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Hamlet Homes is part of the growing Hamlet companies group providing Utah families quality, value priced homes in attractively designed neighborhoods.

Current Openings

Sales & Settlements Transaction Coordinator

JOB OVERVIEW This is a supportive role to the Sales and Accounting Departments in the processing of new home sales from contract to close.  It is essential this person fit with our company culture and act in accordance with our core company values.  The person for this opportunity must deliver open, honest, and knowledgeable communication with all parties throughout the transaction including: Title Company, Buyer Agent, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Appraiser and Sales/Production/Accounting Teams.  This position works very closely with our customers and the public while maintaining confidentiality, and discretion.   This position reports to the Sales & Settlements Department Manager.  This reporting relationship includes heavy scheduling and completing any assigned administrative work related to Sales/Closings/Customer Service and other duties.  This person will meet with the Manager no less than once per month to discuss not only job-related challenges/opportunities but to also set personal and professional goals to grow and maximize their experience working for this great company.     MAJOR DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES  
  • Must attend regular Sales meetings (and other meetings as necessary) – must be prepared with all reportable information regarding home sales, closing schedule, deposits due, etc. Will distribute any reports to the Sales and Production Teams and take detailed notes to update any reports.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of several reports including Starts/Backlog/Monthly Sales/Cancellations, etc.
  • Responsible for setting up and maintaining Master Lot File as well as Working File including all contract and contract related documents, reports, budgets, and deposits.
  • Scheduling of Homebuyer Orientation (Walk) and Closing dates/times and updating company and other calendars as needed.
  • Receiving/Receipting/Distribution of Wire and Check lot deposits and Custom Option fees. Must maintain accuracy in accounting codes and lot allocation and prompt delivery to the accounting department.
  • Thorough knowledge and demonstrated ability in Windows Office Suite and OneDrive.
  • Must be able to follow all department processes and procedures through to completion – no cutting corners.
  • Responsible for periodic checks into DocuSign to check for unsigned items and notify the responsible Sales Rep and Seller.
  • Although not always necessary, must be comfortable being assertive and holding parties accountable including outside lenders, appraisers, buyer agents, etc. Must be able to defend our policies and procedures to best serve our home buyers, vendors, and team members.
  • The right candidate must have basic knowledge of Conv/FHA/VA loan programs, cash and 1031 Exchange transactions and the nuances and requirements of each.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to provide the best possible service and strive to deliver a wonderful experience to our homebuyers.
  • Have a collaborative disposition and be a “team player” and all that encompasses including accepting constructive criticism, contributing to group discussions, and showing enthusiasm for the work.
  • Must be able to identify potential contractual issues, fact check, follow up and follow through.
  • Process contract lot transfers, cancellations, and coordinate refunds.
  • Update and maintain all related reports and electronic boards – compare and adjust for accuracy.
  • Work closely with Production Team to track termite certificates, home keys and Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Contract completeness and approval.
  • Assist with new community set up and month end responsibilities.
  • Prepare closing packets and verify all pricing and Seller contract obligations.
  • Verify and approve settlement statements prior to closing – request revised statement if inaccurate.
  • Regular and specific administrative duties.
  • Any other related duties as assigned.
  CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS   The right candidate will have the following:  
  • 2-5 years working with residential contracts – Transaction Coordinator/Title & Escrow/Real Estate Agent/Residential Mortgage Lending/Legal
  • Utah Real Estate License – Preferred but not required.
  • Notary – Preferred but not required.
  • Ability to adapt quickly in a deadline driven environment.
  • Must possess a natural ability to interact with the Sales, Management and Production Teams as well as our homebuyers.
  • Demonstrate a strong attention to detail and compliance.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Extensive email communication and must use proper grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Ability to identify the urgency and reprioritize immediately while maintaining a high level of service.
  • Work independently without constant supervision and master time management.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to improve the processes, procedures, and accuracy of the department.
  • Be goal driven and demonstrate a strong desire to grow and acclimate to our company culture.
  • Strive to exceed department and company goals – must be service oriented and a team player.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of contract processing.
  • Be confident in their abilities and recognize where they need help and be open to criticism.
  • Ability to work in and adapt to an open concept office environment.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to work hard and not be dependent/distracted by mobile phone or subject to personal matters on a regular basis.
  • Must be willing to volunteer for more work or find opportunities to assist other departments.

Sales Representative Assistant/Trainee

Sales Assistant/Trainee:

Hamlet Homes is seeking a fun, outgoing and motivated individual that is eager to learn and grow as a Hamlet Sales Assistant/Trainee. The perfect person for this position will be disciplined, prompt and detail oriented and ideally would already have their Utah Real Estate License.

In addition to creating interest in our amazing Hamlet Homes Communities and Homes, they will project Hamlet Homes’ brand, values, and culture to all whom they come in contact with, especially prospective homebuyers. We are looking for the right person to add to our already GREAT Sales Team. We pride ourselves on our people being set up for success when we throw you out in the field, so the “trainee” part of this will last as long as it takes for this person to be ready. During the training period this person will familiarize themselves with the basic understanding of our communities, products and homesites available in the communities in which they may work. They will also be learning the “Hamlet Way” which includes providing a GREAT customer experience to all our homebuyers, maintaining our model homes and sales centers, and following the Hamlet Policy & Procedures – which are way better than any other company!

Some of the tasks this person will perform will include properly opening and closing our model homes and sales centers, ensuring they are presentable (which may include some trash pick up and emptying garbage’s – none of us are above that!), requesting community flyers, assisting our Sales Representatives, answering phone calls and emails from prospective homebuyers, and more of the details below. But the most important, is that this person will need to work on Sunday’s. Hamlet Homes wants to make buying a new home very convenient for all our potential homebuyers and that means, being open every single day, to accommodate busy schedules. So, if this is a problem, you probably should not apply. Sorry, not sorry.

And, of course, this person would want to work at an award-winning company, most recently awarded one of the Best Companies to Work for in Utah, that knows how to work hard and play hard (there might be some ping-pong or nerf gun fights in your future).

Things we need from this person:

Someone that can/will: • Maintain a professional appearance in dress and grooming standards. • Take-in and put-out brochure box daily, keeping box filled with at least (5) brochure packets each time. • Open and close the Sales Center and Models each day by turning off/on alarms, turning on/off all lights, straightening décor items, unlocking/locking as necessary all windows and doors, and ensuring that the home is presentable. • To ensure the Sales Center and Models are presentable, perform minor maintenance as needed to include but no limited to: spot cleaning mud on floors, emptying garbage receptacles, replacing burnt light bulbs, snow removal, etc. • Maintain a supply of extra brochure packets, approximately 25 at all times. • Answer phone calls professionally, keeping good record of who called and any action items necessary. • Check all messages including voice mail, faxes, and e-mails. Respond to each appropriately by explaining when the Sales Representative will be able to return their call. Maintain good record of messages and conversations (Journal) held with all individuals. • Complete necessary reports and forms as required by Sales Manager, such as, Timecards, Bonus Reports (if applicable), Vacation/Sick Leave Forms, etc. • Complete all checklists and journals as required by Sales Representative. • File or maintain filing systems for contracts, addenda, customer data base, customer contact, flyers, spec information, etc. • Assist and perform mailing, faxing, and customer contact systems (as defined by Sales Assistant) as necessary. • Meet and greet guests (customers, Realtors, and visitors) to the Sales Center. Register all guests per Hamlet’s Policies and Procedures. • Adhere to Hamlet’s Policy regarding unlicensed personal assistants. • Make unsolicited appointments for the Sales Representative. • Keep the Sales Representative informed as to what supplies are needed. • Work with Sales Representative to complete the weekly checklist.

DIMENSIONS For a person to be successful in the Sales Assistant position, the following job position dimensions are necessary.  IN - Initiative  WS - Work Standards  JU - Judgment  CSO - Customer Service Orientation  IN - Integrity  SA - Sales Ability/Persuasiveness  EN - Energy

OTHER ATTRIBUTES Organized Computer Literate Dependable and Flexible Trainable Ability to Work Alone Neat/Professional Dress

Unlicensed Personal Assistants Unable to Provide Real Estate-Related Services Many of the top-producing Utah real estate agents are now using personal assistants in many capacities. Depending on whether the assistant is licensed or unlicensed, problems can easily arise if all the parties don’t have a clear understanding of their limitations in this type of situation. Personal assistants can be licensed or unlicensed, and their status has a direct bearing on the services they can provide. Unlicensed person assistants can provide clerical support services, such as filling, taking messages, running errands and scheduling appointments. But they cannot provide specific property-related information and services. For example, if an unlicensed personal assistant is helping staff an open house (always with a licensed real estate agent), other than greeting people and handing out preprinted sales materials, the assistant’s activities are restricted. The unlicensed assistant is unable to discuss the property with a prospective buyer in any other way. For instance, an unlicensed personal assistant is not allowed to tell the buyer anything specific about the property, such as improvements to the property, financing, etc. But in the same scenario, a licensed personal assistant can staff an open house either alone or with the licensee whom he/she assists. The personal assistant can discuss the property with a prospective buyer and answer any questions that may arise. In addition, a licensed personal assistant can help in all real estate related matters, such as making the necessary arrangements for an addendum to a contract to be executed. If the unlicensed personal assistant is hired directly by the agent, he/she must be paid by the agent and, as an employee of the agent, will receive a W-2 form at the end of the year. Also, the assistant cannot be paid in conjunction with the success or failure of any real estate transaction. The assistant must receive a predetermined salary separate and apart from any real estate transaction. Even though a licensed personal assistant is providing real estate-related assistance to only one specific sales agent, he/she must become affiliated as a licensee with the principal broker. The reason for this is the fact that the assistant is providing services for which a real estate license is required. He/she, therefore, needs to be affiliated with a principal broker. The licensed personal assistant is paid by the principal broker and can be paid either by salary or in conjunction with the closing of a real estate transaction. Even if the personal assistant is an independent contractor, any finders’ fees, professional fees, or commission payments must come from the broker. The most important point is to review the services the personal assistant is providing. If the assistant is providing real estate-related services, then the assistant must be licensed, work in the name of the broker, and receive any commission payments from the broker.

New Home Sales Representative

Sales Representative Hamlet Homes is seeking a fun, outgoing and motivated individual that is ready to make dreams come true! Adding another person to our already GREAT Sales Team, is a big ask, but we know the right person is out there. In this role, this person will assist prospective homebuyers by helping them through the decision process and communicating our value through in-depth need analysis and model home demonstrations. This person must be able to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers as you build excitement for them, work through construction related issues, and communicate, communicate, communicate. Did we mention communication is a must? Buying a brand-new home is, by far, the biggest purchase a person will make, and Hamlet Homes is dedicated to making sure that our homebuyers experience is GREAT! In addition to creating interest, using your sphere of influence, and selling the Hamlet brand, communities and products, this person should be a team-player, eager to learn the “Hamlet Way’, utilize the training provided to them, project Hamlet Homes’ brand, values, and culture to all whom they come in contact with, especially prospective homebuyers, and receive consistent feedback to improve their already solid selling foundation. Speaking of solid foundation, this person should already have their Utah Real Estate License, have worked in Real Estate selling homes, and killing it! This person will do many, many things, but just to name a few, we expect that our Sales Representatives will maintain our model homes and sales centers and make sure they are presentable (which may include some trash pickup and emptying garbage’s – none of us are above that!) and follow the Hamlet Policy & Procedures – which are way better than any other company! But the most important, is that this person will need to work on Sunday’s. Hamlet Homes wants to make buying a new home very convenient for all our potential homebuyers and that means, being open every single day, to accommodate busy schedules. So, if this is a problem, you probably should not apply. Sorry, not sorry. And, of course, this person would want to work at an award-winning company, most recently awarded one of the Best Companies to Work for in Utah, that knows how to work hard and play hard (there might be some ping-pong or nerf gun fights in your future). Things we need from this person: Someone that can/will: 1. The Sales Representative represents our company by properly communicating company policies and procedures regarding product and services to our customers. 2. The Hamlet Sales Representative is licensed to sell only for Hamlet Homes. 3. Must have ability to work in a team, but also be able to act individually. 4. Must be able to talk in pictures and imagination with great listening and problem-solving skills in order to provide a safe space for people to talk through their wants and needs and help match them with best product for their lifestyle. 5. Develop unique ways to create an unbelievable and GREAT customer experience. Be present in moments that matter. Take time to make customer feel great about their decision to buy a Hamlet Home. Go above and beyond the normal expectations in order to help make Hamlet Homes stand out from crowd. 6. Seek out and attract new potential leads through independent marketing/self-generated sales (i.e. Personal and Professional Social Media posts, stories and content, Prospect and Communication Emails, Community, Company or Agent Hosted Events, Use Sphere of Influence. 7. Attend all company training, community roll-out’s, frame walks, events, etc. 8. Provide individual referral program plans to Sales and Marketing management that will include personal plan to obtain referral-based business from current and past Homeowners. 9. Always maintain the Hamlet Homes Standard of presentation in Sales Centers, Model Homes and the communities you are assigned each day. 10. Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of both current and upcoming Hamlet Homes Communities and Product as well as the competitive landscape surrounding those communities. This should include market, product, site conditions, local community, sales, advertising, and demographics. Quarterly competitive reports to be submitted by each rep. 11. Monitor and record daily customer traffic and leads and consistently follow up with prospects in a timely matter, 12. Communicate with field team often and communicate as a team with Hamlet Customers on a weekly basis. 13. Communicate with Marketing and Design on feedback from customers/market to maintain both high standards for quality and design and product offerings. Make suggestions for changes, enhancements, or new product via the architectural committee. 14. Maintain a level of customer satisfaction of an 85 or better as rated by Woodland Obrien. A rating below this level will result in probation with an action plan created to assist in increasing the rating. 15. Remember you are a Hamlet Homes Sales Representative and that you represent Hamlet Homes. It is your responsibility to represent the company and its product fully and accurately to public. 16. With use of blueprints and product guide, completely familiarize yourself with all models, styles, and variations of homes offered by the company. Keep Product Guide up to date. 17. Have a working knowledge of all mortgage plans available for FHA, VA, and conventional loans. Understand the specific qualifying guidelines to use with prospects. Keep up to date with market changes that produce new mortgage programs and guidelines. 18. Develop a basic operational understanding of computer software programs, including Windows operating systems, e-mail and Sales Simplicity. 19. Staff or supervise staffing of model homes during published hours of operation. 20. Be responsible for “directional”, “available”, and “sold” sign placement and other signage 21. Maintain an adequate supply of computer and sales center selling aids and supplies (i.e. brochures, mortgage fliers) 22. Must be able to work weekends, including Sundays. 23. While working with the company Sales Administrator: a) assist in completing all documentation necessary for mortgage approval, color selections, and hand money b) successfully assist in removing any contingencies to contract c) communicate to customer the steps necessary for a successful settlement to occur on time 24. Staff sales center during normal hours of operation as scheduled. The Hamlet Sales Representative reports directly to the Sales Manager.

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