basement in new home

5 Benefits to Having a Basement in Your New Home

New Homes for sale that feature basements have a number of benefits, not just the added value for your home! Learn our top 5 benefits to owning a Salt Lake home that features a basement. Once you know all the benefits, we are certain you can’t live without one. 1. Extra Storage Space Even an… Read more »
New Neighborhood in Salt Lake

5 Tips for Getting Settled in Your New Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood in Salt Lake can be stressful. You need to unpack, make new friends, have your services set up, and locate new grocery stores and restaurants. And, if you have children, you’ll need to set them up with a new school! To make the transition easier, we compiled a few tips… Read more »
couple going over new home warranty

What to Expect with Your New Home Warranty

After placing you and your family into a new home in Salt Lake City, we want you to be more than happy with your purchase. Of course, that is why each home comes with an extensive warranty on a wide variety of features. To see a complete list, visit our Customer Care and Warranty Manual… Read more »
Inside of one of many townhomes for sale

Form vs Function: How to Find Your Ideal Townhome

Townhomes for sale in Utah come in all shapes and sizes. Determining your ideal space can be a tug-of-war between form and function. Consider your options and make the most of your big move with the help of Hamlet Homes. Find Your Ideal Space While searching for your new Utah townhome, the first decision you… Read more »
agent working with buyer for new home construction in salt lake

5 Reasons to Work with a Sales Agent and a Homebuilder

Buying a new home from a homebuilder is different than purchasing an existing one. You’ll want help from an agent that has experience in the process. Find out our top reasons on why it pays to have an experienced agent by your side. 1. Your agent will help you select the right floor plan for… Read more »
Family Working with Great Homebuilders in Utah

Tell Tale Signs of Great Homebuilders

Choosing a new homebuilder in Utah is a tough decision because there are many builders to choose from. That being said, if you watch for signs of a good homebuilder, that list is drastically shorter. Check for these signs, and you’ll know you’re in good hands with your homebuilder. Reputation & Trust Word-of-mouth goes a… Read more »
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