Hamlet Homes Celebrates Partners at 25th Anniversary Celebration

Hamlet Homes celebrates its Partners at 25-Year Company Anniversary Celebration – Social Distance Style.

In lieu of their Partner Banquet, due to COVID group restrictions, Hamlet Homes was not about to pass on saying thank you to their partners in 2020, so they put on a Parking Lot Food Truck Event, providing lunch to all of their partners for free. The event allowed for much social distancing and still gave the Hamlet Homes Team a chance to say thank you to their very important partners. From their Subcontractors, to their Investors, Bankers, City Officials and more, all of whom have helped make Hamlet Homes the Great Homebuilder they are. And to top off the day, Hamlet Homes hosted an incredible Military Flyover from a former Navy Pilot named Skip, whom took to the air in a T6 straight from the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Heber City and made it’s appearance over Hamlet Homes Corporate Office just around Noon. Flying in the plane with Pilot Skip, was Amber Larsen, a Hamlet Homes Sales Representative who was selected from a group of Hamlet Employees to ride along. “I had such an amazing day flying all over the valley with Skip,” states Amber Larsen, Hamlet Homes Sales Representative. “Flying in a 1943 plane that was used in WWII felt patriotic and gave me one of the best memories I’ll ever have. Thanks Hamlet Homes!” The Flyover added just the right touch to an event that also included the Salt Lake VET Center, which is located in the Hamlet Corporate Office Building. Hamlet Homes prides itself on its being a Veteran Owned Business and taking care of our veteran employees and customers. In addition to celebrating their Partners, Hamlet Homes wanted to do something to acknowledge the incredible team they have in this 25th Year of Business by celebrating on the exact day of its anniversary. Hamlet Homes was incorporated on October 20th, 1995, a year after the original company, Hamlet Development, was incorporated by Founder, Michael Brodsky. Hamlet Development and Hamlet Homes worked side-by-side to both develop land opportunities and build new neighborhoods throughout Utah. In 2017, four of Hamlet Homes executives purchased Hamlet Homes from Brodsky. Sharing in new ownership of Hamlet Homes is Barry Gittleman, President and CEO, Jon Southern, VP of Construction and COO; Phil Mosher, VP of Sales; and Elliot Jenkins, VP and CFO. The group has been taking all of the great qualities of the company up until now and adding in the things they know will take Hamlet Homes successfully into the next 25 years: Innovation, adaptability, thoughtful design, and hiring great people to lead this next generation. “You do not stay in business for 25 years without providing a quality product and great customer service.” Says Barry Gittleman, President/CEO/Owner – Hamlet Homes. “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our associates and our culture of customer service that exists throughout our entire organization. We have dedicated ourselves to 25 years of product innovation and building beautiful homes and neighborhoods in Utah. I would also like to thank our employees, customers and partners. Without them, we would not exist. Our partners are family and our employees are the best in the business. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past 25 years.” Taking this all into consideration, Hamlet Homes has built its company on the foundation of good ethics, quality products, and outstanding customer service. And for 25 years now – celebrating that huge milestone this year – that has got us to where we are today. Surviving the recession and continuing to do business with a solid foundation. But, with new ownership, an adapting culture and a more vibrant, younger and deliberate mindset, Hamlet Homes has set its goals to become not just a homebuilder – but be THE source for your homebuying needs and wants.


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