open floor plan

Open or Traditional? Choose Your Best Floor Plan

Privacy or togetherness? An open floor plan or a traditional one? These are the questions your family is likely asking each other as you search for your new home in the Salt Lake area. While traditional floorplans are right for some, we find them to be more isolating, harder to socialize, and make for challenging… Read more »
Kitchen inside a home built by an energy efficient home builder

The Benefits of Working with an Energy Efficient Home Builder

Creating an energy efficient home involves many different systems — heating and cooling, ductwork, water management, lighting, and appliances. These systems maintain your home. However, they are the highest costs for your home's maintenance. You can make changes once you move into your new home. That being said, an energy efficient home builder will make specific… Read more »
Home Buyer Signing Paperwork

Home Buying Terms Explained: What to Know to Help You Through the Process

When you’re a new homebuyer, it’s hard to know the difference between a large number of real estate terms. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. At Hamlet Homes, we strive to be a support for our buyers, helping them keep their escrows and their down payments straight. Before you begin the home buying process, becoming… Read more »
Purchasing for New Home

What to Purchase as a New Home Buyer

When you’re thoughtfully budgeting for your new home, have you stopped to consider what you will need after the papers are signed? We would hate to see you reach the finish line — and sign piles of papers — without thinking about the last hurdle you will need to cross: furnishing your home. When you… Read more »
moving into new home

7 Tips for Moving into Your New Home

Moving to a new home is stressful. After selecting your home from all the houses for sale in Salt Lake and going through the purchasing process, you’ll likely feel like you’re in need of a break. Then comes the move. To help you keep calm and pack on, we have a few tips to simplify your… Read more »
basement in new home

5 Benefits to Having a Basement in Your New Home

New Homes for sale that feature basements have a number of benefits, not just the added value for your home! Learn our top 5 benefits to owning a Salt Lake home that features a basement. Once you know all the benefits, we are certain you can’t live without one. 1. Extra Storage Space Even an… Read more »
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