$50,000 Donation to Iona City Hall

Hamlet Homes Gives the Iona City Hall a $50,000 Grant for Renovations

Hamlet Homes’ $50,000 Donation to Iona City Hall

With the planned expansion of Hamlet Homes into Idaho, management teams spent a lot of time coordinating with the local planning commissions. During these visits they saw a big need. Iona’s City Hall hadn’t been improved in decades. The front steps were crumbling. The entryway looked worn and tired. Years of city budget cuts had taken their toll. 

Fortunately, Hamlet knows a think or two about creating a showcase facility.

But you know how it goes… one good idea turns into another… and another… and another. 

The project quickly bloomed into a fun give-back activity for many members of the Hamlet team—most of whom travelled up from Utah to participate. 

Iona is a small agricultural town in Eastern Idaho 45 miles northeast of Pocatello. Originally homestead in 1883, the city of Iona is known as a “Small town with a big heart.” This new chapter in Iona’s history begins with a makeover. 

Early in the morning of May 5th a large tourbus arrived with more than 25 Hamlet Homes employees excited to share their gifts and talents. The day before the front stairs were knocked down and removed. Now with the arrival of the eager crew, the pouring of the new stairs began. 

But they didn’t stop there. Inside the walls were given a fresh coat of paint, tile was replaced, and handrails updated. The remodel immediately began brightening up the entryway. 

“No one has ever volunteered to help with infrastructure.” Said Iona Mayor, Dan Gubler. “We are grateful.”

The funny thing is, Hamlet Homes hasn’t yet broken ground on their first home in Idaho. Tami Ostmark, VP of Marketing & Owner said, “Hamlet believes that we are bigger than the homes we build. We don’t just want to build in a community, we want to build up a community. When we learned there was a need at City Hall, we wanted to help. There’s no better place to start than Iona City Hall.”

Jon Southern, COO & Owner of Hamlet added, “We are very excited about developing new beautiful homes in Iona. In 10 years, it would be great if we all recall ‘that day in May’ when Hamlet came to town to remodel City Hall and how we are still a major part of the community. We are excited to grow with the people of Iona and the many communities in Idaho.”

Iona is just one of many Idaho cities that will be getting new Hamlet Homes. 

Since the company’s founding in 1995, Hamlet has built more than 4,000 single-family homes in 65 communities. They’ve been recognized with many local and national awards for their Sustainable Business & Design as well as for being Quality Builders.

The Salt Lake Chamber honored them as the Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year. In 2021 they received Best of State in Real Estate Development for the seventh time and in 2019 they were listed as Best of the West in both Real Estate Services and Architecture. 

But that’s not all, Professional Builder Magazine listed them again on the Housing Giants list, and most recently was named by Utah Business as a Best Place To Work. 

Obviously, Hamlet doesn’t care as much about the awards as they care about the impact in the community.  

The renovation is valued at $50,000. 

Open or Traditional? Choose Your Best Floor Plan

open floor planPrivacy or togetherness? An open floor plan or a traditional one? These are the questions your family is likely asking each other as you search for your new home in the Salt Lake area. While traditional floorplans are right for some, we find them to be more isolating, harder to socialize, and make for challenging entertaining.

Open Floor Plan

Just as the name suggests, open floorplans maximize square footage by combining different rooms, serving different functions, into a single living space. Common combinations include:
  • Kitchen and Dining Room: make one space to share a meal. Occasionally, a kitchen island will divide the two areas.
  • Dining Room and Living Room: While the kitchen remains closed, the dining and living room come together, providing ample space for entertaining.
  • Dining, Living, and Kitchen: Our preferred layout! This single living space serves as the heart of your home.

Adding Square Footage Without Adding Square Footage

Small spaces will feel much smaller when the home builder separates them into different sections of your home. With open floor plans, on the other hand, your two rooms expand into one, enlarging the space and tricking the eye into thinking the area is more significant than it is. So, before putting walls up, consider if the space would be better served as a single unit, rather than individual rooms.

Family Coming Together

Cooking dinner for your family in your new, gourmet kitchen is fun! But not in a traditional floorplan when the rest of the family is socializing in the family room. For these homes, being tasked with dinner can feel isolating. You’ll miss out on conversation and togetherness when these rooms are closed off from one another. With an open floorplan, you fix this problem. You can whip up your renowned recipe for chicken cacciatore while engaging with your loved ones. Is there a better way to spend the evening? We don’t think so.

A Better Way to Entertain

Similarly to spending time with your family, an open floorplan makes entertaining simple. First, you can easily keep your hot food hot and your cold food cold for your guests when they fill their plates right in the kitchen. If your kitchen is closed from the family room, you likely won’t have enough wiggle room in the kitchen to make refills comfortable. You can also maintain your reputation as the hostess with the most-est by keeping an eye on low drinks and offering quick refills while preparing another tray of hors d’oeuvres. Your guests came to your home to visit with you! Let them relax on the sofa while you concoct your signature drink. You’ll offer a feeling of togetherness they won’t soon forget.

Choose for Your Family

Before buying your new home, consider what is right for your family. If your family loves togetherness, an open floor plan will only serve to enhance your lifestyle. When you decide on an open floor plan, call the team at Hamlet Homes to find the perfect spot for your family.

The Benefits of Working with an Energy Efficient Home Builder

Kitchen inside a home built by an energy efficient home builderCreating an energy efficient home involves many different systems — heating and cooling, ductwork, water management, lighting, and appliances. These systems maintain your home. However, they are the highest costs for your home’s maintenance. You can make changes once you move into your new home. That being said, an energy efficient home builder will make specific changes during the home building process. For this reason, find a home builder that starts with energy efficiency in mind.

Environmental Benefits

One of the best ways to reduce your family’s carbon footprint? An energy efficient home! An energy efficient home builder will know that homes are responsible for 19% of national greenhouse gas emissions. Simple upgrades can reduce energy consumption by 25 to 30 percent. Reducing your carbon footprint by lowering your home’s energy consumption will help preserve the planet and provide a clean world for future generations.

Lower Utilities

Energy costs account for a significant portion of your monthly expenses as a homeowner. Fortunately, there are many ways your home can lower your monthly utilities. If your Homebuilder is thoughtful, they will design your home’s floorplan for energy-efficiency. One such way is through passive solar designs. With passive solar, your home can either reflect or absorb solar radiation, assisting with keeping your home cooler in the summer or cozier in the winter. Another method for improving your home’s energy efficiency is with your appliances. Energy-efficient appliances consume less energy. It’s that simple. What’s more, these upgrades can give you anywhere from 5 to 30 percent in monthly savings on your utility bills.

Increased Comfort

Energy-efficient upgrades aren’t just to benefit your pockets or the environment. They improve your quality of life, too. With the majority of these upgrades, you’ll notice cleaner air in your living space, thanks to proper ventilation. Energy efficiency reduces the amount of mold and indoor pollutants, meaning you will experience health advantages compared to those living in a less efficient home.

Improved Resale Value

Homes built by an energy efficient home builder will generally sell at a higher price point than standard homes, even when other features are comparable. So, when you decide to make energy-efficient upgrades, or you’re fortunate enough to work with an energy-efficiency conscious homebuilder, you can add value to the final selling price at resale. Another way to get a higher return on your investment is with green certifications. We suggest having your home inspected to receive a certificate. Then, upon resale, the buyer will have greater trust in the energy-efficiency of the house.

Energy Efficient Home Builder

Are you ready to start working with Utah homebuilder Hamlet Homes to build your energy-efficient dream home? Call us to get started or take a look at our quick move-ins already available for purchase.

Home Buying Terms Explained: What to Know to Help You Through the Process

Home BuyingWhen you are a new homebuyer, home buying is hard to know the difference between a large number of real estate terms. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. At Hamlet Homes, we strive to be a support for our buyers, helping them keep their escrows and their down payments straight.

Before you begin the home buying process, becoming familiar with these terms will help make your journey into your new home a bit simpler.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM):

A mortgage that has a lower initial rate that could possibly raise or lower over time. After a set number of years, the rate will fluctuate based on the index rate used for determination. These types of loans are great options for short-term buyers. If you see yourself in a home for 3-5 years, a low, temporary fixed rate could be a great fit. If, however, you plan on staying your home long-term, consider a mortgage with more stability. Sure, you could save money on your monthly payment if the market is low. If interests rise, on the other hand, you could be stuck paying a much higher rate than you anticipated.

Closing Costs:

Fees you will need to pay that are outside the property sale price. Some elements of closing costs include the loan origination fee, insurance fees, appraisal fees or attorney fees. Costs can vary from market to market or even house to house! Before submitting your mortgage application, your agent and broker will go over what costs you will need to pay prior to close.

Earnest Money:

You’ll pay this deposit when you sign a contract with the seller. The deposit illustrates your sincerity in purchasing the home and is deducted from your closing costs. If you decide against purchasing the home, you will be forfeiting your earnest money.


Possibly one of the more confusing of the homebuying terms because it has two meanings. During the home buying process, your escrow agent acts as a safe keeper of funds. The seller wants to ensure you’re serious about buying the home, but you don’t want to hand over money until the home for sale passes inspection. To fix this problem, the agent will hold certain monies from the buyer and certain documents from the seller and then distribute the assets to the correct party after close. After close, escrow takes on a new meaning. Your mortgage lender will retain extra money from you each month for taxes and insurance. Then, your lender will pay these important bills each year on your behalf.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage:

Exactly as it sounds, a fixed-rate has a fixed interest rate that stays the same throughout the duration of your loan. While this option can be more reliable, there are drawbacks, too. For instance, if the market interest rates happen to drop, you’re stuck with your higher rate.


The title is your written evidence of property ownership. Through title ownership, you can access your land and property and transfer your ownership to others as you see fit. We realize that this list isn’t exhaustive, but that’s what we’re here for! Call us to get started on the homebuying journey. We can help you through the process and make sure you understand every aspect, so you can feel great about getting into your new home.    

What to Purchase as a New Home Buyer

Purchasing for New HomeWhen you’re thoughtfully budgeting for your new home, have you stopped to consider what you will need after the papers are signed? We would hate to see you reach the finish line — and sign piles of papers — without thinking about the last hurdle you will need to cross: furnishing your home. When you cross the threshold of your new Hamlet home, we want you to step into a cozy and personalized retreat, not a barren wasteland. Things like furnishings, appliances, curtains, and décor, can all add up quickly. So, before you step into a house asking yourself why it feels so empty, we have some tips to help you with your shopping.

The Essentials for Your New Home

There are multiple items that you’ll need to purchase to maintain your home. These items will also help you during your move, so keep them easy to access.
  • Garbage Bags. During the move, you will have trash from boxes, snacks, and miscellaneous items you didn’t realize made it through the move. Rather than leaving a pile to clean later, clean as you go. You’ll save time and not have to work in a cluttered space.
  • Basic Tools. If you don’t have a homeowner’s arsenal of tools, start building your collection now. You’ll need them down the line to maintain your home, and they will be handy during your move. A few necessary tools include things like box cutters, hammers, screwdrivers, and a drill.
  • You never know when you’ll need some AAs. We suggest keeping a variety of batteries on hand to save yourself from multiple trips to the store.
  • Toilet Paper. This one is a no-brainer. You’ll need it eventually, so you may as well have it on hand sooner rather than later.

Furniture & Appliances

Our list for furniture and appliances can get very long very fast. Think about what you use on a daily or weekly basis, and make sure you have the items in your home to accommodate. Another good tip is to list the rooms in your home and consider how much furniture you need to fill each one. If you are moving into a four-bedroom home from a 2-bedroom apartment, your list could be quite long. Number items according to priority and purchase them as your budget allows.


One of our favorite parts about moving into a new home is when new buyers make it their own. Filling your home with furniture is great, but your home can look sterile without the added personality that décor provides. Items like pillows, curtains, rugs, and other thoughtful touches can make your new house feel more like home.

Smart Home Technology

More and more desired by new home buyers are smart home devices. You can simplify your day-to-day activities and save money on your utilities from smart heating and cooling systems and thermostats, robot vacuums, command systems like Alexa and Google Home, and controlled lighting systems. All of these devices can be controlled by your smartphone, and some can even be accessed remotely. Have the listed items but nowhere to put them? Contact the selling team at Hamlet Homes and get started building your dream house today. Or, take a look at our move-in-ready new homes for sale throughout the greater Salt Lake area.

7 Tips for Moving into Your New Home

moving into new homeMoving to a new home is stressful. After selecting your home from all the houses for sale in Salt Lake and going through the purchasing process, you’ll likely feel like you’re in need of a break. Then comes the move. To help you keep calm and pack on, we have a few tips to simplify your move and make changing homes a breeze. Follow these steps to moving safely and efficiently into your new home.

1. Plan the Moving Date

Did you know that moving rates are typically less expensive on weekdays and midmonth? Not everyone has the luxury of hand-selecting a specific date for their move. However, if you are so lucky, note that the best days to move are during the “off-season” — November to March — when demand is the lowest.

2. Choose Your Strategy

If you’re moving a job and a hop across town, you might be able to get by with soliciting close friends and family members to help with your move. If you’re moving a big family or across the country, you’ll want to select a moving company. Consider your options and choose what’s best for your family.

3. Pick Your Mover

Vet your mover before you hire them. You are going to entrust all of your belongings to your moving company; be sure they deserve it. We suggest looking for a mover that has great online reviews and offers their services at a fair price.

4. Get Organized

Plan your move to help save time both packing and especially unpacking. For each room, group like-items together. Sure, you may end up with boxes of books that weight 100 pounds, but at least you’ll be able to put your office together in a matter of minutes.

5. Label Your Boxes

After organizing your items, label each box according to the room and the items inside. For instance, you could label a box “office, books.” Staying organized makes your move easier and the unpacking a breeze.

6. Keep Your Mover Updated

After labeling your boxes, let your movers know which room belongs to each label. In fact, we like to suggest taping “room names” to doors, so there is no confusion on where items belong. With each box ending up in the correct room, you can shave hours off of your unpacking.

7. Pack an Essentials Bag

Even when with labeling and planning, you likely won’t be able to unpack all your essentials in one day. Before taping up your boxes, be sure to set aside items you’ll need over the next few days, so you don’t spend hours rifling through multiple boxes to find your necessities. Are you ready to follow these steps, but you’re still looking for a new home? Contact Hamlet Homes to see our move-in ready homes for sale in Salt Lake. And then get packing!

5 Benefits to Having a Basement in Your New Home

basement in new homeNew Homes for sale that feature basements have a number of benefits, not just the added value for your home! Learn our top 5 benefits to owning a Salt Lake home that offer storage space. Once you know all the benefits, we are certain you can’t live without one.

1. Basement Storage Space

Even an unfinished basement can add convenience to your daily living by increasing the amount of storage space. Over the years, it’s easy to build up your collection of recreational equipment, holiday décor, and the odd memorabilia. With this extra space, you can create an organized storage area where all of your precious items are easily located and accessed. Additionally, it is also a perfect place to store backup food storage and other canned goods that can become cluttered if kept in your normal living space.

2. Added Privacy

Basements allow for a stunning in-law or guest accommodation. If you frequently host guests or have family members stay for extended periods of time, there are few better options than a private suite in the basement. Your guests can enjoy privacy and independence during their stay.

3. Additional Bedrooms and Bathrooms

For growing families, additional space can be the perfect solution. You could, perhaps, purchase your home with an unfinished basement, giving you the potential for more square footage. Then, when you welcome new members to your family, you can add more bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate.

4. Increased Home Value

Until your basement is finished, the square footage isn’t considered “livable” and therefore isn’t considered during a resell. However, if you decide to finish your basement, you’ll enjoy a great return on your investment. In fact, the average basement remodels returns 70 to 75% of your investment. And you get to enjoy the added space, too.

5. Recreational Space

We love the kids, but sometimes it’s nice when they can rough-house away from the main living space. Recreation rooms are perfect for the basement! You can store toys and a second T.V. for the kiddos to have their own, personal spot to play. If your family is a little older, it can be the much-needed space to partake in other hobbies like woodworking, yoga, board games, or a game of pool. Whatever your family enjoys, the added space will make the activity more fun and less of a burden on the main living space. To see the floorplans for new homes offered by Hamlet Homes that include basements, visit our community pages or call one of our expert sales representatives. We can go over all your options and find the right new home for you and your family.  

5 Tips for Getting Settled in Your New Neighborhood

New Neighborhood in Salt LakeMoving to a new neighborhood in Salt Lake can be stressful. You need to unpack, make friends, have your services set up, and locate new grocery stores and restaurants. And, if you have children, you’ll need to set them up with a new school! To make the transition easier, we compiled a few tips to help get you settled in your new home.

1. Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Having relationships with your neighbors is both practical and fun. Not only can they help keep an eye on your home when you’re out of town, but they make for great friends who are easy to socialize with. When moving into your home, offer a smile and introduce yourself. Typically, your neighbors will be as interested in getting to know you as much as you are them. Consider taking them baked goods or hosting a house-warming party to break the ice.

2. Find New Favorite Spots for Entertainment

Find out where the locals spend their time, from restaurants and farmers markets to shops and dog parks. Eventually, you’ll discover your new favorite places to spend your time.

3. Discover Your Utilities

Whether you are moving across the country or across town, you may discover different utilities offer better pricing. Compare and contrast the packages from cable, internet, and electricity to find the best fit for your home.

4. Forward Your Mail

Be sure to have your mail forwarded while you’re waiting for address change requests to update. The postal service can either make this change permanent or temporary, depending on your needs.

5. Get Involved

The best way to feel like a member of the community is to get involved. Ask around and see where your neighbors volunteer and spend their time. Is there a community garden? A homeowners’ association? If you have children, consider becoming active in their school or participating in a carpool. Moving to a new home is exciting! Though you have a lot of changes to make, most of them will set you up for success and happiness for years to come, if you’re willing to spend the time. Before you know it, you’ll find your place in your improved community.    

What to Expect with Your New Home Warranty

couple going over new home warrantyAfter placing you and your family into a new home in Salt Lake City, we want you to be more than happy with your purchase. Of course, that is why each home comes with an extensive home warranty on a wide variety of features. To see a complete list, visit our Customer Care and Warranty Manual page. If you’re like most homebuyers, a new home will be the most expensive purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. For this reason, it’s important to understand the ins-and-outs of your warranty before you purchase.

Final Walk-Through

After closing on your home, you’ll have the opportunity to do a final walkthrough with Hamlet Homes to make sure your home is move-in ready. Be sure to take your time. To help, we suggest going through a list that will help you locate common causes for concern.

Warranty Coverage

Most areas inside and outside your new home are covered under warranty. However, some warranties last longer than others. Additionally, each home area will have different definitions of how or when a contractor will make repairs. In general, most workmanship warranties — like carpentry, damp-proofing, roof systems, etc. — are covered for one year after you purchase your home. We understand it’s hard to notice every single detail during your final walk through. In fact, it’s natural to notice flaws after you’re a bit more settled in. A year gives our home buyers ample time to inspect each corner of their home and make sure it is up to their expectations.

Making a Claim

Making a warranty claim with Hamlet Homes is easy. Simply visit our website and submit a form. After submission, an expert from our team will assist you throughout the claim process. During the first year you reside in your home, our team will visit your home for warranty concerns twice: once during the first 30 days and once during the 10-11 months after closing. To make sure everything you see is covered, we suggest keeping a list of concerns during the first year. That way, when we visit your home, you’ll be able to point out each area of interest. Buying a new home is different than buying a car. The use of warranties for repair work is a common part of the homebuilding process. Make sure you know what is included in your home warranty, so you can keep an eye out for flaws once you close on your new home in the Salt Lake area.

Form vs Function: How to Find Your Ideal Townhome

Form vs Function?Townhomes for sale in Utah come in all shapes and sizes. Determining your ideal space can be a tug-of-war between form and function. Consider your options and make the most of your big move with the help of Hamlet Homes.

Find Your Ideal Space

While searching for your new Utah townhome, the first decision you will face is deciding your ideal layout and desired square footage. These two items can work together or against each other, depending on design. You may find that, while beautiful, a townhome that has a complicated floor plan may not use the best options for their square footage. The good news is, Hamlet Homes townhomes maximize their square footage, without sacrificing style. By incorporating large windows and open floor plans, Hamlet Homes creates living spaces that feel larger and more customizable.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

Throughout your search of townhomes for sale, you will encounter options to upgrade your space. It might seem fun to max out your budget now. However, we suggest considering the functionality of your upgrades and whether or not they will be useful for your family. Consider your daily actions. Do you enjoy cooking regularly? If so, a kitchen space that has high-end appliances may be an amenity that suits you. Do you love to entertain? Consider townhomes with private decks attached to your living room. Paying attention to what is important to you will help you find the most functionality out of form in your new home. With features like these in every Hamlet Homes townhouse, we take compromising out of the equation. Granite countertops, walk-in closets, and private patios are just a few of the built-in amenities our residents enjoy. Also, we outfit our townhomes with the latest eco-friendly appliances and solar power capabilities, giving you the power to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying modern luxury.

Function in Form

With the wide array of townhomes for sale in Utah, the task of finding the right place for you may seem daunting. Remember to identify your ideal space, and the way you plan to use it. With these points in mind, your new townhome will fit your lifestyle like a glove. Finding the function in beauty is easy with Hamlet Homes. Contact us today to get started with one of our experienced agents. We’ll help you find a townhome that’s the perfect fit for you and your family.


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