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We would like to see that obtaining service on your new Hamlet Homes is a simple and friendly experience.  Upon your request, Hamlet will visit your home at 2 specific times during the 1-year warranty period:   
  • At least 30 days after closing (Initial Service)  
  • 11-12 months after closing (Final Service) 
  • The homeowner or a representative of the homeowner must be present during all warranty repair visits by Hamlet Homes or one of the subcontractors 
For the Initial Service, you may submit service requests at any time, and a Hamlet representative will contact you to let you know your requests have been received. For requests less than 30 days after Closing, we will let you know we have received your request and we will consolidate all requests until after 30-days, and then reach out to you to schedule a service visit. If you do not submit a service request during the first 30 days, we will not contact you, however, you may still submit a service request at any time before the Final service and we will come and perform the requested service.  For the Final Service, at your request, once we have received your service request our Warranty Service Representative will contact you to schedule an appointment to review any open Work Order items or address any items noted during the Final Service visit.  The following steps will lead you in the right direction: 
  1. Identify the problem or situation. 
  2. If identified as an emergency, see the Emergency Procedures in the next section. 
  3. Review the Customer Care Manual to determine if the problem or situation is covered under the warranty. 
  4. Inform Hamlet Homes of your concerns so that we may follow up with the correct subcontractor or utility company at the next scheduled visit. 
In order to inform Hamlet Homes of a particular concern or to request warranty service directly from the Hamlet Homes, you may do the following:
  1. Click here to fill out our online Warranty Service Request Form.
  2. Call Hamlet Homes directly at (801) 281-2223 and listen for the correct assistance or
  3. Put your request in writing and forward it to:
Hamlet Homes: 84 West 4800 South, Suite 200 – Murray, UT 84107 – Attn. Customer Care

Upon receipt of a warrantable service request, a Hamlet Homes Representative will contact you within (2) two business days of non-emergency requests to review your concerns, set up an appointment with you to assess your concern and take the appropriate action. When requesting warranty service, please remember to include all phone numbers and email addresses at which you may be contacted along with your address and subdivision.

Hamlet Homes will make every effort to solve or correct your concern as promptly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Warranty Service Request

To send a Warranty Service Request, simply fill in this form, then click the “Submit Request” button below. (*indicates required information)

Warranty Service Request


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