5 Reasons to Work with a Sales Agent and a Homebuilder

agent working with buyer for new home construction in salt lakeBuying a new home from a home builder is different than purchasing an existing one. You’ll want help from an agent that has experience in the process. Find out our top reasons why it pays to have an experienced agent by your side.

1. Your agent will help you select the right floor plan for your family.

The floorplans offered by Hamlet Homes are thoughtfully designed to maximize your living space and provide an open and airy atmosphere. Therefore, we have different floor plans — of different square footage — and choosing the right one for your family might seem a little daunting. Your agent will help you ask yourself the right questions so that you can choose the right home for your family size and lifestyle. Ending up with a home that is too large to maintain or one that is so small that it feels cramped doesn’t happen to our clients.

2. The sales agent will help you understand what is standard and what is extra.

The Utah homebuilders at Hamlet Homes don’t believe in nickel and diming our buyers. We think every home should have your desired features as soon as you purchase it. That’s why our standard features are other homebuilder’s upgrades. You won’t have to weigh the choice between upgraded cabinets and granite countertops. We include both! When you are looking at constructing a new home, the agent will provide a feature sheet. With their help, you know all included amenities.

3. Your agent will ensure your paperwork is correct and complete.

Even for those who’ve purchased homes in the past, new home construction is a different ball game. There are contracts and warranties to scour and doing it by yourself is too challenging for most. Fortunately, your agent will go through the documents with you, making sure you understand the transaction before closing.

4. Agents who work with homebuilders understand the intricacies of new construction.

An experienced agent who works will the homebuilder can better assist you in understanding everything that’s required for your new home construction. This includes deadlines for requested changes, money necessities, as well as completion timelines.

5. Get help managing the transaction.

Financing with your homebuilder and the sales agent is typically easier than purchasing a previously-owned home. The main reason is that we have preferred lenders and title companies with whom we work with on a daily basis. Because of these close relationships, our lenders are able to fast-track your paperwork by knowing the ownership history, area restrictions, and HOAs in advance, making your closing a smooth one. Who can say that about their mortgage financing? If you have questions regarding new home construction or if you would like to work with one of our experienced agents, contact the experts at Hamlet Homes. We can help you pick the right community for your dream home and get to working with you on the build right away.

Tell Tale Signs of Great Homebuilders

Signs of many Great Homebuilders in UtahChoosing a new home builder in Utah is a tough decision because there are many builders to choose from. That being said, if you watch for signs of a good home builder, that list is drastically shorter. Check for these signs, and you’ll know you’re in good hands with your home builder.

Signs of Reputation & Trust

Word-of-mouth goes a long way, and luckily, you don’t need to hear from a friend or family to get an understanding of a business’s reputation. Instead, you can see their reviews and ratings online. The best places to check are Google and Facebook, both of whom will vet out seemingly false or profane reviews and show you ones from real customers. If you see there are more negative reviews than positive ones or very few reviews in general, you may want to rethink your relationship with the homebuilder. Alternatively, you can try to find a personal connection who can vouch for their abilities.

Great People

Choosing a home builder isn’t just choosing one person — you’re hiring an entire team. If you have great experiences with the folks who answer the phone, the agents, and the builders, you found a great crew who will clearly work for you. When the people are great, that means the company has clear values and guidelines on how to treat their customers. If your interactions are left wanting, you may want to choose a different group.

Easy Communication

Are you able to get through to your homebuilders? Most are quick to respond to the first couple of calls, but if your builder continues to get back to you when they know you require something of them, they value your time and business. On the other hand, if your home builder doesn’t respond to you fairly quickly, they either don’t value your time, or they may have organization issues. Either way, we suggest finding a more responsive group to work with.

Quality Brand

An easy way to tell if your builder strives to make quality work is if they have a quality brand. Brand-cohesive business cards, websites, and other printed or digital materials demonstrates that they care about their reputation. In effect, they will strive to produce quality work. Are you ready to work with the premier homebuilders of Utah? Call Hamlet Homes today to discuss communities and availability and begin the journey to your dream home.    

Tips for Getting Approved for Your New Home in Salt Lake

Approval for New Home in Salt LakeAt Hamlet Homes, our team is there for you throughout the entire home-buying journey — pre-planning, financing and on through construction. We know buying a new home can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! Let us help you get approved, so you can get into your new home in Salt Lake, without the heightened anxiety.

1. Get Your Credit in Order.

Like most consumers, if you aren’t getting ready to make a large purchase that involves some sort of financing, you may not be very familiar with your credit score. Some homebuyers don’t even check their scores prior to submitting a new home loan application. Don’t be left in the dark. Pulling your credit score only takes a few minutes, and it can prevent your mortgage application from failing from a low score or identity fraud. If your score could use a little improvement, pay your bills on time, lower your debt, and fix any crediting errors on your report.

2. Save, and Save More.

Though you can find options for home loans with zero percent down, most lenders require some form of down payment, usually 3.5%. In fact, the more you can put down on your home, the better. Higher down payments — above 20% — lower your monthly payment and negate the need for private mortgage insurance (PMI). Down payments aren’t the only cash expense during the home buying process. Be sure to have enough cash saved for:
  • Closing Costs (typically 3 – 5% of mortgage balance)
  • Home Inspections
  • Appraisals
  • Title Searches
  • Application Fees
  • Other Moving Expenses.
Your personal mortgage may not require each of the above-listed expenses, but we suggest being prepared for them, so you aren’t blindsided half-way through approval.

3. Maintain Job Consistency.

Any changes to your employment can delay or stop the mortgage process. Taking a new position that is lower paying, commission-based, in a different field, or becoming self-employed requires your lender to re-evaluate your finances. Occasionally, it can derail your mortgage entirely.

4. Pay Down Debt.

The amount of debt you owe compared to your income (debt-to-income ratio) determines the amount of money you can obtain from the lender. If your ratio is too high, meaning you carry a lot of debt, the lender may approve you for less or reject your application altogether. For this reason, we suggest keeping your monthly debt payments lower than 36% of your gross monthly income. Even if you’re approved, be sure to avoid obtaining new debt until you close on your new home. You can stop your mortgage from closing by financing a new car or purchasing items for your single-family home on credit. Be sure to wait until after close before making these purchases.

5. Get Pre-Approved.

Pre-approval for a mortgage loan can put your mind at ease and help you determine the amount you can spend before you begin the bidding process. These days, pre-approval is a fairly quick and simple process, so don’t wait to ensure you have the funds available to purchase your new home. If you’re still concerned about getting approved for your home, speak to the experts at Hamlet Homes today. We can offer you advice specific to your situation, and help you qualify for the right mortgage.

How to Choose the Right Square Footage For Your New Home

square footageAre you struggling to determine the right square footage for your new home in the Salt Lake City area? Large homes offer more bedrooms, space for storage, and bonus rooms for whatever hobbies or needs you may have, such as a home gym or office. On the other hand, smaller homes are easier to maintain and have lower heating and cooling costs. Given the tradeoffs, how much square footage do you actually need in your new home? We suggest considering your lifestyle and family size to choose the right home. Here are a few things to consider before buying:

Family Size

We know that it can be difficult to predict the exact number of family members who will live in your home in the future. However, you probably have a good idea of your long-term family goals and the number of bedrooms you will need. Also, consider how often your extended family will visit and how much space they will need. Do they stay with you regularly, or do you do most of the traveling? If you are expected to frequently host, be sure to factor additional people into your bedroom plans.

Square Footage Lifestyle

Are you a homebody, or do you lead an active lifestyle? Do you like to entertain, or do you prefer to go out? The answers to these questions will help you decide how much living space you need. If you want to throw the perfect holiday party, you should be able to comfortably fit 30 to 40 guests in your space. If not, square footage that allows for private space for each family member will likely suffice.

Ideal Layout for New Homes

Sometimes the right layout can compensate for a smaller space. At Hamlet Homes, we optimize each floor plan for maximum efficiency. Therefore, even our smaller floorplans are designed for functionality and comfort, so you never have to worry about awkward layouts that render a portion of your new home useless. Remember: layout almost always trumps size.

Room for Growth

Consider how long you would like to be in your home. Now, think of how your lifestyle and family size may change during that time. Have you chosen a home that will allow for growth? If not, consider making adjustments, so you don’t outgrow your new home too early. For help determining the right square footage for your new home, consult the experts at Hamlet Homes today. We can help you narrow down your priorities to pick the best square footage for your family.

Benefits of Owning a Home Over Renting

ownerAt Hamlet Homes, we’re thrilled to be homebuilders you can count on when searching for a new house. We have years of experience building neighborhoods and providing beautiful homes that will make you and your family proud and happy. If you are thinking about buying rather than keep renting, this is for you. Here are some of the major benefits of owning your home.

Remodeling Benefits

When you rent a home or apartment, your options for improving the living space are very limited. When you own a home, remodeling is completely up to you – and it can benefit you both personally and financially. Not only do renovations make your home more enjoyable for you and the entire family, they can also provide value. Additions like landscaping, central air, updated appliances, and/or insulation can lead to a major hike in your resale price and may allow you to make some very basic tax deductions as well.

Own Equity

Buying a home is a personal investment. As you pay off a basic mortgage loan, you are building equity in your home-owning more and more of it as you move along. After years of building up, you can use the money to take out a home equity loan or line of credit for help.

Locked-In Costs

With a rental situation, it’s common for the landlord to increase rent year over year – even if you are living in the same unit. The price increase has actually outpaced inflation due to high demands since the housing bust. Owning your own home, acts as a hedge against this. Especially if you have a fixed-rate mortgage, your monthly costs will be the same no matter what’s happening in the market.

Tax Breaks

Owning a home also comes with major tax breaks. You can get mortgage interest tax breaks, and there are several others depending on your exact situation. Sites like TurboTax make these kinds of deductions easy to figure out. For more on why owning a home will benefit you or to learn about any of our new home construction, speak to the pros at Hamlet Homes today!

Five Signs That You’re Ready to Build Your New Home

buildersAs your premier homebuilders in Salt Lake City, Hamlet Homes knows it can feel intimidating to construct your dream home. You may have always wanted to build but pushed the goal aside thinking it was too lofty. Perhaps you simply can’t make a decision on whether to buy or to build. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are a few signs that you’re ready to work with a homebuilder and construct your home.

You have your budget nailed down

We can help you determine the right budget for your family, but it’s good to have an idea of what you can afford. Once you run the numbers, you will most likely see that buying a home is actually less expensive than renting. You may also find that building a new home is similarly priced to purchasing a pre-owned one. Best of all, Hamlet Homes has a variety of financing options to work with!

You know what you want, and it fits in your budget

We want you to get everything you want, but it’s also smart to set realistic expectations for your budget. Consult your homebuilders, and we will help you decide the finishes, location, and home style you can afford.

You will like it new

It’s a great sign that you are ready to work with homebuilders when you realize that you’re ready for something new. If you considered remodeling an older home, remember that it has old hardware. That means you’ll have unexpected surprises when something wears down and breaks. Most of these items would be covered under your new home warranty (be sure to ask us about our Hamlet Homes Warranty Program)! When you work with a homebuilder, you enjoy the world of customization! You get to select the finishing touches, creating an aesthetic that perfectly matches your taste.

You have your eye on the perfect homebuilders

When looking for your homebuilders, you should select the one that inspires you. Remember, consistency is key, so watch for reliable, quality work before committing. Fortunately for our residents, we always produce lasting, beautiful houses that we can show as examples. Once you choose your perfect partner, you know that you’re ready to build! After reading our list, are you ready to take the plunge? Call our expert homebuilders today or check out our already available properties!  

Common Pitfalls When Searching for a New Home

buy existing or new home?Purchasing a new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life.  Hamlet Homes, your new home provider in Salt Lake, is here to guide you through the process and provide you with a long list of beautiful homes and communities to choose from. We can also assist you with many of the details involved in what’s often a complex process. These are a few common mistakes you should be aware of:


Budget is always one of the major concerns. Unfortunately, there’s a natural tendency to spend a bit more than we might think is appropriate. This is totally understandable! Your home should be one of the defining characteristics of your family. It’s the place where you spend most of your time, and wanting the only the best makes perfect sense. However, budgeting properly is vital. You have to consider building costs as well as future maintenance and upkeep. Don’t forget to keep in mind mortgage types, rates, property taxes and utilities. To help you in this process, consider making a checklist.

No Research

Before purchasing a new home, research the area. Be aware of important aspects such as schools, crime statistics, traffic, amenities, and more. Try visiting the neighborhood and start talking to residents. The lack of proper research can leave your family in an uncomfortable location or situation.

Emotional Purchases

A home might be near the neighborhood in which you grew up, or maybe it reminds you of a cherished childhood memory. Just remember that buying a home is a big decision that requires reasoning, rather than emotion. Don’t make any decisions hastily.

New Home Furniture

Many people want to get an idea of the furniture and décor they’re interested in even before they begin construction, and this is definitely a good idea. You don’t want to get halfway through the process, before realizing things won’t fit with your preferred style and then be forced to alter your budget or sacrifice your desired look. As premier homebuilders in Utah, Hamlet Homes will help you navigate these landmines and others, all while providing you top quality service. Speak to one of our brokers today!

Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Plan

floor plans

Floor Plans

You have a lot to keep in mind when searching for new homes in Salt Lake, from price and location to all sorts of particular details. One of the first things you’ll want to tackle? Floor plans. The basic layout of your house is one of the first things you’ll have to decide on before construction. Additionally, it sets the baseline for many other elements to take into consideration. Hamlet Homes is your premier homebuilder in Utah, offering beautiful communities with a wide variety of home designs. with that being said, we have the insider list on what you should be considering with regards to a new home floor plan.


Consider the practical elements of your floor plan:
  • Floor space for children to play?
  • Space for working from home?
  • Teenagers needing their own, separated space?
  • One floor or multiple stories?
All these are the basic questions to ask yourself. Be sure your lifestyle elements are covered, as well as any personal preference.

Special Accommodations

There could be a number of situations where you might need a special accommodation within your floor plan. Maybe you have small children who require wide hallways. Perhaps you or a loved one stays requires wheelchair considerations. Be sure these details are noted early on in the process.


Is hosting a top priority for you and your family? Wide entryways with large, open-space, community areas are important if you frequently have guests. There are also plenty of ways to separate social and family life. Keep in mind that hosting areas can be in one location and private areas designed in a different location.

Outdoor vs Indoor

It’s also important — when choosing your floor plan — to assess how much you and your family will use outdoor amenities. A pool, barbecue, or large yard all count as part of your floor plan. Make sure you can handle those associated responsibilities and maintenance if you choose to go in that direction. Ready to get started? Our experts at Hamlet Homes are standing by today!

6 Benefits of New Homes Over Resales

When you’re looking for your dream house in Salt Lake City, you should weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a new home or renovating an older one. Sure, you could learn to love your outdated countertops while you slowly remodel, but you don’t have to. With a new build, you can get all the character and customization that comes with a renovation. Here are the top 6 reasons most buyers choose new homes over resales.
  1. Personalization

When you purchase a new home through Hamlet Homes, you can choose the floor plan and customize the design features, including your favorite flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, paint color, among others. Depending on availability, you can even choose the plot that best suits your family’s needs. This flexibility simply can’t be found in renovations, especially for the same dollar amount.
  1. Advanced Technology

You can be sure that your new home will utilize the latest technology and energy efficiency. Building standards have been raised multiple times over the years regarding energy efficiency, so homebuilders are installing multi-paned windows, green appliances, and more insulation.
  1. Fewer Repairs

New homes aren’t subjected to years of wear and tear like older homes, so you won’t need to make as many repairs. Even with multiple upgrades, you’ll still be seeing the need to replace features in your used home — like the furnace, plumbing, or even structural damage — all of which can be costly and time consuming.
  1. Community Amenities

Many homebuyers will choose new homes for the community amenities. They usually will feature clubhouses, community centers, and pools. Some are located near popular shopping centers or in premier school districts. All of these factors are should heavily weighed by the buyer.
  1. Warranty

Consider the cost of replacing the water heater, furnace, roof, or any appliances before purchasing a resale because they will likely need to be replaced in the near future. With new builds, all appliances and products are new and under warranty, so you will spend years in your dream home before needing any upgrades.
  1. Financing

There are many mortgage financing perks available from a homebuilder. Be sure to use the mortgage lender who works with the contractor to get the best rates and incentives. New homes come equipped with the latest technology, design trends, and are fully customizable. To learn more about new home construction in Salt Lake City, call (801) 281-2223 and speak to the experts at Hamlet Homes today!

The Best Homebuilder Upgrades


During new home construction, you are able to customize the finishing touches to fit your lifestyle and design tastes. What’s more is that you can choose to add optional builder upgrades to transform your new house into your dream home. As your premier homebuilders in Utah, we know that picking and choosing your upgrades can seem a little daunting, usually because new homeowners have particular features important to them, but they aren’t sure if the upgrades will increase the value of their home. Many homebuilders don’t help homeowners navigate between possible homebuilder upgrades, but at Hamlet Homes, our designer — Janet Allen at Carpet Diem — can assist in helping you choose your personal improvements and help you select the right combinations for your budget. Here are a few tips to help you decide which upgrades to choose for your home.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen has an extensive list of possible upgrades, and the ones you choose can add up quickly. We suggest keeping functionality in mind. It may seem like your new kitchen will have so much space that you don’t know what to do with it, but you will most likely want even more room to house food and cooking items down the line. We recommend going for taller cabinets for extra storage and a trendier look. You can choose to add pots and pans drawers to make for easy access during your quick, weeknight dinners. Don’t forget to put a little focus on your appliances. While they may not change the aesthetic as much as custom cabinets, upgrading to energy-efficient and high-end appliances with your homebuilder will almost always save you money in the long run.

Keep it Light

As far as we’re concerned, you can never have too much light in your home. That’s why the homebuilders at Hamlet Homes strategically plan the layout of all new home constructions to take advantage of natural light, but you can always make your home a little brighter. We suggest keeping with ambient lighting in your living spaces, and making your kitchen and bathrooms extra bright. In your bathrooms, choose task and overhead lighting, so you never have to squint when shaving or applying your makeup. In your kitchen, go beyond recessed lighting by installing under-cabinet lighting. These little lights will help you navigate your cooking and brighten up the space when you entertain. If you choose glass cabinets, install lighting inside for a similar effect.

Flooring Done Right

Sure, you can always upgrade your flooring later, but that can be expensive and time consuming. Not to mention the headache of living in a home undergoing updating. Instead, choose the flooring options that match your aesthetic and lifestyle before moving in. If you prefer hardwood in bedrooms and hallways, we always suggest upgrading during the build. To help with the cold Utah months, we splurge and install radiant floor heating. Not only will your family love it, but future buyers will, too. Finally, choose to upgrade the carpet pads. The cost is typically low and will provide a longer lifespan and softer step.

Fantastic Finishes

Not all upgrades need to break the bank. A few simple finishes can make all the difference in your new home. We suggest customizing tile grout for a trendier look, choosing your home’s interior paint color, and adding extra outlets or ceiling fans. So many residents in the homebuilding process stress about upgrades because they didn’t budget for them. Instead, put aside a portion of your budget for improvements that will personalize your home and allow you to get the biggest bang for your buck. If you would like to learn more about the personalization options you receive from the homebuilders at Hamlet Homes call us today at (801) 281-2223.


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