Hamlet Homes Hires and Promotes More Great People

Hamlet Homes hires is happy to announce the promotions of more Great People. Despite a global pandemic, Utah’s Economy and Housing Market is strong. Hamlet Homes has not slowed down and in order to provide a Great Customer Experience, the company has added and promoted Great People to its leadership team to make sure it can follow through on that promise.

Tyler Mudrow was promoted to CONTROLLER earlier this year.

Tyler was brought on as the Assistant Controller. Tyler has been in the accounting finance field for just over 9 years. He worked as a staff accountant, senior accountant, and assistant controller for Major Drilling prior to coming to Hamlet Homes. Tyler graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degrees in accounting and later pursued and graduated with a master degree in business administration (MBA). He have always had a thing for numbers and likes to see how all the numbers come together to make a business run and what makes a business be successful.

Jordan Person was promoted to a SALES REPRESENTITIVE over the summer.

Jordan started as a Sales Assistant and quickly impressed with his outgoing personality and willingness to learn. Prior to joining Hamlet Homes as a Sales Representative in September of 2020, he previously worked in residential/commercial real estate and property management. He found his passion in helping others navigate their way to their goals and dreams of homeownership and business while ensuring they have a great experience in the process.

Scott Maxwell was recently promoted to our HOMEBUILDING MANAGER.

Scott has risen through the ranks from a Homebuilding Assistant to Homebuilding Supervisor and now the Homebuilding Manager. He has shown the dedication, attention to detail and leadership that is required for this role. His passion is in building and remodeling homes which comes in handy as he does that daily with Hamlet. He accomplishes this dream as he is one of the few and the proud Hamlet Homes Homebuilding Supervisors. He enjoys all aspects of his job and the opportunity to work in such a fun atmosphere and to be a part of a fast-growing company. Some of our new GREAT PEOPLE include talented individuals in Sales, Production, Warranty and in our Office.

Jordan Allen was brought on as a HOMEBUILDING ASSISTANT.

Jordan began his professional path in the environment of marketing. When he realized his need for more natural lighting, he began his journey into the world of building. He started framing small production homes and worked his way into building large custom homes in Park City, UT. Now wanting to manage the building process from beginning to end, he has joined the Hamlet Team.

Becca Lui is filling a newly created position of FINANCE/LAND ANALYST.

Becca attended the University of Utah where she received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She received her first accounting experience working in the accounting department at a local credit union. A couple of years later, Becca decided on a career change and landed a job in the tax operations department at Morgan Stanley. At the beginning of 2020, Becca became a part time real estate agent. After 9 grueling tax seasons at Morgan Stanley, Becca jumped when presented with the opportunity at Hamlet Homes. She was excited to take on a role that was a combination of the finance and real estate worlds. Not only did Morgan Stanley provide Becca a wealth of knowledge but also this is where she met her husband, John. John and Becca were married in the middle of the pandemic on 10/10/2020. Becca selected this wedding date so John would never forget their anniversary! Together, they enjoy investing, traveling, eating out, and spending time with friends/family.

Vanessa Hatch was brought on as our OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR.

Vanessa started at Hamlet Homes in May of 2021 as the Front Office Administrator. The Home Building industry is a new adventure for her. Before Hamlet Homes, she worked in the vet and animal care industry as a Vet Tech and Receptionist. Vanessa has a passion for all animals, her house is a bit of a zoo. She owns two cattle dogs, five ball pythons, and a couple of fish. She also loves almost anything outdoors such as camping, river rafting, cliff jumping, and taking her dogs hiking. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah with one younger sister. Jordan Paulk was also brough on as a HOMEBUILDING ASSISTANT. Jordan has always loved his country, and at 14 years old decided that for his Eagle Scout Project he would help the troops by sending them candy he collected. With his shipments, the troops were able to befriend citizens and share a bit of home. By doing this, he drew the attention of news stations who came to interview him for his efforts. He has always been very determined and chose to go to Colorado Mesa University to study Geophysics. And being the entrepreneur he is, he also began to study hemp and its market within Utah. Over the next few years, he assisted in growing and harvesting crop fields in Colorado and Utah. Jordan is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending his spare time in the mountains camping, fishing, hiking, golfing, snowboarding, and hunting. He’s a talented bow hunter which drove him to attend bow competitions across Utah winning many gold medals. Nowadays Jordan has taken an interest in aviation and helicopters. There are no boundaries for Jordan, if he wants to do something he will find a way.


Whitney joined Hamlet Homes in 2021. Born and raised in Murray, Utah as the youngest of 6 kids she thrived, but she now must share the attention with her 11 nieces and nephews. Though it is difficult, she wouldn’t trade spending time with those rascals and the satisfaction of telling them what to do. Whitney started singing and dancing at 5 years old and hasn’t stopped. She graduated from BYU with a BFA in Music Dance Theatre. While there, she was on the BYU Young Ambassadors and toured to South Africa and Zimbabwe. That’s when she got the travel bug. Now, you can find her googling “cheap flights from SLC” on a weekly basis. After college, she lived her traveling dreams by working on cruise ships as a singer and performing with the US National Tour of the musical “Spamalot”. Now that she’s back living in Utah, she continues to perform locally whenever she can. Whitney is also a certified Yoga instructor and loves to teach and take classes to feel more “Zen”.

Jake McKenna was brought on as a WARRANTY SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE

Jake was born and raised in Southern California and shares a birthday with Disneyland – July 17th. It’s fitting since he has been to Disneyland more than 100 times. Jake grew up the middle child of three brothers and earned his eagle badge when he was 18. He has worked in a variety of fields – security, handyman services, loss prevention, and even operating a mechanical bull at county fairs. Along with these jobs, he developed a unique set of skills that helped him to be the strong employee he is today. After their second child was born, Jake’s family decided to move to Utah to look for new opportunities. They purchased their first home in 2020, where Jake’s fix-it skills came in handy.


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