Hamlet Homes to promote Tanner McCarthy to Homebuilding Supervisor

Hamlet Homes promotes Tanner McCarthy to Homebuilding Supervisor. McCarthy will now supervise the construction and customer service for homes in our Wasatch County Communities. Tanner McCarthy has worked for Hamlet Homes for just over a year as an Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor and has proven to be detailed and focused on customer service and quality in order to deliver a great experience to our Homeowners. “Tanner brings not only industry experience, but a great personality with strong determination to deliver a great experience to every single homeowner. We are excited to have him as part of our Homebuilding Team,” says Jon Southern, Hamlet Homes COO/VP of Construction – Co-Owner. McCarthy was brought on as an Assistant Homebuilding Supervisor. Tanner came to Hamlet from HTH Construction as the Field Operations Manager. Tanner loves golf, fishing, and spending every minute possible with his wife and daughter. They are expecting another little girl this Spring.


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