Hamlet Homes Surprises the City of Iona, ID with a Remodel to the Entrance of City Hall

The entryway to the great City of Iona’s City Hall hasn’t been touched in decades and is in dire need of help. This Thursday, Hamlet Homes will completely renovate the entryway, donating more than $50,000 in services to beautify and improve it. Hamlet and its partners are not just organizing and paying for the remodel; more than 25 of their team members are leaving their duties and spending the day selflessly; giving to the community of Iona.

They will arrive early in the morning on a big bus, reminiscent of the famous ‘move that bus’ line from television. The renovation will include a complete replacement of the front steps, replacing flooring, painting walls, adding wall coverings and fresh new furniture. Even the old cork board with tacks will be updated to a state-of-the-art digital screen, so Iona-ites can more easily learn of upcoming events and announcements.

But why in the world is Hamlet doing all this? They haven’t even broken ground on their first home in Idaho. Tami Ostmark, VP of Marketing & Owner had this to say, “Hamlet believes that we are bigger than the homes we build. We don’t just want to build in a community, we want to build up a community. When we learned there was a need at City Hall, we wanted to help. There’s no better place to start than Iona City Hall.”

“We are very excited about developing new beautiful homes in Iona”, continued Jon Southern, COO & Owner of Hamlet. “In 10 years, it would be great if we all recall ‘that day in May’ when Hamlet came to town to remodel City Hall and how we are still a major part of the community. We are excited to grow with the people of Iona and the many communities in Idaho.”

‘I am so excited about Thursday”, said Keri West, Iona City Clerk/Treasurer. “We actually just took all the pictures down today. We are really excited that Hamlet is going to freshen up the first impression of the city. I’m also really impressed with how well they have listened to our requests. They have been great to work with and I’m excited that our community is going to have a wonderful new home builder.”

Iona Mayor Dan Gubler concluded with; “I’m grateful to Hamlet Homes for stepping up and it’s fantastic. There’s been a lot of positive response to it. So often developers want to get in and get out. No one has ever volunteered to help with infrastructure. That’s good. We are grateful.”


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