Three New Owners Named at Hamlet Homes

Three new Owners at Hamlet Homes have been selected to join the current four Owners at Hamlet Homes: making Hamlet’s ownership team seven. The three new owners at Hamlet Homes are Tami Ostmark (VP of Marketing), John Peterson (VP Construction) and Nate Kingdon (Sales Manager/Principal Broker). The previous four owners at Hamlet Homes are Barry Gittleman (President & CEO), Elliot Jenkins (CFO), Jon Southern (COO) and Phil Mosher (VP of Sales). Barry Gittleman; Hamlet’s President & CEO said, “We’re looking forward to the future of Hamlet Homes as we add three additional owners to our already talented team. Tami, John and Nate have provided great leadership to Hamlet Homes over the years. We now have seven very smart people that are thinking everyday about how to create a great culture, build great homes and give our homebuyers a first-class customer experience.”
Owners at Hamlet Homes
Hamlet Homes partners, photographed by Justin Hackworth
John Peterson said; “I’m truly honored to be offered ownership in this great company that I love and with awesome people that I respect and admire. I’ve worked for many years in this industry and I’m so appreciative that my efforts have been recognized. I’m excited for our future and ready to do my part to keep Hamlet Homes a market leader in this area.” Nate Kingdon said; “I was so happy when I heard the news. I’ve been in construction for quite some time and the opportunity presented was honestly life changing. I celebrated with my wife, and kids.” Tami Ostmark, joining John and Nate in their announcement to the ownership team, followed by saying; “This is a great opportunity that I feel my entire career has set me up for. I am incredibly lucky to be amongst these amazing people who listen to my voice, respect me, support me and have given me this great opportunity to be their partners in this business. I am excited for the future of this company, my new partnership with six of the greatest men, and for the huge responsibility I feel to my fellow women in this industry. I will do my best to make them all proud and support them in every way I can.” Hamlet Homes was founded in 1995. Hamlet transitioned ownership from the founder in 2017 to the senior leadership team of Barry, Elliott, Jon and Phil. As of January 1st, 2022, the new ownership team is officially seven strong leaders. The addition of Tami, John and Nate, makes this the first time since 2017 that they added owners at Hamlet Homes. Gittleman continued with; “We know that we have done many great things in the past five years with the new ownership team, but adding three more dynamic and strategic thinkers will only add to the foundation we have built. Our homeowners deserve the best we have to give them, and our team is dedicated to making that happen.”


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