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We at Hamlet Homes, as the representative for the seller, thank you for choosing our home for you and your family. Our construction team will strive to present you with a defect-free home at the time of closing that you will enjoy for many years to come. We realize, however, that with new home construction there will be items that naturally occur and require minor adjustments and corrections. In the event that you should experience these occurrences, Hamlet Homes would like you to know how to get them resolved quickly and efficiently.

We have provided you with a warranty program through our Trade Contractors. This warranty consists of a one-year limited warranty of all components of your home. As part of this on-year limited warranty, you will receive (2) two non-emergency visits as part of your Warranty and Service Maintenance (if needed). Your initial warranty service visit will normally occur within the first 45-90 days of closing on your home. The final warranty service visit will normally be at the 10-12 month point.

In addition to this warranty package, we provide you with a Customer Care Manual. This manual contains information on specific components of your home, the occurrences that our Trade Contractors will warrant, and supplemental details on maintenance and homeowner responsibility.


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