We love our work, and it shows.

Here’s what people are saying about the Hamlet experience.

Great people. Great homes!! Great finishes and upgrades. We went through many builders throughout the valley before we decided to move forward with Hamlet. Their people are with you every step of the way. You get the best bang for your buck. Their upgrades really are an upgrade. The price per square foot was better or comparable to everyone else in the valley.

Kyle Sperry, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowner

Thanks again for your kindness and concern, and for making this building process a very positive experience! There is no doubt we would always recommend Hamlet to anyone we know. You guys have knocked it out of the park in every respect!

Don & Sue Mantyla, Cardon Square Homeowners

My wife and I had a great experience with Hamlet Homes. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jordan & Makenzie Eyre, Cardon Square Homeowners

Our home buying experience with Hamlet Homes was wonderful! This was our first purchase and we feel like we were very informed on what we were getting for our money. The home itself is very intuitive, wired for solar, extra outlets, usb ports, and much more. We quick purchased this home, and all of the finishes were pre-picked at the time. We are extremely happy with the home and would purchase from Hamlet again.

Kasi Henderson, Glenmore Village Homeowner

We have had a very pleasant experience purchasing a home from Hamlet Homes. We have purchased several new homes during the course of our lives, but none have been as pleasant as from Hamlet Homes. There have been more "walk-throughs" and concerns for doing things "right" than any other purchase! Thank you for everything.

Larry & Evy Lofthouse, Cardon Square Homeowners

I am a current Homeowner in Tobermory and recently had an excellent experience with your warranty team. I know that this kind of customer care and service starts at the top. Hamlet has been superb from my point of view—from Amber Larsen’s kind, patient, and caring sales experience to the closing, follow through and constant customer service; Phil Mosher’s attention and help; and I know that Curtis, your Warranty Service Manager, could have avoided helping me because the year’s warranty was past, but he was kind and courteous enough to help me out. I am considering purchasing another property and I can assure you that if I do, it will be a Hamlet home.

Harold C. Brown, Tobermory Homeowner

When buying a home, what everyone wants is an experienced builder who understands quality control, customer communication, and who sticks by their commitment of professional workmanship and excellent product - there is no one that does this better than Hamlet Homes.

Robert A. Sacks, Fiddich Glen Homeowner

Amber, our sales rep, was so great to work with. We really appreciate all she did to help us move in after our mortgage company failed to get the paperwork correct. David, our superintendent, has been so great to follow up and address any concerns. He is so kind and professional.

Susan Juhasz, Elgin Place Homeowner

I've got a 10 yr old Hamlet home. Overall it's been great, no major issues. I had some concerns and Hamlet came out and looked into them with me. These turned out to be minor issues but they helped me anyway and came through when most builders would have written me off. I really appreciate the level of service they offered and we still love our home.

Corbin Hoenes, Daybreak Homeowner

I have loved my new Hamlet Home! Jeff and Nate have been so Helpful with everything I have needed. I would recommend Hamlet Homes to anyone looking to build a new home.

Kristen Sullivan, Cardon Square Homeowner

From the moment I stepped into the model home to the time I closed the people at Hamlet Homes were nothing but class. Very impressed with the professionalism and craftsmanship of my townhome.

Curtis Anderson, Cardon Square Homeowner

Hamlet Homes really cares about your home buying experience. They make sure it goes as easy as possible and help you along the way. They even follow up with you after you have purchased your home to make sure everything is working properly. If you are looking for someone to build your home, I would recommend Hamlet Homes.

Adam & Lacy Nelson, Cardon Square Homeowners

I purchased an already-built home from Hamlet Homes that was everything I wanted! Even though I didn’t build with them, everyone at Hamlet was super nice and helpful. They were very concerned with my happiness and continue to follow up to see how things are going. My realtor was repeatedly impressed; she kept saying that most builders aren’t nearly as prepared and responsive and thorough as Hamlet was! So far the home is amazing and very few issues. Definitely recommend.

Ally King, Cardon Square Homeowner

The staff at Cardon Square were some of the most delightful people we've associated with! I never dreamed buying a home could be so easy! The financial part got a bit tedious towards the end, but we were able to fulfill all requirements. The home is everything we wanted and then some!

Marta Barlow, Cardon Square Homeowner

I'm a 26 yr. old home buyer and this company is absolutely amazing. I couldn't have been more happier. I was potentially going to rent a home for more than my mortgage payment that was smaller and farther away. The entire Hamlet team from the president to the selling agent and everyone in between has reached out to me and gave me the security of knowing I'm buying a quality place. Thank you!!

Nick Stroman, Cardon Square Homeowner

I just hit my 1-year Hamlet Homeowner Anniversary and I am still very grateful every morning when I wake up to be here.

Kristin Lucido, Fiddich Glen Homeowner

The entire process was wonderful. Isaac (our sales representative) was very friendly and helpful. He kept us informed and made a potentially stressful process much easier.
The entire Hamlet Homes team was very friendly, responsive to questions and proactive.
Our home is everything we hoped it would be. It has been fantastic!

Chris & Katie Gardner, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

From beginning to end this was a positive experience. Everything they said they would do and the time frames given were right on! Knowing home buying can be stressful this was they best anyone could ask for. Thank you Amber, Reggie and the rest of the group for making it easy!

Cory & Liliana Brown, Balintore Homeowners

Hamlet Homes has gone above and beyond in taking care of us during our home buying experience! This was our first home purchase, which can be overwhelming and terrifying... They eased this experience for us. From touring the open house and our new home, to even after we moved in, they provided excellent customer service! Our Sales Contact, Amber, was very responsive whenever I had a question (I had a lot of questions...) They were flexible with our schedules in helping to set up our signing day and getting everything coordinated for us. It was awesome to be able to receive our keys THAT DAY! A dream come true considering I was super excited and eager to move in as soon as we could! They made the experience special by making it an event for us, taking our picture with a sign and everything. We also met with Dave, the Sup, and he did an awesome job walking us through the house. They are amazing in that they provide us with ALL of the instruction/warranty packets in one neat box for us. The house was so well built, there were minor fixes here and there that we needed done and even then, I was just being nit picky... Dave was kind and totally understanding, getting all of it done very quickly. I love that everything is under warranty for a year. They have a couple of warranty checks where they will come out and fix up what we need a couple of times in the first year, which is really nice and definitely not something you see everywhere. What has surprised me most about Hamlet Homes is the customer service provided after we moved in! I had expected to not hear from them now that the 'sale was final' but many of their employees have checked in on us multiple times - Dave, Amber, Tami and Mary! It's been so nice to know that they haven't forgotten about us and they still want to ensure we are happy with our purchase and taking care of us. Especially being first-time home owners and not knowing what we are doing 🙂 We would recommend purchasing a Hamlet Home to anyone. It's been an amazing experience, the house is incredible, and I've been overjoyed with how everything has gone. Thank you Hamlet Homes!!!!

Josh & Miranda Oliver, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

I'm a subcontractor that does work for Hamlet on the development side. In the last recession when so many developers and home builders were going out of business and not paying for work that we had completed. Hamlet was also being squeezed by the recession (as all builders were). The owner sat down with us and asked that we be patient and he gave us his word we would be paid in time. Hamlet followed through with their promise unlike so many builders at the time. It showed a lot of integrity of which is still shown today. That respect Hamlet shows its sub-contractors translates into getting quality work at a good price.

Tyler Barton with BTS (Subcontractor for Hamlet Homes)

Our experience building a home with Hamlet Homes has been extremely positive. I heard stories from friends using other builders about mistakes, long delays, missed deadlines, and sites that were not well cared for, but our experience was the complete opposite. Our site was always clean and properly cared for, and the team at Hamlet Homes keeps you informed every step of the way. We got an update on the progress of our home every week and could ask any questions we had throughout the process. Our home was completed the day they told us it would be, allowing us to move in right on schedule. The punch list items were minimal and everything has been smooth since we moved in a few weeks ago. Would highly recommend Hamlet Homes to anyone considering building a new home.

Chris & Allie Blackham, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

I wanted to sing my praises to David Gleaves and the team at the Applecross community. My fiancee and I are first time home buyers and we have been in love with that community since we discovered it. We are extremely excited about the home and the building process has been exciting. With it being our first home that we have ever built, or even owned, we have had a plethora of questions. I feel like I am reaching out to Dave and Amber on a daily basis and they have been incredible at informing us about the process and what to expect. We have had random concerns pop up, and they have been addressed immediately and they have been very proactive about making sure that our experience is exceptional. We should be closing on our home in about a month, but I really wanted to make sure that this message was known that you have an exceptional team at the Applecross community and we can't thank Hamlet enough for this experience. I believe that the whole team, Dave, Amber, and Isaac deserve recognition for their excellent customer service, being friendly and personable, and created an atmosphere that makes us feel confident in this large life experience. If this could please be passed onto the appropriate person that can recognize the team and make sure they know how grateful we are and how rare it is to have this great of an experience.
Thank you for all that you do for me! We love Hamlet and will tell everyone that there is no other company that we would recommend!
Brian Beckstead

Brian Beckstead & Anna Caruso, The Cottages at Applecross Homeowners

The whole process was smooth and all involved were very informative, responsive, and helpful.
It's amazing!

Christopher Rains & Rachel Gonzales, Cardon Square Homeowners