Beyond the GREAT environment in which we work and that we know makes a difference in our employees libes, what we think is even more important in building the kind of culture we have at Hamlet Homes is what we do outside of our office walls – out in the community. Hamlet Homes takes pride in giving back to our community. We look for projects and programs that we know, as a company, we can make a difference, especially in the communities in which we are building and selling. We believe in purpose and are strongly committed to giving back to our community individually and as a team.  As a company we have partnered with Youthlinc – helping to build the humanitarians of the future, The National Ability Center, The Family Support Center & Lifestart Village, Homeaid, the Utah Food Bank, The Red Cross, Big Sisters Big Brothers, Habitat for Humanity, and we host an annual Sub for Santa Campaign. Individually, our team members support many organizations that are close to their heart. We have a program in place that allows every team member to receive money from the company (up to $500) to support an organization, charity or even a sponsorship that they are involved in or with – including sponsoring their children in sports or recreational activities.

We also work to make sure that the communities we build leave a legacy. Not just with our great homes, but with the people who came before us. We know how important land is to the people who owned it before we did. In most cases, it was just land. But in some cases, it was owned by a family, with history on that land. When those situations occur, we feel strongly that we keep that legacy moving forward, because there is history there and a story to tell – and we know that is important to both who is leaving the legacy and who will take it over from here – our new homeowners. Our Balintore Community in Murray was owned by Utah Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Howe’s family since 1913. They raised their children, hosted family parties, and made memories on this property and we knew it was important to keep that memory alive for their future generations. We named the main street in the community, Justice Howe Lane, and created a legacy plaque that is displayed at the entrance to the community. We are creating this same dedication to a family we have most recently purchased property from in Idaho. These are the kind of acts, actions and support that are our culture represents and we are very proud of this.

We also feel strongly about supporting our veterans. Our company proudly employs US Veterans from the top down and look to serve them when and where we can. The Salt Lake Veterans Office is located on the lower level of our corporate office, and this allows us to have a relationship with them and help where we can. We offer discounts on our homes to US Veterans and believe strongly in supporting them as they have supported us.

We are members of the local Chamber of Commerce in each of the cities we have communities in, so that can participate and volunteer in city events and neighborhood programs and help build more than just homes, we can make a lasting impact in those communities.


Collaboration and Camaraderie.

Collaboration and idea sharing are part of the culture at Hamlet Homes, but we make time to build work friendships and relationships and explore these same habits outside of the office and with our partners.

We host an annual Partner Banquet and award the good work of our partners, whom we rely on to help us achieve our goals and build GREAT homes and support our partners in their growth.

We As a team, celebrate our wins and and work together to resolve our issues. We can have open and honest conversations about our work and we challenge each other to be better. We celebrate with company parties and bonding moments and we promote professionalism and goodness.