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Philip Mosher is Principal Broker and VP of Sales for the Hamlet Companies. He has more than 26 years of Real Estate experience, 11 years of which have been with Hamlet Homes. He previously served as a licensed agent in New Jersey, a broker in California and worked for Ryland Homes, Equis Commercial and several  private brokerages. Phil received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rider University. He is a member of the Utah Home Builders Association, Sales & Marketing Council for which he served as President in 2003, and is a designated Certified New Home Marketing Professional. Phil has also been a mentor for 11 years with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. He resides in Salt Lake with his wife and three children.

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Advantages of Move-In Ready Homes


As your go-to homebuilders in Utah, we at Hamlet Homes offer both quick move-ins and other new home formats for you and your family. Our communities are both safe and affordable, with all the amenities a modern family needs. As a prospective buyer, what are some of the advantages of quick move-ins versus under-construction homes? Let’s take a look.

Project Delays

This rarely happens within our new home construction processes, but the construction industry can be variable in terms of timing. Those who cannot afford any delay and need a guaranteed, locked-in date are generally better suited to look to quick move-in locations, just in case there are any unforeseen issues during construction. These are often unavoidable issues that don’t even signal a mistake by the builders, but rather a standard issue within the industry.  

Interest Rates and Default

In many cases, under-construction properties will come with higher interest rates. They can also bear higher risks of default, which are expected by many experts in the industry to rise over the next several years. Move-in ready homes, however, can come with lower rates, and can also offer you the ability to save money – there’s no need to pay additional funds to stay somewhere else while the home is finished.


If there’s any chance you may need to sell the property soon after purchasing it, move-in ready is generally the way to go. These homes have more liquidity, and some under-construction homes cannot be sold for a period of time without the approval of the builder, and an extra commission. Want to learn more about the advantages of move-in homes, or any of our other services? The experts at Hamlet Homes are standing by.


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