The Women of Hamlet Homes Complete Two Unit Renovations at The Lifestart Village

The women of Hamlet Homes just completed a Thirty-Day, Two-Unit renovation in Phase II at The Lifestart Village. The mission of the Family Support Center’s LifeStart Village is to move single parents with children from dependency to self-sufficiency. In FSC’s LifeStart Village, single parents and their children move from homelessness or near homelessness into safe, stable housing where they develop the necessary skills to create a stable, nurturing environment. In the dorm-like Phase I, and under the direction of a full time director, the parents learn to become self-sufficient. They receive Life Focus training, parent education, financial budgeting education, are assisted in completing their GED and acquiring and maintaining adequate employment. Upon completion of Phase I, parents have the opportunity to graduate to a self-sufficient rental town home or cottage, Phase II.

This Project was completed by a mostly all-female crew made up of Hamlet Homes’ executives, sales team, office staff and production team. Women helping women.

“We were seeking a project that we as the women at Hamlet Homes could do together and when this one came up, we did not hesitate to take it on. I had no idea what this project would entail when I first brought this to the ladies at our company. It took on a life of its own.” Stated Tami Ostmark, VP of Marketing/Owner of Hamlet Homes. “We thought we were doing something that would make an impact for the families here at Lifestart and The Family Support Center, but what really happened was, that this project made an impact on us. It brought us together, it taught us new skills, it created friendships and it taught us that life is bigger than ourselves, it’s what can happen when some really badass women come together to make a difference – we can do just about anything. I am grateful for so many of our trade partners who donated their time and materials to help us get this project done. They are part of our Hamlet Family and we so thankful for them.” Ostmark Continued.

The project is part of the Homeaid Utah family of projects. HomeAid Utah is a local affiliate of HomeAid. They attack the reality of homelessness with a unique and collaborative approach. Through housing development and community engagement, their mission is to help those experiencing homelessness to build new lives.

Ostmark finished with, “I am so proud of our team and I hope each and everyone of them know how thankful I am for them. I know I speak for all of the partners at Hamlet Homes, that moments like these define us and who we are as a company and we hope that we have made even a small impact on the great big work of all of the people here at The Lifestart Village, The Family Support Center, Homeaid and our friends at Professional Women in Building (PWB).”


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