Hamlet Homes Hires and Promotes More GREAT People

Hamlet Homes Hire additions and promotions of more Great People. With big growth goals ahead, Hamlet is increasing its GREAT team of people to prepare for that growth. With Utah’s strong housing market, the demand on new homes right now, there is no better time than to promote our great people into roles designed for the future and to bring on some new fresh talent that we believe will rise to the challenge of this ever-changing housing market. Brady McDermott was promoted to HOMEBUILDING SUPERVISOR earlier this year. Brady was born in good ole Sandy, Utah and is the second of seven children. While in high school, he kept to his basic sports of football and track. Corner and Safety were his favorite positions in football, and he favored hurdles for track. Though he loved these sports, his real passion for sports comes in while he is snowmobiling, skiing, and mountain biking. When he is not doing these scary sports (as his wife would say), he can be found tinkering with his hands – building with wood or upgrading his truck. While all of these bring Brady joy, his real happiness lies within his family. Brady graduated from UVU with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. When he graduated, he decided to leave his family company to follow a different path and is loving his position at Hamlet Homes. Brady is a hardworking, trustworthy, friendly guy and can always be found with a smile on his face. Andy Martineau was recently promoted to SENIOR DRAFTSMAN. Andy has a lifelong ambition to continually climb upward toward reputable achievements. High standards he sets for himself develop from the accomplishments of his foremost role models. Born in Laramie, Wyoming as the fifth of six children, Andy was fortunate to have both the secure encouragement of a large family and a competitive atmosphere. His competitive nature brings out his desire to always improve his performance and be identified as unfailing. Having a background forged from working alongside lawyers, cowboys, auto mechanics, carpenters, and engineers, he has developed brilliant appreciation toward personal interests and goals. Andy’s dedicated pursuit and vast experiences brought him directly to his ideal career. Andy is extremely pleased with his responsibilities and opportunities at Hamlet Homes. Working every day to build Great Homes, provide Great Experiences, and associate with Great People is exactly in line with his ambitious climb to be an accomplished professional. Some of our new GREAT PEOPLE include talented individuals in Sales, Production, Warranty and in our Office. Paige Anderson was brought on as a SALES ASSISTANT. Paige’s love for construction and adventure stemmed from her childhood exploring the backyard orchard with neighborhood friends. She was often found with a hammer in hand repairing the treehouse or venturing, with curiosity, to forbidden wonders such as the nearby canal. She continues to have an ongoing desire to explore the wonders of the world by traveling and discovering new sites, cultures and people. You could say Paige’s curiosity developed into a passion for learning and love for a good challenge! Paige built on this passion and in a short time received her bachelor’s from the University of Utah in psychology and human development. She jumped right into the Social Work field where she worked directly with troubled youth and families on developing skills to improve relationships and cope with life challenges. Paige continues to utilize these skills by caring for her clients during the new home journey. Paige can’t help but make building a new home a red-carpet experience. Just a few years after receiving her real estate license, she discovered and fell in love with the new construction industry! She absolutely loves seeing communities grow and turn to place where lifelong memories are made. Above all she loves her clients and sharing the excitement of a new home with them! Lisa Spencer was brought on as a Sales Assistant. Lisa was born and raised in SLC, UT. At a young age her mother introduced her to skiing, as it’s a pre-requisite for growing up in Utah with “The Greatest Snow on Earth’! She was a natural and later in life worked and lived up at Alta, Utah. Having the slopes as a front yard, she was hooked! Meeting people from all over the world, she found the diversity of cultures to be implemental in forming an open mind to all walks of life and adventures. At 18 she moved with friends to West Hollywood, CA. While there she was introduced to the culinary world and fell in love with the fast-paced energy of professional kitchens, which began a lengthy cooking career. After trying on many hats in the kitchen, she found that pastry was her true love. Working her way up the ranks in LA, then on to Seattle and back to SLC. Looking for a career change she decided to jump into Real Estate. Her passion for customer experience easily translated to her new chosen profession. Although she has been with Hamlet for only a short period, she has found her tribe. Working with a diverse group of talent, she has found “Home”. New in our Production Department include valuable team members; Tyson Hussey, Carter Petersen and Siaosi Sekona. All three have already made great efforts and contributed to Hamlet’s overall customer experience and great quality of homes.


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