We believe in purpose and are strongly committed to giving back to our community individually and as a team.  As a company we have partnered with The National Ability Center, the Utah Food Bank, The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and we host an annual Sub for Santa Campaign. Individually, our employees support many organizations that are close to their heart.

We are members of most of the local Chamber of Commerce in each of the cities we have communities in, so that can participate and volunteer in city events and neighborhood programs and help build more than just homes, we can make a lasting impact in those communities.


Collaboration and Camaraderie.

Collaboration and idea sharing are part of the culture at Hamlet Homes, but we make time to build work friendships and relationships and explore these same habits outside of the office and with our partners.

We host an annual Partner Banquet and award the good work of our partners, whom we rely on to help us achieve our goals and build GREAT homes and support our partners in their growth.

We As a team, celebrate our wins and and work together to resolve our issues. We can have open and honest conversations about our work and we challenge each other to be better. We celebrate with company parties and bonding moments and we promote professionalism and goodness.