Décor On a Dime

Don’t feel discouraged by those high priced designer rooms in the glossy magazines. You can make your home look just as chic and put together at a fraction of the cost. Take a look through our ideas and let us know which are your favorite décor on a dime items.

Frame your flowers

Add freshness and life to your home using fresh flowers and cut out cardboard. Shape the cardboard to spell your name, a word, or a shape you love. Add grip green foam (available at any craft store) and arrange your favorite short stemmed flowers to your liking. Voila!  

Seasonal décor for every holiday

No matter the season, you can decorate your home to celebrate the holidays. Buy some inexpensive glass or plastic candy containers. Fill them with décor items for whatever the holiday. Add bows and ornaments during the Christmas season, mini pumpkins and candy corns in the fall, and plastic Easter eggs in the spring. Using these containers year round saves money and time, and your home will look festive and trendy at every holiday!  

Plan a gallery wall

Use the frames and artwork you already have at home and design a gallery wall. Use different sized frames to add visual appeal, and map it out so there’s equal space between every piece. Make sure every frame is hung level to create the perfect look.  

Chic bathroom storage

With a little creativity, bathroom items can be stored in a beautiful way. Instead of using the soap dispenser from the store, pour some into a decorative bottle. Get a matching set for your toothbrushes, cotton swabs and Q-tips, and any other bathroom necessities you like to have within arm’s reach. This keeps every item organized, clean, and looking amazing.   Tweet us your favorite décor on a dime item at @HamletHomesUtah!

Easy DIY Backyard BBQ Games and Activities for Summer

This summer, enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your family and friends. Not sure what to do outside besides hike, bike, and swim? We’ve got you covered! Below are some super simple DIY games and activities to keep you and the kids entertained!

Ring Toss With a Twist

Impress your friends with a super fun (not to mention, adorable) game of ring toss! It’s a game that is both fun for kids and adults and will add some color to your backyard! The curvature of the flamingos’ necks adds a little extra challenge too! If your backyard party is at night or your kids are restless before bed, make a glow-in-the-dark ring toss instead using glow sticks!  

Giant Jenga

Instead of playing games inside all day, get some fresh air and bring them outdoors! Make a giant version of Jenga for a backyard game that a group can play without feeling crowded around tiny pieces! If young kids are playing, try making the pieces out of foam rather than wood to prevent any little toes from getting hurt.  

Lawn Twister

Leave the tarp inside and DIY your own Twister board right on your lawn! Use washable yard paint to spray twister circles directly on your grass and let the games begin!

Rock Tic Tac Toe

Do you have a few rocks to spare? Then you can make the easiest tic-tac-toe game there ever was! Not only will it be a great game to play while enjoying the sun, but making the game itself is a fun activity! Let the kids (or adults- we’re not judging) choose how they want to paint their rocks and use your new pet rocks as the x’s and o’s.

Backyard Bowling

Have a few extra bottles laying around since your last BBQ? Recycle old bottles (plastic bottles are preferred) by turning them into bowling pins! Simply pour some paint inside each bottle and swish it around and add some tape to the outside for some fun decoration. After the paint dries, pour sand, rice, or dried beans into each bottle to weigh them down. Be careful not to add too much weight – you don’t want to make them impossible to knock over. Find any type of ball you want (the smaller, the more challenging). Now you have yourself your own bowling set! For a fun game at night, place glow sticks or fairy lights inside each bottle and inside a hamster ball, or just buy a glow in the dark ball.  

Bean Bag Toss

Put together the perfect party with this fun carnival style game! Decorate the wood any theme you want or have the kids paint it for a fun arts-and-crafts project. Combine the bean-bag toss with outdoor bowling and some ice cream and you have yourself the perfect carnival.

DIY Backyard Movie Night

What better way to enjoy a summer night than by relaxing with an outdoor movie?! Transform your yard into a cozy outdoor theatre with some blankets and beanbag chairs. It’s perfect for the whole family, a kids party, or a dinner date! For a romantic touch, hang a few lanterns, open a bottle of wine, and have a picnic under the stars while watching your favorite rom-com.  

Make It Sprinkle!

Summertime is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors, but sometimes the heat is a deterrent to getting fresh air. Don’t let that stop you from getting a tan though. Build your kids a mini water-park in your own backyard using a hose, pool noodles, or pvc pipes. Be creative too! You can make a tunnel, a spinning sprayer, or even an obstacle course.  

When Function Meets Beauty: 5 Home Décor Designs We Love

Function doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, it can, and should, be quite the opposite. Add polish and visual interest to your home while also providing much needed storage, space, and organization throughout. We love these six design ideas that incorporate beauty and function all in one.

Crate to table function

A crate table like this featured design is beautiful, and acts as additional storage. This crate table’s 4 cubbies worth of space are perfect for storing books, DVDS, magazines, shoes, TV remotes, and more.  

What’s under the staircase?

If your home is a multilevel one, you may have a decent amount of space that you’re not taking advantage of. The area under the staircase is prime square footage for additional storage. A small storage closet is a great way to utilize this space, or you can install drawers for a more unique stylish option, like this featured design.  

Hang coats with style

Not only is this décor item beautiful and functional, it’s also economical! Use an old windowed door and turn it into a beautiful collage to show off family and friend’s photos. Attach hooks and display your new work of art at your entryway. Guests and family members now have a designated place to hang coats and bags, and can marvel at your beautiful photo collage.  

Dish drainer be gone

Dish drainers are a main staple in most kitchens, but they can be an eyesore in an otherwise stylish kitchen. This design features a built in dish drainer that fits seamlessly with the kitchen area. Its placement is perfect, right next to the sink, and it leaves countertops clean and clear of drying dishes.  

Utensils out of sight

Similar to the dish drainer, big utensils can add clutter to a kitchen fast. To eliminate utensils out in plain sight, you can hide them below view. This example features a clean and organized storage option for utensils. Alternatively, you can hang them from underneath cabinets, or store them in a drawer.   Do you have more ideas on how function and beauty can meet in the home? Tweet us about it at @hamlethomesutah!

10 Easy Pallet Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Ready to take on a weekend warrior project? We’ve got just the list to get you inspired and on your way to a custom completed craft. Take a look through these 10 easy pallet projects you can complete in just one weekend. Your home will look like a page out of the latest pottery barn magazine!

Create a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the center pieces of every living room, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on one to make your space look put together. Instead, use pallets as the perfect platform! They are so versatile that you can even decide what look you are going for, whether it be rustic, modern, or chic! Be creative with your design and use the pallet shape to your advantage; they already have built in shelves! You can even paint the pallet for a pop of color or keep the wood for a more natural look and stain it to your liking.  

Go to Town on a Garden

Plants are the perfect way to turn your house into a happy home. Adding a few flowers or trees will brighten up your yard, but it won’t necessarily make it stand out. To put your own fun twist on the traditional outdoor space, add some pallet planters. You can use the pallets to make a geometric tiered garden or shelves for your herbs and vegetables. If you are looking for a more intricate design, use the wood from a recycled pallet to completely redesign the planter.  

Fashion Yourself Flower Holders

Having plants in your house brings a fresh and clean feel to a space. They brighten the mood of every room and make it seem lighter and more colorful. Flower pots and vases can be bulky and obstructive. Instead of having pots on your windowsill, hang plants vertically on your wall using pallets as the backdrop. They will replace the need for art, while adding a natural and chic feel to a room. You can coordinate the design of the pallet with your home’s aesthetic too, by changing the color or texture of the wood. For a more modern or traditional look, stain the pallets using a medium or dark brown with a glossy finish. For a rustic look, paint the wood and then chip some of the paint away or simply use a sun bleached pallet.  

Why Not Build a Wall?

Wooden paneled walls change the entire look of a room and transform a regular backdrop, but they can be expensive. Instead of breaking the bank, deconstruct wooden pallets and use the individual boards to make a wall. For an even more sophisticated look, make sure the pallets you get are a few different shades and then mix the different tones of wood when placing them on the wall. The result: a beautiful multi-toned wood paneled wall.  

Beautify Your Backyard

Everyone deserves a few hours of simple relaxation a day, but few of us actually get it. Build a little outdoor sanctuary so you can give yourself a break every now and again. Make yourself a hanging bed or a cozy outdoor sofa. On those beautiful days, you might actually take advantage of the great weather and breathe in some fresh air.  

Get Your Pallet Game On

Build you own, one-of-a-kind, big enough for a giant, board game! Use pallet boards to make a table, similar to the living room table shown previously, and then paint it to match the board game of your choosing! Be careful not to choose a game with too many pieces, because you will need to either make your own pieces or buy large ones! For checkers, you can spray paint rocks or hockey pucks or come up with your own creative idea.  

Paint a Picture

Create your own paintings using wooden pallets as the canvases. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be Picasso to create beautiful décor. Create very simple paintings like the ones here, which, despite their simplicity and easy nature, still look amazing!  

Serve Up a Sign

Have you ever wanted to make a sign with your own saying on it? Use a wooden pallet as a background and paint away! You can use a stencil for more precision or freehand paint it if you are a master. The best part of painting on wood rather than on canvas is that even if you’re not the best painter, it will still look great. The wood makes any mistakes or sloppiness look intentional! So, off you go Picasso!  

Build A Bed (Head)board

Headboards bring a bedroom together. Instead of buying one, try your hand at making one. You can make a ‘floating’ headboard or one the height of the wall. Make it look just like the sophisticated one you saw in the home magazine or make it your own by painting a design on it! Who would have thought there would be so many ways to make a headboard out of one basic material?  

Dream Up a Dog Bed

Let’s face it, our pets are our kids, and as parents, we only want the best for them. Spend your weekend building a cozy bed for Scooby and Bruno. They will thank you with endless long walks and midnight wake up calls. Simply use a pallet as the base and add a dog bed or toddler sized mattress on top. For an extra sophisticated look, add paint, side railing and your dogs’ name stenciled on the front.  

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Patio

First impressions are important in life. That’s why making your front patio representative of you and your aesthetic is so essential to turning your house into your home. Below are 7 simple ways to ensure that your home welcomes both family and friends with open arms. 
  1. Add a pop of color

Neutrals are great for houses. They look put together and elegant, but these colors don’t exactly scream excitement. Adding hints of color across your patio draws the eye in and can turn a regular house into an inviting sanctuary. Color sets the tone of the home, so make sure it’s welcoming. Whether you add color by painting the front door or garage, or by adding fun cushions to your furnishings, color will revive your front porch.  
  1. Plant life

The best way to liven up your patio is to actually add life! Not only are plants colorful, but they smell amazing too! Try planting a few pots near the front steps, or add flowers to your windowsills. Hanging a wreath on the front door can also add a friendly touch. Be sure to change out the wreath seasonally to always be in the holiday spirit. For a more traditional look, add climbing vines to the exterior of your home!
  1. Choose a theme and stick with it

Do you know that guy who couldn’t decide if he wanted to wear pinstripe pants or a gingham shirt to prom, so he wore both? Yes? Well, don’t be like him. Decide what look you are going for and choose decorations based on whether they match your theme. If you want your front porch to be rustic, don’t have pinwheels or Romanesque statues alongside your vintage wheel. If you want a modern look, it’s probably best to avoid faux chipped tables.
  1. Add Patio decor

Decor is what brings a space together. It provides the finishing touches that transform a doorway into an entrance. Decor can include anything from a floor mat to a birdcage. You can add objects to a garden or include an old lantern. To make your home even cozier, try mix-matching to give it a vintage touch. No matter what you add, make sure it represents you and your aesthetic.
  1. Make use of small spaces

Is your patio on the small side? No problem! When decorating, people tend to look at the physical floor space and forget about the ceiling and everything in between. Work vertically and make use of window sills and ledges. That way, you can add more personal touches without crowding the walking path. You can hang lights and plants, add shelves, or even build a ladder!  
  1. Function meets resourceful

The secret to any great space is that is remains useful and beautiful. After all, what’s the point of having an area if you can never use it. A well-designed patioe will use functional items creatively, making them fit with the look.  For instance,  add a rustic bench next to the front door. Not only will the bench look great, but it will serve as a useful surface to place items when you’re entering your home. Another idea to keep in mind when decorating is to be resourceful. Just because you’re beautifying a space doesn’t mean you have to buy all new materials. Don’t go buy new pots if you want to plant flowers. Instead, use an old pair of boots, a wheelbarrow, a watering can, or even an old barrel. Lastly, before designing your patio, consider what you need first. Rather than trying to hide your big bag of de-icing salt, place it in a decorative bucket.  Often, the most useful materials can be made to look great.  
  1. Keep it Simple

With so many creative ideas out there, it is sometimes hard to narrow down what ideas you will have room to do and what ones you won’t. The most important tip to remember is to avoid clutter. No matter how many great ideas you have, none of them will stand out or look great if you include too many. The simpler, the better.

4 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space More Inviting

It’s one thing to have a patio that you can relax on over the weekend or after a long day at work. It’s another thing entirely to have an outdoor space that is inviting, beautiful, and tranquil. This summer, wow your guests and enjoy your outdoor living experience by taking it up a few notches. These 4 ideas will have your porch or patio looking better than ever.

DIY cushion and pillow covers

Outdoor cushions and pillows tend to fade quickly due to the sun bleaching the color out of them. Turn that problem into an opportunity and create new covers all on your own. You can create pillows in moments with no sewing required, or you can get more technical and sew the perfect cover. New cushions are another easy DIY project that you can finish in an afternoon, and it will reflect all of the personality you want.  

Flower centerpieces

You may have plants and flowers galore in your garden and around your patio area. Add even more with a few nicely arranged flower centerpieces to place on your outdoor tables. This will bring the comforts of your home to the outdoors, and will look polished and inviting.  

Update outdoor flooring space

Depending on what kind of materials your outdoor flooring has, you may want to bring new life to it with a quick spruce up. If you have a wood deck, you can re-stain it, often inexpensively and with ease. If you have tiling or stamped concrete, give it a deep-clean power washing to clear the grout and crevices of dirt and discoloration. Sometimes a simple clean can make a big difference in the way your outdoor space looks and feels.   Add unique seating Additional seating is always a plus in any outdoor living area. A unique seating area will make your patio or porch even more desirable. A free hanging bench on your patio speaks style as well as comfort. An outdoor hammock is another option that will tempt you and your guests to take an afternoon siesta, or to just lay out with a book for an afternoon.   If you have more ideas on how to make outdoor living spaces more inviting, tweet us at @hamlethomesutah!

Painting Pros Share Their Secrets

painting pros paint brushes There’s no easier or more impactful way to freshen up a living space than by giving a room a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to refresh the existing paint, or choose a completely new color or texture for your walls, painting will bring new life to any space. We’ve compiled the best painting advice from a variety of professional painters. Hopefully, these tips will lead to a beautiful finished project that you can enjoy for years to come. Happy painting!

Protect all of your furnishings

If you’re repairing drywall before repainting a room, make sure you take out every piece of furniture before you begin. Many try to cover up the big pieces of furniture with drop cloths, but when it comes to drywall, you want everything cleared out. Chris Span, of Span’s Quality Painting in Alabama, says, “Take everything out. Drywall dust goes everywhere.” Span also recommends buying quality drop cloths, like canvas or paper-backed plastic. Plastic sheeting is often too slippery and the paint easily slides off the material, and paint will quickly soak through any lightweight fabrics like bed-sheets.

Make your paint work for you

If you find that your paint is drying too fast once applied to the walls, don’t fret. You can mix in additives like Floetrol for latex paints and Penetrol for alkyds, to give it more workability. “Adding a few ounces per gallon slows drying time and makes the paint more workable,” says Mark Dixon, a home painter out of Montana.

Painting from the top down

The experts at Behr and Benjamin Moore told DIY Network their biggest tip to avoiding streaks or drip marks. “Use your roller to apply paint from the ceiling downward. Amateurs often have telltale drips and spatters at the end of a paint job, but pros paint right over their mistakes as they work their way down the wall.”

Keep the weather in mind

The pros at Behr and Benjamin Moore also noted that it’s important to take your area’s climate into account when getting ready for a painting job. “Humidity means drips and slow drying, so avoid painting on a rainy day. If you must paint when it’s humid, take your time — and take advantage of slow-drying paint to correct your errors before moving on to the next coat. But don’t overwork, or it will show when you’re finished.”

Touch up the right way

Painting touch ups are a necessity due to the normal wear and tear of everyday life. The experts at Purdy Painting shared their tips on the best way to touch up paint. “To achieve acceptable touch-up results, it’s important to apply touch-up paint using the same painting technique as the original application, and if possible, to avoid having any difference in sheen or texture. Be sure to use paint from the original batch and under similar temperature and humidity conditions as well.” Do you have any additional tips and tricks you think we should add to our list? Tell us about it on our Facebook page! Image Credit Flickr

Best Summer Activities in Salt Lake City

Local residents know there’s no shortage of things to do in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas during the summer months. Whether you’re interested in the great outdoors, free concerts, indoor activities, thrill rides, or sporting events, this area will keep you and your family entertained all summer long.

Cottonwood Canyons exploration

These two canyons, located right off the I-215 in Salt Lake City, offer a plentiful variety of summer activities. If you’re into hiking, both canyons have beautiful trails that lead to lakes, waterfalls, and incredible mountain views. The well-known donut falls hike is located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, and is an easy 2.5 mile round trip hike to a unique waterfall feature. There’s also fishing spots, picnic locations, and even camping sites for those who want a multi-day experience. The Cottonwood Canyons are most well-known for summer rock climbing. There’s a variety of climbing spots in both canyons, and plenty of viewing locations as well, if you’d rather observe. cottonwood heights summer activities Image by Flickr

Drive-in movies at Redwood Theatre

A drive-in movie is the quintessential summer activity for kids and adults. The Redwood Drive-In Theatre, located in West Valley, is open 7 days a week, with adult tickets priced at $9 each, and kids ages 5-9 at $1 each. Redwood shows the latest and greatest box office hits, and have been the pioneers of the family movie night since 1948. redwood drive in summer activities Image by Flickr

Free concerts in Park City

The summers may be short in Park City, the mountain town just 30 minutes east of Salt Lake City, but they pack a lot of fun into the season. Free concerts become a nightly occurrence in Park City starting mid-June. Deer Valley Resort, Canyons Village at Park City, and Newpark all offer free weekly outdoor concerts, open to the general public. Bring some chairs and a picnic basket, and enjoy a warm summer evening with some good tunes. park city concert

Lagoon during the Summer

Do you have thrill seekers in your family that are ready to ride giants? Lagoon amusement park, located in Farmington, offers mega coasters and also some gentler ones, perfect for all ages in the family. Spend a day eating cotton candy, riding the Ferris wheel, and checking out fun performances at Lagoon.   lagoon summer activities Image by Flickr

Real Salt Lake games

There’s nothing like a sun and fun filled afternoon at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy to watch an RSL game. Tickets range from $20 and upwards, making it an affordable way to watch the biggest major league soccer players up close and personal. summer activities RSL games Image by Flickr

Oktoberfest at Snowbird

Oktoberfest is the perfect way for Salt Lake residents to end the summer season. This festival, held every weekend during September and October at Snowbird Resort, features Utah’s growing craft beer scene. You can take a leisurely walk around Snowbird with a tasty Utah beer in hand, or partake in the many family-friendly events offered. Families can enjoy face painting, mountain-coaster riding, a trip up the tram, and food from favorite Utah eateries. Depending on the weekend that you attend, you may witness a fair amount of lederhosen, wild beards, and fun characters walking about the resort property. snowbird summer oktoberfest

Take a Tour Through Our Elgin Place Townhomes

The Elgin Place townhomes, located in the heart of Draper, offer two open and spacious floor plans. These Salt Lake City townhomes feature granite countertops, stainless steel Energy Star appliances, private balcony and porch, and many energy-efficient features. Hamlet Homes is also offering a $2,500 lender incentive, as well as an additional $5,000 incentive that can be used for appliances, closing costs, or to lower the contract price. With three move-in ready townhomes and 3 under construction with these incentives, now is the perfect time to think about buying a new Hamlet Home. Take our tour through these beautiful and efficient townhomes, and see for yourself why Hamlet Homes is Utah’s preferred homebuilder.

Elgin Entryway 

The spacious entryway has plenty of room for shoes, coats, and other miscellaneous items to leave at the door. The mudroom area is suited well for Utah’s unpredictable climate, perfect for leaving muddy or snowy shoes before entering the home. This entryway invites your guests and family into the comforts of your home. entryway elgin place townhomes landing area elgin place

Great Room

Both the two-car garage and front entryway open onto the attractive main floor foyer. This great room sits many guests comfortably, and offers an abundance of natural light and an open layout. The wood floors offer a warm and modern feel, and the layout flows seamlessly into the kitchen and dining area. living room paint color living room elgin place

Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen and dining areas allow for free movement and are perfect for entertaining. This area features a convenient island, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of open window views of the Wasatch range. Whether you’re having family dinner or a Saturday evening party, this kitchen and dining space is built for maximum enjoyment. kitchen area elgin place 018_Kitchen-s

Master Suite

The master suite has all the elements that make the perfect place to lay your head at night. The suite is tranquil, spacious, and relaxing, with natural light and plenty of space for all of your furniture. And what would a master suite be without a walk-in closet and master bathroom? bedroom paint color

Master Bathroom and Walk-In Closet

The master bathroom features granite countertops, a full sized walk-in shower, and a vanity space perfect for getting ready in the morning in peace. The contemporary style of this master bathroom lends itself to a variety of décor and styling. The walk-in closet is the perfect size for housing all of your clothing and accessories, keeping your items organized and easily accessible. master bathroom elgin place 029_Walk-in-Closet-s

Guest Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Both Elgin Place floorplans feature 2 guest bedrooms, 1 guest bathroom, and one half bath. The guest bedrooms are ideal for children’s rooms, or to host an overnight guest. The guest bathroom’s clean and modern lines make it comfortable for anyone visiting, and both bedrooms are ample size for maximum comfortability. guest bathroom elgin place guest bedroom elgin place guest bedroom elgin place If you’re looking to move into a brand new home in a wonderful and safe community in Salt Lake City, give Hamlet Homes a call today to schedule your tour and to talk about the great incentive offers going on now.


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