developed an approach so he could succeed and reach his goals. He was required to reduce his class load; by doing so, it became necessary for him to work full-time to avoid the consuming trap of student debt. As a student, he found employment working full-time nights as hotel security and then hotel night manager. He developed the endurance to work all night long, then continued directly to campus and successfully concentrated in his classes all day long. His meticulous strategy allowed him to reach his maximum intellectual capacity and completely finance his schooling. In 2018, Andy achieved one of his most fulfilling goals – having earned a bachelor’s degree of science in Structural Engineering from the University of Wyoming.

Shortly after graduating, Andy sought career opportunities in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. The opportunity Hamlet Homes presented was outstanding – exactly what Andy was seeking. When extended the invitation to interview by telephone with Barry Gittleman and Jon Southern, he was prepared. Accepting their invitation to travel to Utah to meet them for an in-person interview, Andy was thrilled. Andy’s dedicated pursuit and vast experiences brought him directly to his ideal career. Andy is extremely pleased with his responsibilities and opportunities at Hamlet Homes. Working every day to build Great Homes, provide Great Experiences, and associate with Great People is exactly in line with his ambitious climb to be an accomplished professional.

Heather Ormond

Grand Master of Knowledge (Training Coordinator)

Heather is a Utah native who lives and thrives on adventure. Growing up in this beautiful state, she spent most of her childhood riding ATVs, water-skiing, camping, and exploring all it has to offer with her family. Now she enjoys sharing her adventurous spirit with her husband and two amazing daughters that are the center of her universe. She is happiest when she is trying new things as she travels to places all around the globe like Australia, Hawaii, Iceland, Aruba, and soon-to-be Costa Rica. One of her life goals is to experience as many countries as possible on every continent. Meeting new people and experiencing other cultures is her happy place.

Heather’s experience with construction started while she was in college. She worked with SIRQ Construction and a residential builder to help pay for her education. After graduating and trying out her new career for a whopping 8 years, she decided it wasn’t for her. After some soul-searching, she realized she missed working in construction. These were her people. She got ahold of her old supervisor who happened to be Elliott Jenkins, the CFO of Hamlet Homes. Soon after, she became a member of the Hamlet Family in 2016.

Heather is the unofficial department starter at Hamlet Homes. She helped to develop the Human Resources Department, Payroll, and then the Purchasing Department. She quickly advanced to the role of Purchasing Manager and thought this was where she’d stay. Life’s unpredictable, though, and she had to step down due to family circumstances and her need for a more flexible schedule. Fortunately, there was another department needed! Currently Heather is working to develop a fantastic Training Department to help keep our Hamlet Family GREAT!

Amanda Naylor

Production Administrator

Amanda did not stray far from her hometown roots right here in Salt Lake City. She was born in Utah and spent 5 years in Grand Junction, Colorado. Fate brought her back to Salt Lake at the age of 13. She was the third of four children. She was 14 months apart from her baby sister, and she absolutely hated it. She was always getting into trouble, and I mean always! She and her siblings loved to cause trouble and were always wrestling and rough housing, which drove her poor mother crazy! All her family still lives in Salt Lake, and Amanda’s baby sister is now her best friend. Amanda has always loved animals ever since she was a little girl and took it upon herself to save every animal she saw. Her mom used to say there was an invisible sign in the yard that said, “Welcome all lost pets”. This love for animals has not changed and has turned into an obsession.

Amanda became a mother at 21. She had her precious boy “Bean” and three short years later came her second child. Amanda was expecting a boy the second time around, but the world had different plans. The day of delivery, Amanda was surprised with a baby girl! Being a mother is one of the craziest, scariest, and most precious things Amanda has experienced. With 2 kids, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom for the better part of their young lives. She was very busy with 2 kids, but that did not stop her and her then-husband from starting their own construction company in 2008. It was the most challenging and rewarding experience for her.

Fast forward one divorce, selling the business, a new career at Enterprise, and then Covid-19, which eventually led her to Hamlet Homes. She has been with Hamlet since July and is currently the Production Administrator. Amanda enjoys her fast-paced position and loves that every day is different. She is looking forward to the future with Hamlet Homes and can’t wait to see where it brings her.

Our Great Warranty Team

Curtis Allen

Warranty Service Manager

Curtis was born in Eugene, Oregon in 1977, but his family soon moved to California where he grew up, and, at age 16, met his high school sweetheart. Curtis sealed the deal and married that girl in 1998 at age 21. They started their family and upon the arrival of their second child, they decided a move was in their future.

In 2004, they took their two small children and moved to Saratoga Springs, Utah. In 2006, his wife was 8 months pregnant with their third child when Curtis was out racing his dirt bike and had a horrific crash where the bike landed on his head and crushed his skull. Curtis was life-flighted to the hospital where they were not sure if he would survive. His jaw was shattered and needed to be wired shut and he lost all movement in the left side of his face for a few months but eventually regained all movement. His amazing wife cared for him for months along with their brand new baby and two other small children. Although she would never want to go through that again, there are times that she wishes his jaw could be wired shut again. They now have four amazing children and continue to live out their life grateful every day for Curtis’s miraculous recovery.

Curtis loves being part of the Hamlet Homes family and couldn’t ask for a better place to work. Curtis is the Warranty and Quality Manager and spends most of his days making sure we deliver great homes and a great experience to our home buyers.

Guy Cordon

Warranty Service Representative

Guy Cordon was born in Encino, California on November 13, 1965. He is the youngest of three and has two older sisters. Guy grew up moving quite often as his dad was in construction, and home was where the work was. He lived in Arizona, Northern California, Oregon, and as a teenager, the family moved back to Southern California.

When Guy was very young, his dad would take him on Saturday jobs. His dad would cut trim and send Guy in to lay it out in the correct places. Hard work was the moto he grew up with. He rode a two-wheel motorcycle when he was very young as well. He was always riding in the desert in Arizona, making jumps and tracks. He has had a fascination with engines and making them more powerful from a young age.

Guy is an Eagle Scout who earned 98 merit badges that fill the front, back, and part of the inside of his sash. He is a good man to have around in an emergency.

Guy is the father of three kids – two boys and girl. He loves his family and being everyone’s favorite uncle. He is married to his beautiful and funny wife, Linda. He makes special hand-made gifts at Christmastime for everyone. He is always there for his family and friends to lend a hand or to share his expertise. He can tear apart a motor or a gun and put it back into working order (ask him about the cane he designed and built). Now that winter is over, Guy and his family will be found outside playing. He loves the sand dunes and the canyons for riding all of his toys.

Guy has worked since he was a teenager. He has done everything from building homes to owning a gun store. He loves contributing to Hamlet Homes and enjoys helping the customers have a smooth transition into homeownership.

Guy feels like he has found his work family at Hamlet Homes. He looks forward to many years of friendships.

Jake McKenna

Warranty Service Representative

Jake was born and raised in Southern California and shares a birthday with Disneyland - July 17th. It's fitting since he has been to Disneyland more than 100 times. Jake grew up the middle child of three brothers and earned his eagle badge when he was 18. He has worked in a variety of fields - security, handyman services, loss prevention, and even operating a mechanical bull at county fairs. Along with these jobs, he developed a unique set of skills that helped him to be the strong employee he is today.

Jake has a myriad of hobbies, from photography, to gaming, to line dancing, to ice skating. It was one of these hobbies that led him to meet his wife at a line dancing country bar in California. Jake and his wife got married at a ranch in 2016, where they blew everyone away with their first dance of a country waltz. They welcomed their first child in 2018, a boy named Walker, and welcomed their second child in 2019, a girl named Payson.

After their second child was born, Jake's family decided to move to Utah to look for new opportunities. They purchased their first home in 2020, where Jake's fix-it skills came in handy.

These days, Jake spends his time when he's not working with his family. His two toddlers are feisty and fun, and they love to wrestle with dad. On a random night, you may find Jake gaming with friends or playing cards on the deck with his wife. You might also find him playing Spikeball at a park, dancing at the local western bar, or on a date with his wife.


Our Great Team

Rose Tencza

Assistant Controller

Rose Tencza is the Assistant Controller to Hamlet Homes. She has had the honor of spending the past 16 years of her career working here at Hamlet, considers herself one lucky lady, and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

She was raised in the Salt Lake Valley in the suburb of Cottonwood Heights. In 1975, she moved away to sunny Southern California to be near extended family. The experience of living on the west coast with all the beautiful places California had to offer led her to finding her green thumb; she had developed a deep love for nature. Rose spent fifteen years there and had three beautiful boys, which are truly her gifts from God.

In the year 1993, Rose and her husband moved back to Utah. The company that her husband had worked for had sold their business, so it was a good time to make that move back to be closer to family.

Prior to Hamlet Homes, she worked for Daw Incorporated for seven years in their accounting department. From there, she was able to bring the knowledge she obtained from the commercial building industry to her new job at Hamlet Homes.

Rose has committed herself to always strive to learn more, do more, adapt when needed, and always stay open to new ideas. In her free time, you can find her and her husband cooking up new recipes to share with family and friends, reading a quality book, going on evening hikes with their neighbors and their pups (the Dog Walkers is what they are called), and caring for her Labradoodle (Nesta).

A comment from her son from another mother, “Rosie’s love and passion for the home building process comes as no surprise to me as she is known for her very own home. The fun memories, laughs, and everything else that comes to being an excellent host.”

Her wish to our Hamlet Home buyers is that you will find your new home a place where you find happiness, love, and lasting new relationships as she has found in her neighborhood.

Meagan Allsop

Accounting AP/Executive Assistant

Meagan was born and raised in St. George, Utah. She is the youngest of 6 kids and also known as daddy’s little princess. Meagan was 8 years old when her dad remarried which gave her 6 additional siblings. Meagan’s family of 6 turned into a family of 12; she can easily say there was never dull moment in her household.

Meagan has a love for singing and music. She grew up singing with her mom and still enjoys singing to this day. Family get-togethers are always full of everyone doing karaoke. She is obsessed with collecting frogs (not real ones, although she would be ok with that too).

She has a goal that if she travels, she has to find a new frog to bring back with her. Meagan’s friends also know her love for frogs, and they have helped her grow her collection as well. When Meagan is not at work or school, she enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and furry babies. Meagan also enjoys camping, fishing, and going on long drives. A fun fact about Meagan is she has never been to the ocean or Disneyland.

Meagan has over 15 years of customer service experience. Before joining Hamlet Homes, Meagan worked for Marriott Vacation Club as a Senior Vacation Advisor. She joined the Hamlet Homes family in 2018 as the Front Office Administrator. Within a year, Meagan was promoted to Executive Assistant as well as handling accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Meagan is currently attending school to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Western Governors University. She never would have imagined going to school to become an accountant. However, after working for Hamlet, Meagan has taken a big interest in the field, and she is excited to see where this journey takes her.

Natalie Berry

Accounting AP

Natalie was raised in Spring Creek, Nevada. It is a small town where her house was a mile from the neighbor’s house. Her childhood home was built by her father when she was 7. He chose the perfect location right on the golf course and a sage brush field in all other directions. She helped plant trees and take care of the garden her father started (this meant taking out a bucket to fill up with strawberries but eating 90% of them before they got to the bucket). As a kid, Natalie enjoyed riding go carts around town, building forts in sage brush, diving in the pond for golf balls to sell, and helping her dad manage his business. Natalie learned to drive when she was 11 and became her dad’s assistant. This just meant she would run errands or go back home to pick up tools he needed on the jobsite; she enjoyed every moment of it.

Natalie moved to the Salt Lake area in the year 2000. She has moved around the valley throughout the years; however, she is always drawn back to Murray. She has two kids, Miguel and Allie. She enjoys the talks she has with her son Miguel. Her youngest, Allie, is active in sports, and some of Natalie’s favorite memories are watching her play softball.

Her grandmother taught her how to knit, and her mother taught her how to crochet when she was 8. This opened the creative doors for Natalie. She loves seeing a ball of yarn turn into something spectacular. Her creativity does not stop there; she loves photography, drawing, and pottery too.

She met Jon in 2005 during college. They were best friends and were always up against the world together. Natalie and Jon disconnected for 10 years; however, when they reconnected, she knew it would be forever this time. Natalie feels relaxed taking care of animals and plants. To her, a house does not feel like home without dogs and plants all over.

Natalie Joined Hamlet Homes in 2019; however, this was nothing like other jobs she had in the past (fixing computers or managing servers). Natalie loves numbers and accounting, so moving into the Accounting Department in 2020 was the best move.

Becca Lui

Finance/Land Analyst

Becca Lui grew up in small-town Price, Utah. In her youth, she was an overachiever and wanted to experience everything life had to offer! She participated in everything from the school band to being on the wrestling team. In 2002, her parents decided to move north to big, scary Salt Lake County where Becca had to adjust to city life. Although the adjustment was difficult, she learned to continue to push forward and that good things do not always come easily.

Becca attended the University of Utah where she received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She received her first accounting experience working in the accounting department at a local credit union. A couple of years later, Becca decided on a career change and landed a job in the tax operations department at Morgan Stanley. At the beginning of 2020, Becca became a part time real estate agent. After 9 grueling tax seasons at Morgan Stanley, Becca jumped when presented with the opportunity at Hamlet Homes. She was excited to take on a role that was a combination of the finance and real estate worlds.

Not only did Morgan Stanley provide Becca a wealth of knowledge but also this is where she met her husband, John. John and Becca were married in the middle of the pandemic on 10/10/2020. Becca selected this wedding date so John would never forget their anniversary! Together, they enjoy investing, traveling, eating out, and spending time with friends/family.


Kelly Gwynn

Sales Administrator

On a warm and “corny” kind of day, Kelly was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1984. Since then, she has moved every two to three years to different states. Utah twice, Michigan twice, Ohio, Pennsylvania, & New Mexico. Once she graduated high school in Albuquerque, NM, Kelly moved to Utah with her family. Ford Motor Company took her and her family all over the U.S. Hence, she is a Ford lover forever.

When she’s not oil painting or hanging out with her 3 kids, you might also catch her playing Pride and Prejudice in the background. I know, two very different activities.

In the fall, she’s usually Fly Fishing in Park City. Only the fall though. Who wants to have waders on in the blazing hot summer?

Kelly attended Weber State University where she received her Paralegal Certification & began her love of legal documentation.
Finding loopholes is fun, right? She worked for Larry H Miller group for 8 years in compliance and funding. She then took to the Foreclosure world.
Foreclosures were not a happy activity and she thought it would be better to see all the happy people buying the homes! That’s when she came to Hamlet Homes.

Any time there’s a full moon you can bet Kelly has her crystals out and is meditating. It could be a family trait, as her grandpa was a Geologist.
Kelly’s moto is “Be in the Present, always”. If you’ve met Kelly, you’ve probably heard how many Earths the Sun can hold. Just in case you haven’t, it’s 1,300,000. Scariest fact ever!

Kelly has a miniature schnauzer named Boston a.k.a Sir Dukie Dukie. He’s a love bug and she is for sure the center of his universe.

She is so excited for this journey…..

Whitney Hatch

Social Media & Marketing Assistant

Whitney joined Hamlet Homes in 2021. Born and raised in Murray, Utah as the youngest of 6 kids she thrived, but she now must share the attention with her 11 nieces and nephews. Though it is difficult, she wouldn’t trade spending time with those rascals and the satisfaction of telling them what to do.

Whitney started singing and dancing at 5 years old and hasn’t stopped. She graduated from BYU with a BFA in Music Dance Theatre. While there, she was on the BYU Young Ambassadors and toured to South Africa and Zimbabwe. That’s when she got the travel bug. Now, you can find her googling “cheap flights from SLC” on a weekly basis.

After college, she lived her traveling dreams by working on cruise ships as a singer and performing with the US National Tour of the musical “Spamalot”. Now that she’s back living in Utah, she continues to perform locally whenever she can. Whitney is also a certified Yoga instructor and loves to teach and take classes to feel more “Zen”.

In her spare time, you’ll probably find her rehearsing for a musical, doing yoga, hiking, cycling, or anything active. Honestly, she’s just bad at sitting still.


Vanessa Hatch

Front Office Administrator

Vanessa started at Hamlet Homes in May of 2021 as the Front Office Administrator.

The Home Building industry is a new adventure for her. Before Hamlet Homes, she worked in the vet and animal care industry as a Vet Tech and Receptionist.

Vanessa has a passion for all animals, her house is a bit of a zoo. She owns two cattle dogs, five ball pythons, and a couple of fish. She also loves almost anything outdoors such as camping, river rafting, cliff jumping, and taking her dogs hiking. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah with one younger sister.



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