Awards & Accolades




  • 2022 National Housing Quality Award Bronze Medal


  • Utah’s ‘Best of State 2021’ for Real Estate Development
  • Named on Professional Builder’s Housing Giants List for 2021
  • Named as Utah Businesses ‘Best Companies to Work For’ 2021
  • Customer Insight 11th Annual HOME AWARDS Best Customer Experience Winner 2021


  • Utah’s ‘Best of State 2020’ for Real Estate Development
  • Named on Professional Builder’s Housing Giants List for 2020
  • Named as Utah Businesses ‘Best Companies to Work For’ 2020


  • Named on Professional Builder’s Housing Giants List for 2019
  • Best of the West 2019 for both Real Estate Services and Residential Architecture
  • Utah’s ‘Best of State 2019’ for Real Estate Development
  • Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce ‘Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year’


  • ‘Best of South Salt Lake’ for Home Builders




  • Governor’s Quality Growth Award, sponsored by Envision Utah and the Quality Growth Commission2


  • National Quality Housing Awards finalist3




  • Builder of Integrity Award by the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation (QBW)
  • Builder Magazine – ‘Builder 200’ ranking as one of the top 200 builders in the United States


  • Utah’s ‘Best of State for Residential Construction’
  • Builder of Integrity Award by the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation (QBW),
  • Builder magazine – ‘Builder 200’ ranking as one of the top 200 builders in the United States


  • Utah’s ‘Best of State for Residential Construction’
  • Builder magazine – ‘Builder 200’ ranking as one of the top 200 builders in the United States
  • Builder magazine’s ‘Fast Track Hall of Fame’5


  • Builder magazine – ‘Builder 200’ ranking as one of the top 200 builders in the United States
  • Builder magazine’s ‘Fast Track Hall of Fame’


  • Builder magazine – ‘Builder 200’ ranking as one of the top 200 builders in the United States
  • Builder magazine’s ’Fast Track Hall of Fame’


  • Builder magazine’s ‘Fast Track’ Hall of Fame


  • Builder magazine’s ‘Fast Track Hall of Fame’

1 Builder of Integrity Award by the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation (QBW) is the most selective 10-year new home warranty program in the industry. The award acknowledges excellence in customer service, demonstrated integrity and quality construction. In order to qualify for the award, Hamlet had to demonstrate at least a three-year membership in the QBW program and have less than a two percent complaint ratio. Since Hamlet joined the program in 2000, QBW has received no complaints from Hamlet homeowners.
2 Governor’s Quality Growth Award was presented to Hamlet Homes for its vibrant, mixed-use, transit-oriented community (TOD), Birkhill at Fireclay in the heart of Murray City. The awards program is sponsored by Envision Utah and the Utah Quality Growth Commission. Awards were presented by Governor Jon Huntsman and Alan Matheson, executive director of Envision Utah.
3 National Housing Quality Awards®, the highest level of quality achievement in the housing industry and the equivalent of the coveted Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Qualifying for the award requires years of preparation and a two-day site visit by a panel of judges who evaluate the company’s overall commitment to customer-focused quality in its construction, building management, sales, design, and warranty service. It also recognizes our company’s commitment to continuous improvement.
4 Builder of Integrity Award by the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation (QBW) is the most selective 10-year new home warranty program in the industry. The award acknowledges excellence in customer service, demonstrated integrity and quality construction. In order to qualify for the award, Hamlet had to demonstrate at least a three-year membership in the QBW program and have less than a two percent complaint ratio. Since Hamlet joined the program in 2000, QBW has received no complaints from Hamlet homeowners.
5 Builder magazine ‘Fast Track Hall of Fame’ annually recognizes the fastest growing homebuilders in the U.S. 2004 marked the fifth year in a row that Hamlet Homes was recognized in the publication’s prestigious ‘Fast Track Hall of Fame.’ Of the thousands of U.S. homebuilders, Hamlet Homes was only one of five nationwide to receive this recognition.


Business Letters

Dear Michael: I was reflecting back on my now 13-year tenure as President of the Bear Hollow Village Homeowners Association and our 12-year association with Hamlet Homes, and found myself exceedingly grateful for your expertise, leadership, and friendship. In 2003, when Bear Hollow’s original developer was sliding into bankruptcy and leaving behind a trail of financial irregularities and improprieties, our community took a 180-degree turn when Hamlet Homes arrived to acquire the remaining undeveloped land parcels and finish our community. In the following two years as Hamlet Homes finished developing Bear Hollow Village, you maintained strong connections and lines of communication with our Homeowners Association to make sure our concerns and needs were appropriately met. The end result was you developed Bear Hollow Village into a first-class operation and provided features and amenities that were above and beyond our expectations. Michael, I speak for myself and all members of the HOA Board of Trustees when I tell you that we hold you in the highest esteem as a man of integrity who keeps his word and honors his commitments. You are an absolute gentleman in all respects. Even now, 10 years since Hamlet Homes has completed all of its development responsibilities with our community, we still maintain close ties and communications with you and your professional staff who are always available to help us solve any maintenance-related issues that have arisen in the community. We deeply appreciate your honesty and continued support, and wish you and the Hamlet Homes team every success in the years ahead. Sincerest regards, Howard (Howie) Butt, President Bear Hollow Village Homeowners Association
  Mr. Brodsky, Although I’m writing about some issues that I’m not directly involved with on a day-to-day basis, I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to extend a thank you on behalf of the City of Saratoga Springs and the City’s staff. The City is very appreciative of the professional and timely manner in which your company has performed development work on the different phases of Loch Lomond. I want you to know that your company and the contractors you work with have been repeatedly complimented for their work in constructing these subdivisions. These compliments have not only come from the City’s inspectors and engineers but other members of staff and the City Council have also noted the quality of work the Hamlet Company has performed. Furthermore, the City is grateful for the quality of improvements that are constructed and eventually dedicated to the City. The City recognizes the importance of having improvements constructed correctly and is aware of the value this brings our community over time. Again, thank you on behalf of the City staff, members of the City Council and the Saratoga Springs community as a whole. We sincerely appreciate your efforts. Respectfully, Dave Anderson City Planner
  Dear Mr. Brodsky: I recently read in The Enterprise newsletter about Hamlet Homes receiving the 2007 Builder of Integrity Award from the Quality Builders Warranty Corp. (QBW). This award speaks volumes for your company and your staff given the strict set of standards that QBW demands to be met to be a member. Congratulations on this well deserved recognition. On behalf of my office and the citizens of Salt Lake County, thank you for being a member of our community, and for all of your hard work which has brought you to this level of performance. Warm regards, Peter M. Corroon Salt Lake County Mayor
To whom it may concern: For almost two years the City of South Salt Lake has worked closely with Hamlet Homes on Waverly Station, an attractive and successful community at West Temple and 3700 South. From the initial concept proposal through the Planning Commission and City Council approvals, I have been completely satisfied with Hamlet’s performance as well as the work they have completed in South Salt Lake City. Hamlet Homes has proven to be creative and receptive to City staff, planning commission and council comments, and has been committed to delivering an outstanding home and community that both they and the City are proud of. I would be very excited if Hamlet Homes were to get another property in the city, and feel confident that they would meet or exceed every expectation of the city in developing the Granite School District property, and delivering a community that would attract families who would become an asset to both the City and Granite School District. I strongly encourage Granite School District to consider partnering with Hamlet Homes. Best regards, Larry Gardner Community Development Director, City of South Salt Lake
  Dear Mr. Taylor: As per our conversation today, I am the Community Development Director of the City of South Salt Lake. You asked me to provide my thoughts and experience as a City official on the townhome product design and particularly the usefulness of the paseo. The South Salt Lake City Council and Planning Commission have for years, been trying to increase the overall amount of home ownership in the City where 62% of the housing stock is rental. The City of South Salt Lake has now approved two separate developments using this product design and has been very happy with it. The first project was approximately 160 units and the second is currently under construction and is 46 units. The product has brought in exactly what South Salt Lake needs as far as home ownership and new young professional residents. One of the items that makes both of these projects successful and a draw to livability is that they are built upon a well landscaped paseo. The feedback that I have received is that the paseo area has been enthusiastically received by the residents and provides a pleasant and safe green space amenity in front of their homes. The paseos are well-lit and provide a semi-private space with benches and areas for people to socialize and interact. Owners have done a great job in enhancing the paseo area by personalizing private patio areas in front of their own townhomes that are compatible and provide additional landscaped areas. The paseo areas are well connected throughout the developments and increase walkability of the neighborhood and encourage interaction amongst neighbors. In addition, the balconies not only provide indoor/outdoor living spaces that enhance the home design and help create a sense of community but they also act as a crime deterrent having multiple “eyes” on the paseo and open space areas. The City of South Salt Lake is very proud of this product design. Due to the success of the first 160 unit development there was a real excitement when the second was proposed. Both developments were constructed in difficult redevelopment areas. However, they have acted as a catalyst which has brought in additional new development. If you have any questions regarding South Salt Lake’s success with this product design please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Michael Florence Community Development Director South Salt Lake City

Home Buyer Profiles and Comments

“Thanks, again, for your kindness and concern, and for making this building process a very positive experience! There is no doubt that we would always recommend Hamlet to anyone we know. You guys have knocked it out of the park in every respect!!” Don & Sue Mantyla, Cardon Square Homeowners
  The customer service at Hamlet Homes is great. A tenant I rent to in the Tobermory group of homes, called me and reported that the garage door was broken. I purchased the home about two years ago, and knew “things happen,” and determined to call a company and have them complete the repair. However, I went to the Hamlet Homes website and decided I would at least report this problem, which, I believe occurred soon enough after the purchase, to be a faulty installation. I didn’t think that Hamlet would help, but thought I would at least ask. I sent the email through your website, stood up from my computer and didn’t make it 20 feet out of my office when my phone rang. The call was from Curtis Allen saying that he had just received my email and wanted to see how he could help. I explained the problem and admitted that the year’s warranty had past, but I thought I would at least call. He agreed that to have a problem with the garage door mounting so soon after construction seemed unusual, and he said that one of his men wasn’t too far away and that he would have it checked. It couldn’t have been much more than an hour or so later that I received a message from Curtis saying that his technician visited the home, repaired the garage door and was on his way. My tenant was flabbergasted that I had their problem fixed so quickly and they like me even more now. I know that this kind of customer care and service starts at the top, and thought you should know about my experience. Hamlet has been superb from my point of view—from Amber Larsen’s kind, patient, and caring sales experience to the closing, follow through and constant customer service; Phil Mosher’s attention and help; and I know that Curtis could have avoided helping me because the year’s warranty was past, but he was kind and courteous enough to help me out. I am considering purchasing another property and I can assure you that if I do, it will be a Hamlet home. People like me don’t forget such excellent service and I talk to other people all the time! Sincerely, Harold C. Brown, Tobermory Homeowner
  “Great Home, very much like the design, colors and the layout.” Highland Court Homeowner  
“We love our home! The floorplan and features we picked are what we expected.” Glenmore Village Homeowner  
“Amber was so great to work with. We really appreciate all she did to help us move in after our mortgage company failed to get the paperwork correct. David has also been so great to follow up and address any concerns. He is so kind and professional.” Susan Juhasz Elgin Place Homeowner  
“Overall a great experience. We liked all the people we worked with on the team.” Fiddich Glen Homeowner  
When buying a home, what everyone wants is an experienced builder who understands quality control, customer communications, and who sticks by their commitment of professional workmanship and excellent product — there is no one that does this better than Hamlet Homes. Robert A. Sacks Proud Owner of Fiddich Glen Home  
Hamlet Homes has many, many fans among its homebuyers, but homeowner Dr. Marshall Ding has taken his love of Hamlet Homes to a whole new level! A Chinese Acupuncturist with clinical practices in East Millcreek and Park City, Dr. Ding moved into his third Hamlet Home in early September 2015: a single family home at Colins Creek, near his clinic in East Millcreek. He has previously purchased townhomes at Carlisle Place, which he now rents, and Tobermory Ridge where his relatives happily live. “I trust Hamlet Homes,” said Dr. Ding. “They build good, quality homes that are a great value. They are also a very reliable company and are always willing to work with you in providing what you need for your new home. A good example is when they provided outside venting for the kitchen hood of my Colins Creek home. I greatly appreciate their flexibility and desire to have satisfied customers.” Dr. Ding also likes Hamlet’s home designs and floor plans. “They don’t waste time or money on what to me are meaningless items like chandeliers and marble floors. They match modern day needs with high-quality materials that are also very practical and wear well. This keeps the home price reasonable and brings real value to the homebuyer.” Dr. Ding believes that the fact he has purchased three homes from the same company is a strong tribute to Hamlet Homes, especially their commitment to building high-quality homes and meeting, and even exceeding their customer’s expectations. “There is a saying I like,” said Dr. Ding. “’Buying a Mercedes shows how rich you are. Buying a Honda shows how smart you are.’ I believe I am a very smart home buyer for purchasing not one, but three Hamlet Homes!”   Ellie Shropshire, owner of Ellie’s Personal Chefs and Catering, was already a fan of the Newpark Town Center in Park City when she learned that Hamlet Homes was building the Nevis at Newpark townhome community.“I was thrilled to find the Hamlet listing,” said Ellie, “and even more delighted when I realized Hamlet Homes had created our ideal townhome. My husband, Joe, and I loved each floor of the townhome as we toured the model, but when we got to the rooftop deck and saw the stunning views of the Swaner Nature Preserve, Joe shouted, ‘Sold!’” “Nevis at Newpark is perfect for us,” Ellie explains. “We love the home’s layout, the kitchen and pantry, our master bedroom and bath, and everything about our new home. We also like that visiting friends and family can enjoy a private bedroom and bath. We all have elbow room and don’t feel like we are bumping into one another. It’s hard to believe our townhome is a tidy 1,300 sq. ft. because the layout makes it feel much larger.” Ellie and Joe further appreciate the accessibility of the Nevis location. “We can walk everywhere within Newpark, whether it’s for groceries, services, dining or entertainment,” says Ellie. “We also love running and biking along our favorite trails at Glenwild, which is on the other side of the freeway. At Nevis, we simply ride our bikes out of our garage to the underpass to access trails at Glenwild and Olympic Park. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient!” Ellie moved to Park City in 2002 from Fr. Lauderdale where she worked as a chef on her clients’ private yachts, sailing throughout the Pacific, Caribbean, New England and Central and South America. In 2003, she opened her Park City business, Ellie’s Personal Chefs and Catering, which today employs a staff of 20 who assist Ellie in managing an equal dose of private chef and catering assignments. Ellie still travels regularly with clients who rely on her culinary skills during their business trips and vacations, and she has built a wonderful reputation for her cuisine which is known for its focus on fresh, healthy foods that are simple and delicious. Add in Ellie’s beautiful new Hamlet Homes’ townhome, and her recipe for a fresh and healthy lifestyle is complete!  
The Tam Family recently moved into their brand new house in the Buckhaven community at Cottonwood Heights. Mrs. Tam sent us these glowing comments after the family settled into their new home.”This is my third house. Comparing to my previous two houses, I like Hamlet Homes the most. I love Hamlet Homes’ design and good quality houses. My family and I really love our new home.I don’t have friends who want to buy a house right now, but when they are ready, I will highly recommend Hamlet Homes to them!! Thank you so much Hamlet Homes!!!”


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