The Advantages of Designing Your Own Home

When you start thinking about purchasing a home, there are a lot of factors involved in the decision making process. Where do you want to live? How big should your home be? What kind of design and feel do you want? Is the neighborhood family friendly? It can start to get overwhelming very fast. And hunting for a home that’s already on the market can only add to the stress. With Hamlet Homes, we take the stress and uneasiness out of the home search experience. You choose the design, floorplan, and community, and we take care of the rest.  These are some of the advantages to buying a new home with your own design in mind.

Define your home’s style

When you buy a used home that’s already on the market, you’re going to have to make compromises. So rarely can you find a home that matches all of your style wants and needs, in the community and price range that you’re comfortable with. When you have the opportunity to design the entire interior of the home, all of your home wishes can be granted. Instead of tearing apart an existing home to remodel and make it your own, you can skip that step and go straight to designing your dream home.  We show you a variety of floor plans in your community of choice, and you take the reins from there. Hamlet Homes offers buyers the chance to design their own unique and beautiful home in Salt Lake City, at an affordable cost. designing your kitchen with tiles

Quality and function, suited to your needs

While you might find a close-to perfect home already on the market, the quality of the home’s materials may be less than supreme. When you work on designing your own home, you have the power to choose the quality of materials that go into the build. On top of quality, you want to be able to choose items that provide maximum functionality, so your life gets easier and more organized. With Hamlet Homes, you can take advantage of these opportunities, so your family can enjoy a beautiful well-made home, that functions just the way you want it to. masonKitchen

Nothing beats brand new

From appliances to paint and flooring, you’ll never move into a Hamlet Homes community that’s been lived in before. New appliances last longer, new floors stay beautiful, and your personally chosen paint colors and fixtures will truly reflect the unique design and feel of your new home. You can have the peace of mind that your home is yours and yours alone, at a cost you can feel good about. brand new home with Hamlet Homes    

4 Things to Look for in a New Home Builder


4 Things to Look for in a New Home Builder

When you’re thinking about buying a home, you have two choices: purchase an existing home that someone currently lives in and is trying to sell, or purchase a brand new home from a home-builder. There are benefits to each, but for many the idea of owning a brand new home and having the ability to choose some personal touches during construction are enough to swing the pendulum in favor of new construction. Since the overall quality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your future home rests so heavily on the builder, there are four things you need to look for before you sign a contract for a new home.

1: Location, Location, Location

Not all builders offer new homes in the places you want to live, and not all places you might want to live will have builders offering new construction. If you have a builder in mind, carefully review their available neighborhood locations, visit the neighborhoods where they are planning to build, and also check to make sure they offer a floorplan that you would like in that neighborhood. If you’re thinking about a specific area, you can search online to find out if there are new home builders offering construction in the vicinity, or visit the neighborhood and check to see if there are any builders’ signs. If you’re planning to purchase in a neighborhood that has not been built yet, or in a partially-finished neighborhood, make sure you do a little research on the area first (will it be the same builder or another one, how many lots are sold and how many still vacant, are there any parks or open spaces planned, etc.)

2: Compare Builder Construction Quality

Before you settle on any builder, make sure you take some time to compare the quality of construction. You can look at model homes, but keep in mind that model homes often include optional upgrades, so you may also ask to see a home that is closer to what you plan to build to make the best decision.

3: Understand Your Options

One of the great benefits of new home construction is that you often have the chance to customize some parts of the home and make it uniquely yours. Many builders will offer a “base” model with specific materials for flooring, paint, counters, cabinets, and more, then allow homeowners to upgrade if they would like something different. They may also offer the ability to make some limited changes to the floor plan, but before you buy, make sure you understand how much you can customize, and what parts of your home are going to be customizable as well as any things that cannot be changed.

4: Learn More About Financing

New home construction is unique when it comes to financing because there are actually two things that must be financed by a lender—the construction and the finished home. Some builders will cover the construction loan and you will only need to get a mortgage for the finished project, while others might require that you take out a construction loan before the home is finished. If you don’t fully understand the process, make sure to talk to a lender who can explain it to you so you know what your obligations will be. Once you know what you want and find the homebuilder who has available homes in the neighborhood that you want, the next step is to make sure you get it all in a written and signed contract so you can be on your way to getting your dream home. new home muirfield


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