Emergency Request Procedures

What is an emergency?

Examples that follow are true emergencies that require immediate attention:

  •     Complete stoppage of the sewage system
  •     Water leak that requires that the water service for entire home to be shut off
  •     Complete loss of heat in cold weather months
  •     Complete loss of electricity
  •     Gas leak
  •     Any situation that endangers the occupants of the home

Contact the appropriate utility company and/or contact Hamlet Homes at:

MONDAY through FRIDAY (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) please call Hamlet Homes at (801) 281-2223

EVENINGS, WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS please call (801) 281-2223 and follow the prompts for After Hours Emergency Service.

At the time of your Pre-Closing Orientation, the Home-building Supervisor will provide you with a list of the major subcontractors and utility companies relating to these situations should an emergency occur. Always inform Hamlet Homes of such emergencies so we can perform the proper follow up to make sure the situation is promptly resolved.


This is a sample alert message.

Email a Representative