First Female Owner Named at Hamlet Homes Calling all Women to join in Building Industry Leadership Roles

Females drive the majority of the home purchasing decisions, yet almost every building company in America is led and owned by men. It’s no secret that construction, like many businesses, is a ‘man’s world’. Yet that statistic is still quite shocking and transparently true. Hamlet Homes stands out in naming Tami Ostmark to an ownership role.
Tami Ostmark Photographed by Justin Hackworth
While the employment rate is only 11% for women in construction (compared to the national average of 47%) and less than 3% in leadership roles, the gender pay gap is the most attractive in the building industry at 94.3% of what men earn (significantly greater than the 81.5% national average); according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Barry Gittleman; Hamlets President & CEO said, “We’re very excited that Tami has been selected to join the Ownership team. It’s always been notable that in this industry, there are just not that many females in leadership. We’re proud to change that.” John Peterson, who also became an owner said; “I have such respect for Tami. She changed our culture when she came into the company. We now stand for inclusion, hard work and share a strong common vision. She’s the glue that brought our culture together.” Tami Ostmark said: “I’m excited about this opportunity and feel like this is my life’s work. My history in business has been in positions that society has considered ‘a man’s role’. I feel like I’ve had to work harder to prove myself. The majority of people just see men when thinking of home building. Females are typically driving the home buying, design and architecture decisions for their home. It’s more important than ever to empower females so they know they can do absolutely anything in this industry.” Nate Kingdon, joining John and Tami in his recent announcement to the ownership team, followed by saying; “Tami is also helping pave the path for future females in the industry to see that these things ARE possible. I’m excited to be a part of that. It’s important for women in my life to have those kind of role models to look up to.” Jennie Tanner, President of the PWB (Professional Women in Building) had this to say: “I think that Tami being named to ownership is an ah-ha moment for women that work in construction and don’t feel they can move up to a leadership role. I think her becoming an Owner is an amazing opportunity for her to show other women it CAN be done and kudos to Hamlet for seeing her talent.” Motivating and empowering females is important to Hamlet Homes. They have decided to select one hard working woman and support her dreams. Visit and nominate yourself or another woman on the rise to win Hamlet’s Women in Construction Grant; including $2,500 to help them accomplish their goals. The winner will also receive a membership to both the Salt Lake Homebuilders Association (SLHBA) and Professional Women in Building (PWB). These organizations support women with the tools needed to succeed in the building industry. Tanner continued; “The PWB’s goal is diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to educate young females and we are here with open arms to teach and train them, being a mentor to whatever they want to be. We look forward to welcoming and supporting a new member.” So, Hamlet is calling on all strong women with a strong dream. They are looking for the sharpest, determined hard working and frankly, bad ass women. If you know of, or are one of these exceptional women, please visit their website. Nominate yourself or a colleague to win their grant package and take your career to the next level. Promoting women in construction is good for all of us. The implications of a talented and gender balanced team has positive residual benefits that, in the end, benefit anyone purchasing a Hamlet Home. Barry Gittleman said, “Women still drive the majority of home purchasing decisions; their voice is crucial to our creation of the great homes we build.” Nominations should be submitted here: Sources: (BLS) US Bureau of Labor Statistics: NAHB: FIXR: Hamlet Team: PWB:


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