Turn work from home into work from anywhere.

There’s a reason you want to escape from where you’re at. The traffic. The congested, crowded, continual clang of the city.

Wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying life?

You’ve ditched the commute. Now ditch the old ways of thinking. You don’t need to live within a few miles of the office. Or even go into the office. That’s so 2008.

COVID has pushed society in a new direction. One where it’s clear to see all the advantages of social distancing.

Pick your new home WIFI location. Relocate to a brand new home in the Elim Estates in Iona, Idaho.

You’ll be only 50 miles from:

Teton Pass
Alpine North List
Blackfoot Reservoir

Now all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

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Think about it. You can go back to the old ways of doing things and stay where you’re at for another year.

Or two. Or three. …or for as long as you can take it.

Or, you can