Hamlet Homes Selected as Utah Business ‘Best Companies to Work For” 2021 Once Again!

Hamlet Homes Selected as one of Utah Business ‘Best Companies to Work’ once again in 2021. Utah Business conducts company surveys and talks to thousands of employees in Utah to determine which companies are the best to work for, each year. The surveys are completely anonymous, allowing for truth-telling from employees. After hearing their honest thoughts and seeing which companies stepped it up during the pandemic, Utah Business finds the best of the best. Hamlet Homes was recognized in the Micro Companies Category along a dozen others here in Utah. Micro-Companies have 1-50 employees and are not only doing things right but pushing the limits on innovation and creativity in culture. “This continues to be one of our most rewarding awards, as it proves the validity of our company tagline “Great People”. We believe in hiring great people and creating a culture in which those really great people can, not only thrive, but feel supported so that they can succeed in all areas of their life.” Said Barry Gittleman, Hamlet Homes President/CEO/Owner. Hamlet Homes continues to focus on different areas of the company and take feedback from their team members so that they can implement new and improved processes and features to retain their GREAT Team Members, keep them happy and continue to get the amazing work they do from them, making them THE Best Company to Work For.


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